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Is there such a thing as a coal seam?


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I've been looking for coal.


Burned biome and those burned trees are a solid resource.

Surface rocks are kinda hit or miss.


So I've been looking at underground options for those night-mining times ... and I'm finding butt kiss. Like multiple seams of iron, nitrate, and lead ... and these seams go on for DAYZ. But coal? Quite literally: 3 cubes and seam done.


I've mined under green biome, snow, and burned ... is there any coal down here? (like more than 3 cubes of it).

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It really does exist, trust me... there is coal in them thar hills.


In my last long play of 17.1, I found a massive coal deposit in the ground in forest. That same deposit tied into a potassium iron AND lead. There was about 15000-20000 coal I extracted from that one deposit, and I don't consider what I found to even be a huge deposit cause I've found far more impressive ones in the past.

Each biome will feature more of their special ore, but you really can find everything you need in any biome except for oil. I find that a forest and desert mine is all I need these days, and no matter the biome IRON WILL be the dominate ore lol.


As I stated in another thread on this the other day- you need to mine gravel spots on the surface to prospect what kind of ore is hidden below. If you find coal in that gravel you dig- you know there has to be coal down below somewhere so follow that gravel trail!

Most of the time you will find iron in that gravel, it is uncommon to find something else, BE PERSISTENT and dig every gravel spot even if next to iron gravel cause ores can often mix close together.



Coal is the hardest ore to see too. It's soo dark, it can easily be mistaken for rock at poor lighting conditions, but once you get used to how it looks you'll spot it better... I call this getting the MINERS EYE FOR THE SURVIVAL GUY.


Nurhurhur... with that I better run, thread just got weird yo!

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i did find some surface gravel with coal indicators. the coal seam was all the way down to elevation 12, though. i was in the forest near the church on Navezgane. in that same forest, i found nitrate in the surface gravel, and the nitrate nodes were in the first layer of rock i dug into.


good luck in your mining

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When looking for a specific vein , hit the gravel first. You will get small amounts of iron and other things. Pay attention to what the other things are, they tell you what you can find below.


For best results


Iron: any biome

Coal: Burnt forest

Nitrate: snow

oil shale : dessert

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