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  1. Idk if someone else pointed it out or not, but the "Secret Stash" inventory in individual to the player. The general inventory is shared. Seems there was some debate about this earlier in the thread.
  2. Just change the perk in the INT tree from "be able to craft turrets" to "be able to use and craft turrets" @lvl3. Then only INT characters can use them. No more OP crutches for other more powerful builds unless they invest in to INT a bit. Also fixes the realism a bit for those that care, since you gotta be a smart MacGyver type to pull it off.
  3. Nah, Your supports need to go from bedrock all the way up if you have any gaps under your base things can go bad. If you want something at bedrock under your base it is best build support columns all the way up so you dont accidentally put a gap and ruin your SI up top. Either that or just dont dig under your base, do that nearby. Separate it from your base
  4. Dont you just dig them and they go back in your inventory? Afaik only the POI plots cant be picked up like this.
  5. It is to balance the fact that engines drop more often now, just make more mixers If you want to produce like a construction company, you gotta put in the work vs. the screamers you might attract.
  6. Nope, 100% no. I literally said the crosshair can be dead center on the torso the entire swing and it happen. It is not like I spasm so hard that my swing starts with my crosshair off the zombie somehow. Not even talking about headshots either. Idk about clubs, It only happens with sledges for me that I know of (I dont use clubs) But it seems to happen during or near the time of zombie animations (ragdoll, attacks, etc.) and not 100% of the time, but enough to make it seem ridiculous. It only takes 1 time to whiff a raging zombie with what appears to be a perfect, clean hit to think "well thats dumb af" Or to power attack a stunned zombie on the ground and see the terrain block behind it take damage but not the zombie. And yes, I can hit a zombie in the head fine too. Been using sledges for 6000 hours in this game and it is 100% "broken" when these bugs happen during combat.
  7. I wouldnt even know where to start, personally. I have never had the desire to record my own gaming, or stream or anything like that. I want to be clear, I have not seen it happen with any guns or ranged weapons. 100% sledges is where I have experienced it. Any type of sledge. Also its usually when the zombie is mid swing, rag dolled, etc but can also happen right after those animations when they are just walking, as far as I can tell. Havent even been playing much for the last 4-5 days, waiting for either the next experimental or whatever update comes.
  8. It would only take playing the game for 1/2 an hour to see it happen, it is not like it is rare or an intermittent bug. It happens consistently and to many players. I would find it shocking if TFP's do not actually know this happens, or their testers or devs havent ever seen it happen regularly. - - - Updated - - - Ya, except its not about needing percision at all. It will happen with your crosshairs dead center on their torso the entire swing, and woosh.
  9. I love the PvP too, havent played it much since a16 tho. When they shrunk the maps and took away multiple land claims it kinda pooped on my parade. Have over 6k hours playing PvP on here. I could never put that much time into PvE so I agree with ya. I am just hoping they give it some love at some point, or I guess I am just waiting for it to go gold and some good mods get solidified to make PvP good again. Dont really care about official servers tho. Taking a wild guess and saying that they arent going to do that and deal with maintaining the PvP stuff. It is not their focus for the game.
  10. For a18? Will this be included in the next experimental?
  11. Idk, I have a vague memory of attempting to enter codes at a base I was raiding once on a PvP server and I was able to try. Was a long time ago tho.
  12. I can tell which direction it is facing looking at them now. On the scrap iron hatch there is a tiny handle that sticks out that you can barely see. Or you can go by the pattern on it. Havent tested the steel hatch lately but I dont remember ever having a problem with it. For doors, If I am putting one, I usually put two in the same space. I rotate them to be basically on top of each other so I never care which way they open.
  13. You should take his word above that wiki, that is player supported wiki that hasnt been updated in forever probably. And no there is no smell in the game and there hasnt been since a15? or 16 Edit: LOL if you read the link you provided, it even says smell is broken as of a16. So it WAS updated atleast around a16 sometime. It also says they will fix it for a17, but no they never did, idk if they ever will.
  14. This is not a reason to actually need a base, all stations fit easily into a vehicle and a land claim block to pick them up is what, 10 stone? I usually go nomad for a long while until I find a few traders and good towns and a place to put a base right in the middle of all that. I usually just throw down my stations in the middle of the street somewhere and let them craft whatever I need, I might have a couple forges in multiple spots for convenience so they are smelting while I am away.
  15. 1/2 of turret syndrome? 1 or 2 perks in turret syndrome? 2nd perk in turret syndrome is what, INT 7 or 8? That is a lot of buff alone to the turret even without the perk. But ya either way, It is not doing anything a AK or pistol cant do. Bears stun ez. Any gun with a decent fire rate will hold them back. Its when you get surprised, or need to reload that they can mess you up. You can even kite them with slower guns like a HR. Shoot, run away, shoot, run away. They de-aggro fairly easily when they dont see you.
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