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  1. As per the title - is it possible to use the giveself command to give, say a weapon with specific stats? I know you can use the creative menu to literally give yourself whatever, but there's no way of controlling what tier is is an what the damage/magazine/rpm stats are and I wondered if this was possible in Alpha 19? Many thanks
  2. Ah ok. Seeing as I was able to reload the corrupted save I went in and noted all builds/materials/skill points etc and have simply started a new world using the same seed. Taken a few hours to do, but better than loosing 100+ hours! Thanks one again for your reply @SylenThunder
  3. I had an issue whereby my save became corrupted - I was on day ~90 or so. Following a helpful post I was able to restart my game - see here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?156580-Powercut-corrupted-save-NullreferenceException-Object-reference-not-set-to Side note - trying to do ANY clear quest from a Traitor will not work - I'll completely clear the POI but the tracker still says "Clear areas". Using "killall" and using God to examine every last area confirms all zombies have been killed. If I relog and redo the quest it works the 2nd time round. Since relogging it seems that
  4. Thank you for the reply - I only logged back in yesterday, so apologies for not thanking you sooner
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I've done as you have suggested and now have my world back - thank you once again! Back to the grind!!
  6. I was mid game and had a power cut. Since turning everything back on I can't get that game to load. Other saves load fine, but not my current one. I'll be gutted to lose it as there's many hours in that save. The issue I have is the console pops up and constantly outputs: NullreferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object and will not load. Any ideas? Here is the log (I think) https://pastebin.com/Da86WQbp
  7. Just a quick question I can't seem to find a definitive answer to. What are the spawn radiuses for the above? A post I found from 2018 suggests it may be: WanderingHordeSpawnDistance = 70; HordeDaySpawnRangeMin = 30; HordeDaySpawnRangeMax = 40; HordeNightSpawnRangeMin = 55; HordeNightSpawnRangeMax = 70; from this post here Does anyone know if this is correct for 1.18.x and what is the radius for the Scout/Screamer? Many thanks - Ham
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