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Youtube Ban "JaWoodle", a call for support.

Garit Jax

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Hey guys, i don't know if any of you watch a Youtuber called "JaWoodle" he makes really cool 7 DTD vids on Youtube.

For me i watch him all the time for his 7 DTD content but when i got up this morning i found out that his channel has been removed by Youtube and they have NOT given him a reason why...


He has made an appeal which was declined with still no reason why so i'm asking you guys for any support you can give to try and get this turned around.


As i have said i watch his vids and as far as i can see his has done nothing to warrant this ban.

If any of you guys know of, or can help in any way please do so. JaWoodle helps to promo 7 DTD so i think it's only right that we try and give him a little help.


Please find JaWoodle's YT and Twitter links below...






Thanks for your time guys. ;)

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This is not just a JaWoodle issue, this is an issue for all YouTube content creators. This can happen to any of them at any time.



While the ban has been resolved, the problems for JaWoodle with YouTube hasn't ended. Less then a week ago YouTube demonetized him.


He removed what he thought where the videos and thumbnails causing the issue at that time. They are gone, period.


He has been told in a tweet from the youtube team, that since he doesn't have 100k to 400k subs, they can't help him. In other words they can't spare the time for someone so small.


At this point, its not important to like or dislike JaWoodle, its important to recognized that this can happen to any content creator.

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The biggest problem is that these decisions are made by algorithms and not by humans. However, these algorithms are often extremely error-prone.


Unfortunately this is not perceived in the public. Therefore politicians refer to the fact that there are algorithms which supposedly recognize and filter everything automatically. Examples for such laws are the new EU copyright laws and in Australia a new anti terror law.

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