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  1. The following is not exhaustive, but a list of tweaks I have found that have worked for me to increase my fps from the 35-50 range into the 60-80 range. Your mileage may vary, and of course nothing comes without cost, you will be sacrificing graphical quality, but who cares how good it looks if it's too laggy to play? Some of these tweaks may do nothing, others may be substantial. I'd suggest trying them one a time to see what works for you. *Edit* These are aside from the obvious: turning down graphics or lowering screen resolution. 1.) For those with bad FPS especially outdoors, you ca
  2. Worked great through several hordes, even tried it on my old potato laptop and had no issues.
  3. MASSIVE Improvement Mumpfy, thank you very much. As stated previously, I was getting 5-10s of lag when first encountering a zombie (often leading to 7d2d crashing). I've been playing with this new pack for about an hour and no issues whatsoever. Thanks again for the great work. P.S. The brighter texture pack looks great to me.
  4. Great work on this, and thanks for releasing it, they all look excellent. The light levels look right to me, roughly the same as the vanilla textures. I had a question hopefully someone may be able to help me with, when I use this modlet the first zombie(s) I encounter, my screen locks up for 10-15 seconds and sometimes crashes out of 7d2d with a d3d11 error. If it doesn't crash, everything appears to work properly for future zeds with no lag, and they all look fantastic. I've never had this happen before, and it doesn't happen if I remove the modlet.
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