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  1. (my english sucks but I hope its good enough for you to follow my suggestion.) Hello lads. First off; In my opinion the Quest-system is the best thing happen to the game. I really enjoy it and love all the small details (like the lights which hints you the route etc.) Anyway, I wish the game would have some chain-Quests like we know from (mmo-) RPG games. You know, you start doing 1 small quest and get a 2nd following quest, and then maybe a 3rd and 4th one. etc. And at the end you get a very good reward if you complet the whole Quest. I dont know if there are any (willing) Quest-writers at the FunPimp Headquarter, but I think it would fit nicely into the game. As mention my english sucks, but I gonna try and put here an example how such Quest-Chain could look like: [Tier I - The Beast - Part I] Now you getting a "standart" Tier 1 Quests where you have to clear a building of the Zombies and Helldogs but in this Quest you will have a mini-Boss fight at the End. "The Beast" will be a bit bigger and stronger Dog. As soon you killed the mini-Boss it will drop a special Loot-Bag which contains a quest item (The Beast Paw). Return now to Trader Joel to complet the Quest, and accept the following Quest (if you like) [Tier I - The Beast - Part II] Find, buy or make some Recog Whisky and travel to Trader Bob [show bob the Paw] *You gain some experiance* (Quest complet) Accepting the Quest? [Tier III - The Pharmacy Express - Part III] [Yes] [No] (Lets assume you accept the Quest) Travel to the Pharmacy, find the 2 Quest items, and bring them to Trader Bob *Quest complet* Travel back to Trader Bob in 3 days *Quest complet* Travel back to Trader Joel with your informations *Quest complet* Tier IV - The Chemical Claw - Part IV Travel to the Chemical Factory and find the Super Acid *Quest complet* *You receive The Pimp Claw* The Pimp Claw is a nice melee weapon and works like some Steel Knuckles, just with better stats of course. The fun thing about this weapon is that it can be reloaded with Acid, and whenever you hit a Zombie with this loaded claw it will make a Zombie explode after 10sec it been hit by it. SORRRRRRRRY about my bad english and laziness writing this cheap Chain-Quest but I hope it works as an example how you could put nice and unique chain-Quests into the game. P.S. I cant mention enough how much I like and enjoy the Quests-System in 7dtd so far and hope to see many new and exciting coming into the game in the future. Good luck and keep up the good work. Happy Hunting
  2. thank you all for your input to this topic. Ive learned a few things out of it, but my opinion to this topic didnt change much. I still dislike the fact that the Bloodmoon event is forced on players and would like a system where players can trigger it much more. But again, this is just my opinion and not a "must have wish". Happy hunting everyone
  3. Hello all. First of all, my english isnt the best but I hope its good enough so you can understand me. Secondly, I know that the Bloodmoon event is one of the main features of this game and I doubt it will get changed, so thats why this post isnt a wish or suggestion. Its just my 2 cents to this feature. Anyway, I am a casual 7DtD player and play only like 2-8weeks per year to check the latest updates etc. and I do it always on multiplayer servers to have a bit of small talk while playing and also to have the option to ask quick noobish questions in chat. And its all fun and nice but whenever the Bloodmoon event is coming I have to log out because I am only lvl 2 or 8 and the server is having his 700day+ already. Usally I watch then the livemap of the server and wait till the Bloodmoon event is over. I would hide in my base and do some crafting, but we all know that there is no escape of the Bloodmoon event. And I am asking myself, is the Bloodmoon event really necessary? Cant it be changed to some special quest where players have to collect 10 diffrent types of meat + 1 Boombox, combine it together, place it somewhere, activte this new item during night and wait for a huge Horde coming to them? On this way casual noobish players like me could evade the Horde nights without loggin out and hardcore players could trigger a big Horde event whenever they feel ready to it. I am really sorry about my english but I hope you understand what I am trying to say. And please dont take this post as a "crying & bitching" post. I made this post only to share my experiance and hear maybe what other players think about it. Thanks for reading.
  4. Your text says more about you than about me being "lazy". I dont know how old you are, but I am 37 and yeah, its getting harder for me to follow this 2 color chat window with a very slime font. WTF is your problem?
  5. Sure, the german language is not always a beauty, but I assume other people have their problems with the Global Chat too. Would be nice if people in the Chat-window would get some kind of color or maybe some space between 2 diffrent players?! (only some feedback, not a die hard wish) Domo
  6. Thats good news. And thank you very much for your quick reply. P.S. I just remembered in which game I saw this feature already; "Terraria"
  7. Ahoy da mates, my english isnt the best, so I will try to keep it short and simple. Picture 1 As you can see on the first picture, I usally have a chaotic Inventory. And I am not always in the mood to sort things for 10min+ after coming back from a Quest/raid. So I was wondering if you guys would be maybe so kind (to lazy players like me) and put maybe a "auto-stack" button into the game. You know, a button with which you can put all stackable items from your inventory on not fully stacks in a container. Something like this: Picture 2 On this way lazy players like me could load-out way faster and get back to the stuff we like to do in game...farming. I hope you know what I am trying to suggest. Anyway, have a nice weekend - Domo (a lazy player)
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