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Mouse sensitivity problem


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Hey peeps! I encountered a problem in game. I just started fresh after a short break and between i tweaked a bit my mouse settings. My DPI is set to 6400 and mouse speed is the slowest. This feels good to me anywhere else but not in 7d2d it seems. It seems to take that DPI setting into account but not the mouse speed itself. So ingame, my mouse is crazy fast but in inventory or in menu, it's normal. I prefer high DPI because it doesn't skip pixels as much in FPS games.


So, is there anything i can do except rolling back my gaming mouse settings? My gaming mouse is MSI D5300 with latest drivers and software

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Ah, i'm an idiot but u knew that already lol. All i needed to do is put all the mouse settings as low as possible in the ingame settings and hit apply. Now it feels as it should be!


We all need a little tech support 101 at times.

Sometimes I forget to START at the beginning of troubleshooting things and burn so much time because I forget things like the above.


We are all human. Happens to the best of us. ;) Glad you figured it out, and WOW that is crazy high DPI. I edit audio all the time and mine isn't half that resolution. lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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