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7 Days to Die Back Story?

Lanadon Conners

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I did a quick search for a proposed "Back Story" for 7d2d and thought I would toss something out there for fun:


In 2023 a meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere and exploded a kilometer above the surface, devastating 10 square kilometers of populated area. Fema and the National Guard were quick to respond but due to atmospheric conditions, radio contact was sketchy. News stories were restricted and information on the area was closely guarded. After a few weeks, the area was declared "unrecoverable", all inhabitants lost and recovery efforts ceased. Due to a "bacteria" thought to be from the meteor found throughout the area and the cause for heavy losses in the rescue teams, the Govt erected a massive radiation fence, explaining it was to contain the foreign contaminant. For years afterwards, far fetched stories of monsters and fairy tales found their way to the internet and Enquirer newspapers, claiming to be from survivors of the rescue forces, but they were quickly put down as attention seeking profiteers. The area was a brand new "Area 51" and soon faded from the front pages.



In 2031 the current govt was having a difficult time justifying the costs of the Rad Barrier to the public until a Mega-Corporation proposed a Unique and profitable idea that would both pay for the barrier, generate income and lower the now crushing pressure on the prison system; The 7 Days to Die reality network.



Thousands of cameras dropped into the "Containment Area" would broadcast the day to day survival of the hardest, lowest and most desperate criminals. Upon accepting "containment" and a chance to live free over life in a concrete cell, the prisoner would be sedated, stripped and dropped randomly into the area. Viewers would tune in to see how they were faring (For a hefty subscription fee) and cheer or jeer for their favorite survivors. Regular airdrops with basic supplies would be made to prevent calls of inhuman cruelty. When the program first broadcasted, viewers were shocked that there were horribly mutated and zombie-looking creatures in the area, but the blood and brutality has countered the shock and fed the viewers hunger for more. To date, 7D2D is the most popular network series worldwide.



The program has been running for a while now so there will be signs of the past participants and even the possibility of encountering survivors; but those chances are slim because, as to date, most have only lasted 7 days.


Welcome Survivor. Wish you had chosen the Concrete Cell yet?

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Over at tvtropes, it's written that a sort of WW3 happened. See tropes "After the end" and "End of the world as we know it". Also, over at the trivia section: Word of God: Most of what's available, information-wise, is that the game takes place After the End, there's been a Third World War and that Navezgane is still somehow intact after all of this. And that's on the game's website. In game, you can find newspapers that mention a "flu epidemic".


Personally, I'd like a plot forward. I don't care for what happened before the game. Ignorance, counterintuitively, greatly spices worldbuilding.


edit: a random thought of mine. a survival game in a Warhammer horrible-like setting would be great.

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I would really like to see a story mode for this game.


Right now there's nothing official and TFP don't seem to care.

Perhaps when they get closer to release they'll focus on a story line.


I wouldn't mind having a main quest line to follow and complete.

That would be fantastic in this setting.

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