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  1. Really enjoying 7D2D again with this mod. My 19.3 save updated to 19.4 no probs so GG Couple questions/points if I may? The blurb on the Laser Rife says it comes equipped with a scope, but it just has iron type sights to aim down - is that right? Animal Husbandry - some people seem to be able to breed animals (according to yt comments anyways lol). I have a male and female cow in an enclosure with an animal feed container with plant fibres (plus some of the other items mentioned in the journal notes) and a water container with boiled water, murky water and bowls of w
  2. Is the new update backward compatible with my 19.3 save or have I lost that now? Cheers
  3. Been having fun playing this mod - cheers KhaineGB. I do have a question or two about the endgame. I'll spoiler tag it: Thanks again for the cool mod
  4. As per the title - is it possible to use the giveself command to give, say a weapon with specific stats? I know you can use the creative menu to literally give yourself whatever, but there's no way of controlling what tier is is an what the damage/magazine/rpm stats are and I wondered if this was possible in Alpha 19? Many thanks
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