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Camera position first person.


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I meant this.






Keep in mind that by changing the camera position, both of your hands would be pushed to the side, not just one hand with weapon or tool. I dare say it would be nearly unplayable that way for most players, but I give maybe 5% chance there may be some masochists out there who might enjoy that...


Also, you should know that there are many types of different displays with different resolutions and different aspect ratios.

The game does NOT look the same on aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3. It looks like the game on the screenshot was played on a wide-screen, because if it was played on display with aspect ratio of let's say 4:3, hand and weapon would be more on the right side, simply because the game would have to squeeze everything to a much smaller space. Of course you would have to set your video resolution accordingly for that type of monitor. You could probably set that kind of resolution on a wide-screen too, but if you did that, the game most likely wouldn't be displayed correctly on your display.

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