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  1. So I run a server for friends. My friends have never played before, got 5 of em to come try game. So I want to change blood moon frequency to 14 days, my question is, we on day 18, do I need to wait til day 21 to change frequency so it stays in multiple of 7's?
  2. The animals repop fast and are more plentiful, especially so in the forest. Both my deaths were credited to wolf/dire wolf. Lets be honest though, the forest was mostly a get out of jail free card biome until now. Also to be fair, if ya play highly alert, ya can avoid all animals with maybe exception to the vulture that requires extra attention. If a bear is in front of a trader door, simply get close to building, shoot and lure it to the side and get it stuck on the barbed wire, then go leisurely kill it from above.
  3. In the wednesday stream, the new markers in world was toggled off, and I dont remember seeing health bars when they were spawning the new zombie looks in. With that said, I been playing this game 7 years and everything is like clockwork for vets, but for new people, especially the 3 new friends I about to get game for, they'll need all this and more. Some don't have any game experience and want to play this with me. They making a game that they want to be approachable by anyone while still pushing the boundaries. I think they'll accomplish this. Not everyone has been playing this g
  4. I voted: I am unwilling to mod my game until the final version is released and workshop support is added. Then I might try out some mods. I've kept track of a lot of mods out there for many years and not a single one of them is something I am willing to try yet due to too many tedious stuff loaded down in them I find aggravating. I can see myself using some modlets after game goes gold or even try one of the big mods but in their current state, not going to happen with me personally. I've been playing since the alpha 5 if that matters any (around the end of
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