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[suggestion / wish] a button to auto-stack items from my inventory into a container


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Ahoy da mates,


my english isnt the best, so I will try to keep it short and simple.


Picture 1


As you can see on the first picture, I usally have a chaotic Inventory.

And I am not always in the mood to sort things for 10min+ after coming back from a Quest/raid.


So I was wondering if you guys would be maybe so kind (to lazy players like me) and put maybe a "auto-stack" button into the game.


You know, a button with which you can put all stackable items from your inventory on not fully stacks in a container.


Something like this:


Picture 2



On this way lazy players like me could load-out way faster and get back to the stuff we like to do in game...farming.


I hope you know what I am trying to suggest.


Anyway, have a nice weekend



- Domo

(a lazy player)

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Shift + Left Click will fast move an item from your inventory into your container and stack it appropriately.


A trick I use to organize is to empty my inventory, fill it up with one of my sorted containers (take all) and then take all from my unsorted container. It will then automatically pick up anything that belongs in that container as long as there is space in the stack. This allows me to pretty quickly sort a few containers worth of stuff.

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Good news! According to the Developer's Diary, TFP have been discussing just that recently.


Thats good news.

And thank you very much for your quick reply.




I just remembered in which game I saw this feature already; "Terraria"

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