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display stands


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it would be really nice to have furniture and fittings that can display our most prized possessions.


armour racks

bins/buckets for putting clubs/spears in - where you can see the handles sticking out

glass display cabinets where you can see what you put in them

book shelves that fill up as you put magazines/schematics in

weapon racks

item frames that will take anything and turn it into a picture for your wall

chests that when you open them you can see piles of dukes and diamonds and gold and sliver = what you put in there

work bench you can put auger and chainsaw on

somehow be able to stuff an animal and put it on display. even zombies lol!

shadow board for tools


more ideas please guys

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what a strange comment. this game has nearly everything and therefore can be anything.


personally, I build a home, develop it and defend it. it would be nice to decorate it too, make it something worth defending.


imagine seeing thru bulletproof glass a chainsaw sitting on a bench in a poi. you are really going to want to get in and check that out. more so I think than seeing a crate just sitting in the corner....


he who dies with the most toys wins!

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