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Have working vehicles be placed in random maps?


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I wonder if it's possible to have the random world generator place working vehicles, that the players can find and use?


I know vehicles can be added to loot.xml but I would like them to be placed directly on the map. Like those annoying broken Sedans.


Is it possible to edit prefabs by Xpath? Or if I make my own prefab, could I add a probability to spawn the vehicle or not? So that every such prefab have a random chance to spawn the vehicle?

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Got this working. 2 are driveable, 3 are "blocks" that you need to loot (broken cars).




- - - Updated - - -


...there are some inherent weirdnesses though when having driveable vehicles spawn naturally on the road... because they're technically entities, they don't spawn as far out as blocks, so they will often "pop in". Oh well. It works. =)

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