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Announcing: A18 b143 EXP update!


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Hey folks!

We released A18 b143 EXP to public !

Please go to this thread to post bug reports.


Please find the Changelog here: https://7daystodie.com/a18-official-release-notes/


To Opt in:


Select 7 Days to die in your Steam games list

Right click and select properties

Under the Betas tab select latest_experimental – Unstable build



To potentially help with FPS problems:

#1 lower game's texture quality

#2 lower AF in driver settings or use "gfx af 0" ingame

#3 lower game's screen resolution


Have fun and enjoy !




Here's what changed since b139:



  • Gfx st budget/forceload console commands
  • Gfx tex console command to show texture usage info
  • Gfx dt console command help
  • Gfx af console command




  • Improved item display and descriptions for shotgun ammo
  • Junk turret HP is the same as durability of the held item
  • Make junk turrets able to be picked up by enemies
  • ToolAnvil and toolBellows are unlocked by schematics, not perkAdvancedEngineering
  • Farm plots are worth less to sell
  • Vitamins also prevent Dysentery
  • Updated many POI xml tags with better zoning, and allowed townships
  • Item stat displays improved. They can now display values like "XP 10%".
  • Raft texture settings to save memory (is in game, but not spawnable)
  • Changed house_old_pyramid_02 resize optimized out 75K verts/tris
  • Renamed woodFurnitureBlockVariantHelper to Wooden Storage / Furniture
  • All ak47's are referred to as machine guns now in items and perk descriptions so they are not confused with rifles
  • Improved many POIS tagging so they will show up better and in more appropriate zones in RWG
  • All items with parts that belong to the same perk scrap to the same part. For example all handguns now scap to “handgun parts” and all handgun class weapons such as pistols, smgs, and magnums are crafted from handgun parts. Existing m60 parts, sniper rifle parts etc can be scrapped to the new parts
  • PerkFlurryOfBlows adjusted and description improved
  • Updated attachment positions on M60.
  • Gfx key console command to not put GAME_ in front of name
  • Sledgehammer and Baseball bat heavy fire now swings through target.
  • Removed test raft from blocks xml to lower memory footprint at startup
  • Beds no longer harvest cotton plants
  • Safes, munitions box, power line and light poles harvest steel with a wrench




  • Junk Turrets can be duped
  • Junk turret can now take damage to the point of being disabled
  • Junk turrets dont use their "durability used" value when deployed
  • Junk turrets will all be activated when ownership is lost
  • Junk turret ammo uses mod of item held in hand. ie. burning shaft mod
  • Lockpicks no longer break instantly.
  • Junk turret with mods causes 0 Stream Exception
  • Reading books is heard for other players in around a 30 block radius
  • Double barrel shotgun playing an additional shot animation after reload
  • Spear tooltip is missing when you try to throw broken spears
  • Water journal entry references cans of water
  • PerkHealingFactor not working reliably and description needs work
  • Unlock info on drinkJarPureMineralWater
  • Removed broken map marker on junk turrets
  • Advanced bellows recipe does not perk unlock
  • Hidden strike description of knives doing 200% extra damage on rank 1 was incorrect.
  • Allow display of a leading "" on item stats.
  • Incorrect message displays to client when player disconnects from party.
  • No grenade sound being played when thrown straight in the air
  • Fixed shadow artifact issue on dirt cloud particles.
  • Changing texture quality did not unload previous texture arrays
  • OptionsGrassDistance exploit
  • Mp_waste_hole_asphalt01 has bad ground issues from setting triangles
  • Add more stone to ore surface boulders
  • Change tool tip and journal to not include fire/torch for cold weather help
  • Give trader inventory a full reset.
  • Removed temporary green path arrows from red mesa
  • Reading books is heard for other players in around a 30 block radius
  • Wrong description assigned to lockpick bundle
  • Offline nonadmin players all have admin star when not online
  • Terrdest. stone imposter uses old wooddebris texture
  • Several recipes had missing unlock info
  • Dress shoes claim you repair them with a repair kit
  • Small stone bundle cannot be crafted
  • Window03Wood can not be crafted
  • Enabled texture streaming on many new loot containers
  • Enabled texture streaming on all trader and npc assets
  • Vehicles and hand items like cans, bags etc were not streaming textures
  • Fixed & block stability issues in settlement_trader_04.
  • Zombie pbr textures and radiated textures were not streaming

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