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The Hunger Games 2 on Twitch - Coming February 9th!!


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The Hunger Games 2 - Hosted by CBThaGreat and MidnightDesigner




Saturday, February 9th @ 2:30 PM EST


Sponsored by BlueFang Solutions


Hey everyone,


I wanted to take the time to advertise an event that I will be hosting on Twitch on February 9th. Last year we hosted the first annual Hunger Games where 16 members of the Beard Brigade stream team on Twitch battled for bragging rights. Events in the Twitch 7D2D community aren't very common, so it was nice to put together 16 streamers from the community and put on a show. The event was WAY more successful than I ever imagined, so we wanted to build off that and take things "to the next level" this year.


This year, 24 streamers from the 7D2D community will battle it out in teams of two for bragging rights, championship belts and of course...for charity. Each team will be playing for a specific charity/charities , and the "pot" will go to the charity of the winning team's choosing. In addition to this, the audience will get a chance to directly impact the event through donations of certain sizes used to "help" or "hurt" specific competitors. All donations during the stream go directly into the "pot" as well.


The event will take place on a custom-made map over 5 rounds, where each round is Last Man Standing. Teams will be scored based on where they "finish" a round, and bonus points will be awarded for a competitor who gets the most kills in a round as well.


The event will be hosted by CBThaGreat and MidnightDesigner HERE



We will begin to reveal the teams starting this Sunday, January 27th over at the same link, and reveal the teams throughout the week.


If you haven't checked out the Twitch 7D2D community before, this would be an awesome opportunity to do so and meet some awesome content creators! I hope to see you all there!


Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor







TEAMS ANNOUNCED: Beginning 1/27/2019


TEAM 2FPS - SKIPPY0330 & MajorGlitchTV


Team Pimps - Fubar_Prime & Kumquat_TV


Team Beeka - Pikalyn & BeetlebombTV


JonahBirch & xSGTPepperx


Team Zombabes - ShadowFox & Tatoress


Ayreframer & Blitzfire911


Team Outsiders - SecondClassElitist & AviaryLaw


Team Supas - SupaBean & SupaMaz


Zaffa_Geek & iLuvatar_402


The Average Team - AverageJayne & RedSpecsGaming


Team SlackHam - ArkhamUnhinged & SlacklineSummit


Team Vets - Dragoness_ & Jester1147

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Fubar_Prime and Kumquat (Team #2) are part of TFP! That's part of the reason we were so excited to have them be a part of the event

Sweet as :smile-new:


Fubar_Prime and Kumquat (Team #2) are part of TFP! That's part of the reason we were so excited to have them be a part of the event

And I'm as thick as a brick :smile-new: Need more coffee.

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