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  1. Questionable tactic on the players part, if you arent ready for it. If you are ready I love the option to create your own hordes, especially with zombies being more scarce than in some past alphas. (except horde nights) There are workarounds to not get in that situation for the player.
  2. Plz no, Survivalist and Insane are in a great place atm, they should be hard and limiting you to being careful early, and if unlucky dead.
  3. Ya, i didnt mean you. The other guy.
  4. Only reason comparison started happening was that dude jumped in here like "HR is trash, use bows, everything else can be better than HR yadda yadda yadda"
  5. Wrong again, a choke point with traps is not something they consider an exploit. Thats from madmole. The simple gap bases where the zombies loop is. Those could be made with no traps and exploited a behavior of the AI to be safe while you do nothing with minimal effort. That is what they have issue with, and rightly so. In what scenario with what weapons exactly is better than than the highest damage most penetrating gun, with zombies lined up in hallway being shocked waiting for ez headshots. You said you can but couldnt be bothered to say any specifics.
  6. Lmao, I dont like the Archery, I like the HR. You dont like the HR, you like Archery. That is ok. But a lot of what you say is kinda bull there ^ Not everybody sneaks, I play on insane and dont really try to sneak at all. (except night time in the wild, that is fun to sneak kill) POI's are not as stuffed with zombies as they once were. By the time they are really dangerous you are equipped to handle it. I can throw down a junk turret and 1 shot most z's with the HR. If not, the turret will help finish them. The reload is not that slow. I never said feathers were an issue. I could care l
  7. Yep, thats where I first started liking the HR. It is pretty beastly if you spot the other guy at range. You used to be able to find them quickly too in backpacks and such. Was a great starter weapon for that, but back then no scope so Sniper was king at range.
  8. True, Im not mad, Gazz. I say that stuff jokingly. Something very satisfying in 1 shotting tough z's from a distance with the HR though. I think it is the "thunk" sound and occasional rag doll. "Oh look there is a lumberjack a mile away to the east. Should I run over there and kill it? *thunk* Oh nevermind, I already did. I'll just get back to what I was doing" That is another reason I like it lol
  9. Are you on the wrong forum? talking about a different game? 70% of this is the opposite of what happens in 7d2d lol a18 feathers are rarer than ammo.. and bows are harder to find and just as hard to craft. If I wanted to waste no bullets, I would just melee everything. If I ever get a hold of compound bow I might use it just to use up feathers since I have no use for them until then. AK does near 1/2 the damage of the HR in a lot of cases for the same bullet, a ton less range, and is way less accurate. Marksman is good, but slightly less damage than the HR, perked correctly reload is fa
  10. Well with steel arrows it takes plastic, not feathers and that is much easier, but your post reminded me.. I have not seen a compound bow in loot yet at all in 18, its like you say, just the wooden. Also, I did get confirmation that the auto-locking-ADS thing is a bug.
  11. Oddly enough I see animals all the time though. Spawning in the snow can become deadly fast with the mountain lions. Day 1 of last experimental 5 animals got stuck in the Trader fence while I was there. If you stick to one area though, and dont kill all that you see, you probably wont see much for awhile after that. But then there are wandering wolf hordes too. I know that not once in experimental did I have any shortage of meat at least. Also there is more than 1 POI that has Boars now.
  12. So you are playing at least survivalist right, or insane? with x32 or better on the horde night right? Or maybe you are playing default where stuff dies when you blow on a dandylion in their direction? Just saying. Get to high Gamestage, play with harder settings, play past day 60, then tell me ammo doesnt matter and efficiency in kills is pointless. My AK dont 1 shot squat. Also I dont need any extra time with the HR. If its out, heads are poppin quick. Ever tried it perked and modded for reload speed, with a bandoleer, its damn near no reload ever.
  13. Dont tell them that, you wont get more rotten meat. Just way less animals lmao... Balance Joking though, kinda, actually kinda believe that, incoming invisible animals.
  14. I think it is the max number per wave. Max alive is how many z's can be alive at 1 time on the map afaik. So 8 zombies can attack per wave or up to 64 per wave and you will be having to kill a ton more zombies to keep from getting overrun with the latter. Per wave and per horde night. Oh you are right though, I think the first few low gamestage horde nights have a hard limit of total zombies. So hordes can end early. But that ends after a certain point afaik. (if that is even still in the game) not sure.
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