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Network Security issue


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Ok this is really doing my head in now i have a windows 2016 server works fine even with 7dtd server on it.


i went a bought a BitDefender BOX great kit very secure not i have managed to setup ARK server web servers all fine no issue.


when it comes to 7dtd on the other hand i can not find the server in the list. not even connect to it. i can if i am local just not remote.


i have ports 8090, 26900-26905, 27015 both protocols open


please help feel like getting a hammer out

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I would like to extend help.

I myself have used every version of windows server since 2008 untill todays 2019.


join my discord server, and i will see me and my support team can do for you.

just need to state i am not a business just a dedicated group leader that has had both great success and huge failures and over the years i learned from my mistakes including what you just described.




in my discord i go by the name Noobs Inc. and it is spelled exactly like that tried to change it once almost got my head chopped off by my group.

but yes i believe we can help you get set up for 7 days to die dedicated servers.

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Do you have 27000-27050 open to all of the servers also?


Another thing I've seen an issue with is the new Comcast Advanced Security firewall. Must have it off for now. Eventually I'll figure out how to get the servers working with it.


yes i have 27000-27100 open but still no luck did work before i put BOX in. i really dont want to take it off tbh

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have you allowed the 7 days to die .exe through the windows firewall?

you at least have to allow it in.


I have a video i made for a17 haven;t updated for a18 yet.

it shows this and how i do my servers on my host system.



ye i have allowed it through the firewall


- - - Updated - - -


Or allowed in the Box? I haven't ever used BT's Box because I already use a hardware firewall. Didn't see the need for a hardware AV solution with the levels of security I've got going already. It would have just been redundant.


I'll have to do some research on the BT Box setup.


it is not the BT BOX it is from bitdefender




it is very good if you know all the ports for the game

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As far as I recall I had the same issue with 7DTD and some other Steam dedicated server I setup. How I solved was simple enough:


I created a NAT rule for every protocol I use and not one that was including both (insted of using a NAT rule which inludes ports 26900-26902 with TCP/UPD I create a TCP 26900 and UDP 26900-26902). Just make sure you do the same at the OS/Firewall level.

Here's my example:




Hope it will help you sorting out your issues.



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