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A couple of questions I need answered


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Where can I download older 7DTD than A8?

For some reason Steam only has 8+, so I'd be grateful for lower than that.



Where can I get cheats?

I want to try the A17 properly but the game doesn't give me the chance. I want to use cheats on my dedicated server when I'm the only player so that I can run the A17 with default settings and not get rekt by zeds and other crap. Also

I don't want to sift through thousands of toggles and mods; plain invincibility (and block invincibility) would be enough for exploration and observatrion.



Is there any way to interact with the dedicated server without installing a 3rd party software?

I find it quite funny and weird that you have to end it in task manager...

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Giveselfxp 9001 would give you 9001 experience points.


CM enables creative menu, which can be found in the top bar (when you have inventory or another player menu open) as a light bulb. You can get any block, item, resource etc. from there.


DM enables debug mode, which can be accessed by pressing ESC. You can enable god mode, flying, and various other stuff from there.


I guess there are keyboard shortcuts for the C / D menus, which should be found in the options menu.

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