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  1. Steam name: Turtleman Hours played: 3172+ Started on Alpha: 8 or 9 something Discord name: Turtleman77#1943 Native language: Norwegian, English since 4th grade
  2. I NEVER said I used only 1 chemstation, workbench and forge. I have 4+ of each. My initial 4 SMG turrets keeps tabs on all the screamers this creates, so no problem. But this is why I call it an ammo factory game, you have to compensate the slow chem/workstations by building more and more of them. My base is going to be 10+ levels/stories of chemstations and workbenches + forges at this rate. Why not add tools to the chem and workbecnhes to have a MUCH smaller base footprint?
  3. So this post went from my "Chemstations and workbenches should have tools to speed them up" to "This is how I defeat the zombies on hordenight!"
  4. Neato, I'mma try that RIGHT now!!!
  5. Whut? In my previous game, I had 13 SMG and 7 Shotgun Turrets, 5 Chemstaions and 6 or 7 Forges, nearly running 24/7. I NEVER had more zombies come visit, exept the occational *DAKKADAKKADAKKA* dead screamer. The problem I find with the one entry point bases is that you tend to focus on the one spot during the BM, and then ONE bastard aggro's on your back wall and is left to his own devices for too long, creating an opening, and then yer toast!
  6. I now only have 4 turrets, one SMG turret pointing NSEW along each wall, from the corner, covering all sides of my base. I removed the 4 others (to save ammo). If I had unlimited free ammo, then hells yeah I would have ALL OF THEM! but then I'd need 10 in INT for the XP. Currently at 6 (with Nerdy glasses)
  7. Explosives are neat, but I currently only have 1 in agility, so my bow skills are at 0. If you are crafting rocket launcher ammo, then you are a madman, they cost like a bazillion in fuel and gunpowder. But again, explosive arrows cost like 25 gunpowder and ductape? Ductape is the new gold bar in the apocalypse, used in nearly everything and cost 5 to 7 bones per glue bottle. I run out of ductape more often than not. To sum up: My only grief is the amount of time it takes to mix gunpowder in the chemstation, considering the volume of bullets you need mid to late game. - - - Updated - - - How do you funnel the zombies into the pit when they spawn randomly around you on hordenight?
  8. YES! Thank you! My point exactly! Farming the resources is no problem. With 5 in Str you can craft blue Augers (if you find the schematics, or you have 8 Int.) I found a green Auger, and was super happy with that for a long while. Then I found a grey one, but I had the schematics already by then. I usually vendor trash EVERYTHING I don't need. Like melee items (my current build is Stamina mostly, so AK's and M-60's for me!) Now it's just 7 days of factory management, building more and more crafting stations to level out the looong wait to get stuff done in time for hordenight.
  9. I currently play on Nomad difficulty, 12 max alive, with walk at daytime, run at night, and Nightmare on hordenight. 60 minute days, and all else on vanilla settings. - - - Updated - - - I have a 11x10 base on flat ground, cleared all trees and boulders around my base. I've tried the vulnerability point thing before, but it does not work in the long run for me. I've never liked "cheesing" the AI, if that's what you are refering to. Edit: The last comment was meant for FSHerrante, don't know why the post come's up like this.
  10. Yes, currently 2 chemstations, 3 forges and 3 workbenches. Adding more to the next floor up (currently in construction), but I'm prioritising lead/brass over stone for cement. So yeah, i'm now a bullet factory. I cue everything up, then go explore some. I think I have every city on the map (8x8 Km) now.
  11. Oh, you mean my 5 rows of barbed wire & spikes, eletric fences and blade traps (at gamestage 150+)? Why not use turrets? they're there for a reason?
  12. So after day 21 (or even earlier) I usually have the ability to craft turrets (SMG and/or Shotgun). In my current game I have 8 SMG turrets (day 30). That's 900 x 8 9mm just on my roof. In addition I have to feed my M-60 & AK for horde night. It takes sooooo long to: Craft gunpowder on the chemstations, smelt all my dukes into brass, smelt lead, forge bullet casings and tips, and then finally to workbench bullets. Can we for the love of something holy get tools for the chemstation & workbench? Like the forge has? And/Or speed things up with the Yeah Science! skill? Bulk crafting is just cheaper (IMO) not faster. Tools for the chemstaion and workbench could be: A Bunsen burner A pressure cooker Test tubes (like the beaker for the campfire/building ingredient for the chemstation) Bench Vice Power Tool(s) Or how about we hook the workbench up to our powergrid (generators)? Oh, and thanks for the best game in the world Pimps! I'm a sneeze away from 4k hours!
  13. Can we get some texture overhauls? Especially for ground textures. Mining can be a pain in the "anotherwordforbehind", when the textures merge together and create false walls. And one ore next to stone/gravel makes it seem there are more ore.
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