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  1. @gpcstargate Stop hounding Subquake..This is a time where people need to care for there family first and not be hounded about a mod.. So ....sit back and wait Like the rest of US .. it will get here .. When it gets here. Subquake wants the game Right and not a thrown together bunch of crap that doesn't work ..
  2. Yawn .. Everyone has a say, freedom of speech means i have a right to express my opinion without censorship or restraint. And chill it's over and done with now
  3. @gpcstargate, Chill and stop brown nosing. Respect freedom of speech. I said my bit and it's over and done with..ok!!!
  4. Not Salty,No disrespect , Thanks for reply and explaining...I look forward to playing your mod As you said "pretty much what others have said" But didn't see those post. Just worded my option and said take it with a pinch of salt. Cheers
  5. Why can this not be uploaded to the forum now? People who have funded you got it weeks ago,Wouldn't it be time now for the rest of your followers to get what you have now and update it as you go along like your doing for people that have funded you? Most parents are losing there jobs and some there lives with Covid-19 and most followers would fund you but can't A lot here have waited a long time now No disrespect to you as you do a great job like most modders here, things i couldn't dream of doing ..Darkness Falls is an amazing mod and the same goes for Ravenhearst.
  6. Works perfect on SP. Is it possible to get 1 CCTV to 1 Camera ?
  7. You must be a witch .....or should that be warlock.. unbelievable work xyth Thankyou
  8. thanks i think i know which one you refer to
  9. im on 17.1 never had a problem till today UPDATE- i moved the mod to the top of the list in mod folder and is working fine now
  10. Have we a problem with StallionsdensPallets mod. I'm getting error..NullReferenceException object reference not set to instance of an object. Hope this helps and can be a easy fix
  11. In SP Random map..Every time i load my save and go back to a game the burnt out torches (long Burn Time) have started again.
  12. Hi, Is there anyway to implement torches burning out,as it seems pointless connecting lights to generator if you can just use torches that burn for ever?
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