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Make a structure consistent with 17.4


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Je possède un serveur 7dtd et je ne manque pas un jours sans passer sur 7daystodie.com


Il y a tellement de sujet de le prefab que je suis perdu.


Je suis francophone et j'utilise tout le temps un traducteur pour suivre le forum.


Enfin, voici ma question.


Comment rendre un bâtiment prefab 17.1 17.2 ou 17.3 compatible 17.4 ?


Car parfois j'implante un bâtiment 17.2 ou 17.3 sur mon serveur et j'ai des messages d'erreurs


Je cherche une solution très simple et efficace.


Merci d'avance








I have a 7dtd server and I do not miss a day without going on 7daystodie.com


There is so much about the prefab that I am lost.


I am French speaking and I use a translator all the time to follow the forum.


Finally, here is my question.


How to render a building prefab 17.1 17.2 or 17.3 compatible 17.4?


Because sometimes I implement a building 17.2 or 17.3 on my server and I have error messages


I am looking for a very simple and effective solution.


thank you in advance

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When do you get the error message exactly?

What do you mean by "implementing" the building? (How did you implement it, step by step?)

Is it on your computer or on a server?

Tell us a bit more about your problem, more details may help us narrow it down, be specific.

If possible, upload said prefab somewhere.

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This happens often when I import prefabricated buildings from








I use the command brender batimentXXX 0 1or 2 or 3 depending on the direction to put.


I also use the load prefab command XXX at x y z face 0 because I own botman.nz


Sometimes before the implantation of the building I empty the place with the command.


fblock 0 50 25 50 I have a flat surface.


Once the building is on my console opens with the error message, when I leave the area and I come back to the building my console opens again with the error message.


Other players passing by also have the error message.



Have a good day



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Yes, it happens that I import buildings without error messages from the console.


I import the buildings in this way so that I can restore them easily with the orders without going on the spot.


The worry that there is also, when I erase the buildings the zombies remain there.


So I often have places on the map infested with irradiated zombies

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