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  1. Roland, I like the idea Madmole came up with. We could remove the repair kit's recipe in the xml. You would still find some in loot or at the traders, but you'd think twice about repairing something now. You can fine tune it by making it more or less scarce and/or expensive.
  2. Hey Umbrella, sorry for the delay. All classes were in the same dll (Assembly-CSharp).
  3. Amazing! I'll have to try it on a test world.
  4. Also, for the tier 3 turret, something like an M134 Minigun would be awesome. (One that you'd have to manually operate.)
  5. https://www.usa-gun-shop.com/best-semi-auto-tactical-shotguns/ For inspiration. o//
  6. Sounds like I missed those. But with your mom though? Ew.
  7. But... The code is a lie. (Or the cake.)
  8. Thanks. It started to look like another case of Mandela Effect! https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Mandela_effect
  9. Thanks for the kind words man! I hope this drives more people towards modding using SDX/DMT. I know it's a bit to take in at first, but I hope that posts like this will slowly build up the courage some may need to jump in. (Like I did.) Honestly, it's easier than I thought to get started. Yes, advanced mods may be tricky, but simple stuff is pretty straight forward.
  10. I think you can simply delete the Player folder in your save, no?
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