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  1. thanks for the Info. Will check it out. Anyways, I think my biggest problem with the current skill-system is that it feels like a mess. Its not complex, but it feels like a mess. My english realy sucks and I am sorry if I trigged anyone with my first post
  2. Ahoy da mates. I really dislike the fact that certain skills do not increase by using the items / weapons for it. My english isnt the best, but what I mean is that if I use a Shotgun, then my skill in Shotguns isnt getting better but I am getting skillpoints which I can spend on harvesting and stuff like that. It really feels like this skill-system is made for Boomers who like to dig in the underground and still be able to increase their skill in weapons with it. It just dosent feel satisfying.
  3. thank you all for your input to this topic. Ive learned a few things out of it, but my opinion to this topic didnt change much. I still dislike the fact that the Bloodmoon event is forced on players and would like a system where players can trigger it much more. But again, this is just my opinion and not a "must have wish". Happy hunting everyone
  4. Hello all. First of all, my english isnt the best but I hope its good enough so you can understand me. Secondly, I know that the Bloodmoon event is one of the main features of this game and I doubt it will get changed, so thats why this post isnt a wish or suggestion. Its just my 2 cents to this feature. Anyway, I am a casual 7DtD player and play only like 2-8weeks per year to check the latest updates etc. and I do it always on multiplayer servers to have a bit of small talk while playing and also to have the option to ask quick noobish questions in chat. And its all fun and nice b
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