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  1. Patience is a problem... Just kidding- take your time and do it right.
  2. Dude... I gotta ask... WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WITH YOUR USER NAME LOL!? I hope it has a fun backstory, cause that's a doozey!
  3. Lvl 50, I haven't seen a bandit yet, are they rare?
  4. That's all I have, and it works fine. 4k res n all! I think that was the min req was 6gb vram, and 16gb system ram. Heck I know someone who runs it on only 4gb vram, somehow it works. Though maybe those rare sudden crashes while traveling are from that. Worth it if so, you had no idea how drop dead gorgeous the world is like this. Pairs up nicely with all those fun poi's in your mod.
  5. @KhaineGB I've had several crashes yesterday where traveling on bike or minibike gave me sudden crash to desktop. Logging back in I was stuck on bike unable to move. Pressing escape does nothing. All I can do is wait for a zombie to kill me or my bike so I can move again. several times I had to suicide too, to fix the no loot bug (which seems to happen if your bags get nearly full- but rarely) Also the occasional NRE now n then, once it kept repeating so I had to alt-f4 to fix it. The nre says something about object not being set to instance blah blah blah, or something about object no in range? I even gave up on multiplayer due to the creating player bug (no idea if the latest fixes after 2.01 work or not). But despite all this, I am lvl 47 and having a blast, totally worth the problems, just have to use debug and creative menu at times to fix things. This mod paired up with HDHQ makes it like a new game, and it's pretty badass. The wasteland is like the raidzone of the game, and the world is far more interesting and active in this mod. I love how dangerous night can be too! Glowing mobs being about at night not only lets you see where danger is, but makes it look so eerie and spooky n stuff. THIS IS THE MUTHA FREAKING APOCALPYSE! So don't get too discouraged, you made something pretty fun, an I am sure you can iron out bugs in time. The pimps could definitely learn a few things from this mod to improve their own game. Outside of POI's, their world in 17.1 is BORING! I am more scared to be out in the wild in FREAKING MINECRAFT, then I am in their game. Do you personally use HDHQ with this mod? If you haven't, I STRONGLY recommend you try it. You do not know what you are missing if you haven't ho-lee-cow do the forests look awesome like this =)
  6. thanks for the updated into on creation player issues- When I was playing DF multiplayer I was hosting but not with dedi server. The only mods used were- HDHQ and small tweaks I made to vehicles xml (to make some vehicles faster) and entityclasses (to lower mass to make the ragdolls more fun) I haven't tried since df 2.01 to do multiplayer, just posting my results here to help you narrow down what the creating player issue could possibly be.
  7. lsd- you been a member since 2016, and this was your first post? That's amazing! Titanium not smelting, is the forge on? I think someone said you have to run electricity to it?
  8. @KhaineGB Attempt 2 fail- Sadly the stuck on character creation screen still happens for other players joining, this time it happened the first time, last time it took 3 log outs to happen, so it seems worse now heh. I never seen this bug in vanilla unmodded- I know you said it can happen there but, it would seem to me, this mod has something not set right. I hope you can find what it is someday. I'll have to just run through it in single player until then, I am having a great time otherwise. If only there was a way to fix it and keep progress, instead it's a showstopping bug. Restarting game didn't help either, it just keeps happening. =<
  9. Hey KhaineGB... did you hear? Roland says 17.2 will have xp gain, bloodmoon frequency settings\random day stuff settings (and fixed 25% loot abundance setting) If true, alpha 17.2 is the most gameplay significant decimal point upgrade this game has ever had. I hope you'll still have gas left in your tank to go through the murderous process of updating your mod for it. Here's to hoping it doesn't completely ruin all your code lol. Can't be as bad as upgrading from 16 to 17 though I'd imagine.
  10. Not all xml's? to get my ragdoll and vehicle custom xml's working, it's where they are normally found where they need to go, that's what works for me anyways, using mod launcher.
  11. AHH! That's what's going on. Thanks for posting that useful tip!
  12. LOL that's amazing! Where I come from we call that "MODERN ART".
  13. Glad to hear it helped. I didn't know that glitch happened even in vanilla, quite the ugly problem for people who put in a lot of time. I hope the pimps fix that sooner rather then later. I know one of my very first posts to the 7d2d forums was to complain about losing a savegame to a rare glitch that killed many hours of progress. I know how painful that stuff can be first hand. Sounds like you have done some important fixes and work on this mod, keep up the good work. I will miss the giant arrow glitch though. It looks like a blimp of doom slowly flying around when stuck to a bee.
  14. It's 1 point per level Not sure about your modlet working with this or not. What you need to know about the current version- This mod currently is not working for multiplayer correctly unless you get the version on discord (though not sure if that version really fixed the problem yet or not, I haven't tried that version and haven't heard how well it's working on this thread yet). If playing single player yer good to go now though, just don't shoot bees or behemoths with arrows lol. There is a few fixes for other problems coming too though, so maybe wait for that next official release like I am. What little I've played, it's pretty fun though. It pairs well with the HDHQ mod too! Felt like a whole new game.
  15. This also happens if you find a mastery book for a class you didn't take. After reading the book it will say 0 and be redded out.
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