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  1. Hey Umbrella, sorry for the delay. All classes were in the same dll (Assembly-CSharp).
  2. Amazing! I'll have to try it on a test world.
  3. Also, for the tier 3 turret, something like an M134 Minigun would be awesome. (One that you'd have to manually operate.)
  4. https://www.usa-gun-shop.com/best-semi-auto-tactical-shotguns/ For inspiration. o//
  5. Sounds like I missed those. But with your mom though? Ew.
  6. But... The code is a lie. (Or the cake.)
  7. Hum, I'm not sure this is possible without modding with SDX.
  8. I don't know exactly which block it is, but it must be something like cntVendingMachine. I'd try to create a new one (in blocks.xml) and modify the TraderID to 6 for example. Then, in traders.xml, you need to add a new trader_info with the ID you just created (6 in my example). Finally, you can choose which items are available with the items like <item group="foodVending" />.
  9. I browsed through the stream a bit but the cigarettes were a no-no for me. (20 years of smoking, sorry. ) Did you manage to get somewhere without code?
  10. Sure, descriptions are in Localization.txt If you want to reuse the magazine extender's icon but change the color, you can use: <property name="CustomIcon" value="modGunMagazineExtender"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="255,0,255"/> (RBG values)
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