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A few more Rebar Frames


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Adds in Rebar Frames (and recipes) for Half, Quarter, Pole, Plate & Pillar 50 blocks.


Should work just like the vanilla rebar frames; craft in a forge, placeable (rotatable), and pick-up-able, upgrade with 10 concrete mix to 'wet' & then they'll dry to reinforced concrete blocks.


*I'm not sure what some of the lines in their 'normal', blocks.xml properties do, so I've left them in.

*No idea how to get/call icons that look like the vanilla ones.

-- So I used CustomIcon & CustomIconTint: so Icons look like the full block but rusty red in color to differentiate.


$$ any corrections/tips from folks would be welcome :)


Zip file here: https://nofile.io/f/g2sGPbMeZUD





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Never used nofile but more people here use github or gitlab. Could also upload it to Nexus.


Appreciate it but prefer a simple no-login/anon site for simple bits like this :)


nofile was really nice. No hassels, almost no ads or trackers. Seems the Copywrite Police went after them so they may be gone for good :(


Hey everything worked fine bro, using it with no issues :) thanks alot !


You bet! Definately appreciate you taking the time to give me a heads up about the broken link.


Anyone from here on who uses the modlet has you to thank for it being available :)


(and your timing was -really- good! I'm rarely on here now a days, and you caught me just wandering by, heh)

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