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Has AI changed at all in latest experimental?


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AI has started doing things I didn't expect. I don't know if it's due to a minor redesign I did to my base or the AI pathing has changed slightly in last patch (experimental). The situation is hard to describe....basically they are walking up a fat, broad ramp in my general direction. When they get to the top they are supposed to just fall/jump off the ramp and fall about 5 blocks onto a killing floor. I am at the other side of this killing floor with Iron Bars between me and them. I was standing 2 blocks higher than the killing floor itself. This has been the case for ages.


However I redesigned it a bit: I removed the Iron Bars and lowered the killing floor about 6 blocks. Now they don't fancy the fall at the end of the ramp at all and instead walk back and forward along the lip of the ramp without jumping/falling off.


Any ideas? I think either the fall is too high and they are programmed to avoid such a height. Or the Iron Bars being removed caused it, which makes no sense. Or they cannot see a way to get to me from the lowered floor so have no interest jumping down there. Or they tweaked the AI? Not sure. Either way they are just walking back and forth on the top of my ramp, not attacking anything, which I do not understand. Cops spit at me but that's it.

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Hmm.. that sounds legit weird. They are avoiding a little fall damage at the expense of getting a juicy Ghostburger afterwards? Doesn't sound normal... :)


I guess the next logical tests would be to restore the old setup piecemeal;

1) add a floor at that 5 block height so they can reach you via it

if that fails,

2) add the bars back

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