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Is anyone making a warhammer 40k mod?

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Brains for the brain god?


Zombies are in the God of decay's realm, Grandpa Nurgle who is the compassionate of all the chaos gods....




they used to be op and probably still are? You put a bunch of zombies on a strategic location, behind cover, and any unit that assaults them will be stuck in that assault for 3 to 4 turns. We call this a "tar pit". Tons of lore on zombie plagues wiping out planets.

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To do it justice would be a huge amount of work.

Custom zombies, weapons, armour, loot, POI's etc.

I could see it becoming a thing after the game is finished but still....

I would love to play it though :)


I have been thinking about it, and i don't know if it would be that much work. it will be work but i don't think it will be super hard. The first trick is to make it guardsman themed: all armor is a variant of guard armor. We keep the vanilla weapons but rename bullets as "stub rounds".


For new things i think a shovel that does more entity damage, and call that an entrenching tool, a few new recipes for food, some clothes that add a stealth bonus, and maybe a few lasguns. A lasgun will do the same damage as the normal guns, but not make as much noise and the ammo will be a battery. That will be the hard part: making a gun that uses a battery charge as ammo. High tier weapons will be plasma guns and a bolt gun that is a one shot kill but with bad range, very hard reload time, and absurd kick because it's not meant for humans to use. Give the plasma gun a splash radius, block penetration, and very high damage but a 10 round magazine and make the ammo very rare. I am not sure how hard it would be to code in making the gun explode if it falls below 50% degradation.


For maps maybe a few theme maps that are almost entirely one biome, or are very heavy with wasteland biomes.


the problem i have is how do you make a flame thrower? i have been thinking about it and the closest i can think of is a gun that shoots the same way a cop vomits, but when it lands it has the same effect as a molotov. I have never added anything to this game so i will have to lurk the modding forums more just to get an understanding of how things are done. I have unity but i never use it.


The factories don't really have to change. New pois would be variants of the churches, and fewer houses and more tiny soviet style apartments.


To really mess with people i would add a chaos marine enemy to the higher gamestages that is also in the zombie faction, so a heavily armored guy who is 8 feet tall who has a modified bolt gun that is not in the loot table and has none of the problems to simulate how they are in the lore. It would be like a boss that would show up and pin you down with high entity/high block damage gunfire during horde night. Maybe even toss a grenade or two if the bandit ai is that well developed.... Only instead of one of them there will probably be a squad of 7. They would have 3 times the health of a demolisher, and be at 90% armor, so only ap rounds.

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