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My dedicated server derped and I lost my seed


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So today of all days, my computer went full derp that I am hosting my dedicated server on. I had to check the local game files and replace whatever was missing, and in the process steam decided to replace the serverconfig file... SO everything went BACK TO DEFAULT!


My dilemma is... We were playing on a RWG map, already settled in, and now the dang thing keeps loading a totally new map instead of my old one. Old map is still there with all the proper data, but I can't for the life of me remember what the seed was for it. I can't remember where but I thought I read something about spawn points help with finding a seed? I'm running A17.4

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There are two seeds. One is the name of the world, which dictates the terrain and biomes. The other is the name of the game, which controls what gets spawned where.


Here are the settings for my config.xml

<property name="GameWorld"						value="RWG"/>			<!-- RWG (see WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize options below) or any already existing world name in the Worlds folder (currently shipping with Navezgane) -->
<property name="WorldGenSeed"					value="AliceCooper"/>				<!-- If RWG this is the seed for the generation of the new world. If a world with the resulting name already exists it will simply load it -->
<property name="WorldGenSize"					value="4096"/>				<!-- If RWG this controls the width and height of the created world. It is also used in combination with WorldGenSeed to create the internal RWG seed thus also creating a unique map name even if using the same WorldGenSeed. Has to be between 2048 and 16384, though large map sizes will take long to generate / download / load -->
<property name="GameName"						value="PowerMetal"/>			<!-- Whatever you want the game name to be. This affects the save game name as well as the seed used when placing decoration (trees etc) in the world. It does not control the generic layout of the world if creating an RWG world -->
<property name="GameMode"						value="GameModeSurvival"/>


If your map still exists, just change the value of GameWorld to "MyWorld That I Generated".

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