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Some tier 6 quest ideas


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After doing some questing i have had some ideas for some higher tier quests. I am not sure how feasible they are.


"We have no clue where those supplies are": this is like the other retrieve supplies quest, but this time, the supplies are stuck in a random container somewhere on the map.


"Holy crap that is a lot of them": this is one is like the challenge quests, but it is in a poi, and it summons 15 waves of zombies that you have to kill.


"Fireman": there is a heat source block that will spawn in a poi, and you will have to destroy it. Meanwhile the poi is filled with screamers, and the heat source block is spawning more screamers.

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"out of the frying pan..." When you loot the POI's main loot it spawns a horde that can "see" you (wandering horde with a special tag that makes them act like Bloodmoon zombies, but with what your daytime settings are) {horde would be a bit larger than normal}


By which I mean they will path directly for you at daytime speed, and you can't "lose" them unless you leave the chunk and it unloads


the object of the quest is the "sweet loot" the trader heard was stashed there by another-now dead survivor

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Trader: "You have done a great job helping us out all this time, but you have outlived your usefulness and you know too much about our operation. Get em boys"


Spawns 5 waves of Bandits, accompanied by "trained" Demolishers and irradiated. If you survive it activates Trader Boss fight. Make the OP Trader Boss submit (unkillable) to be able to continue doing business with him in the future and get 15% discount on all selling and buying from then on out.


*They cannot leave the Trader but can only be damaged if you are inside the trader as well. Quest remains open and active until you complete it.

(they will wait for you to return to the trader and no doing business or other quests until quest is complete)

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Help the trader: You have to give big stacks of food/iron bars/etc to improve it's stash.

Rebuild something: You have to rebuild a poi and the base structure must be intact after a big spawn of zombies.

Create a new place: Build up a base on a location (the basic required materials are given in the quest), you have to craft them, build the structure , also for bonus you have to defend it from wave of zombies

Rebuild a town: You have to renovate a part of a town/whole town and defend it against a f.ckin' big horde.

Rebuild a poi: Rebuild a book store, farm, military base, etc. It constantly need food/electricity/weapons, but as long as you provide it, it gives you food/weapons/dukes/etc.


If you can defend a poi for x time, it will became unaffected so zeds can't spawn near it in y range.


Imagine claiming whole navazgane back with big electricity/food/weapon structures.

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