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Is there a toolbelt expansion mod that works with 17.4?


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I'm in the market, but all the old solutions don't seem to work. I'd appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction.


Did a quick peek at the inventory class. Apart from doing the nescesary xml edits in windows/xui.xml for changing the number of toolbelt slots, it looks like you have to edit the dll (or DMT it) in 2 places too.


inventory class: up the array dimension to your wished for number of slots + 1 (protected ItemInventoryData[] slots = new ItemInventoryData[9]; )


in IL code change the ldc.i4.s to your value




And there is some hardcoded value in the CanStackNoEmpty bool (for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) )


in IL code change the ldc.i4.8 to ldc.i4.s and put the toolbelt number of slots (not + 1 here) in as operand



As said, a quick peek. But this should give you a direction :)




-edit- there are also 5 hardcoded 8-slots in XUiC_Toolbelt class. Those would need attention too.

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You guys are speaking Japanese voodoo. I have NO idea how to accomplish that. (Sorry for the incredibly slow reply, life you know?) I'd be happy to test it, but without some instructions written in crayon, I'm going to blow something up.

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