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Computer crash after playing for a while (A18)


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Ok, so here is the issue, after playing the game for a while, usualy an hour or two, my whole computer freezes up and has to be restarted, this was not an issue any previous versions of the game and is only happening with alpha 18, I have reduced my graphics setting and the game runs at almost 100fps and this still happens, nothing is over heating, plenty of RAM for it to use, all drivers are up to date so not sure what could be causeing the issue, the game gives me no crash log as it's not the game that crashes but the computer, this has never happend with any other game. please help


My specs;


Windows 10 Home 64bit


16GB of RAM

Intel Core i5 4440S 2.8GHz 4CPUs Processor

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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