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  1. Very cool, I am looking forward to your electricity overhaul mod!
  2. Is the 7D2D-EntityRandomizer 19.2 b3 save to use with the latest 19.2 b4 build?
  3. Really loving this so far, adds a lot to the game. Please allow more configuration options to be set eg: max distance the zombies will hear you and walk towards you (inactive ones), zombie speed (when inactive). Oh and btw how does it handle horde night? I haven't tried so far. Massive shooting resulting in even more zombies?
  4. Yes please add an option to allow 100% intact highways. You already did the same with the normal streets (no damage option).
  5. Good to know! Can‘t wait to get this developed even further!
  6. What about animals and wildlife? Do they still spawn with your changes?
  7. Very interesting concept, I like the idea of persistent zombies wandering around. How do you define which zombies are being spawned? Are you using the "spawning.xml" that defines what type of zombies should be spawned in which biome? And how you define the spawning of zombies for low and high level players? Imagine being level 5 and a wandering feral radiated wight appears...
  8. The latest update (18.2 -> 18.3) ruined our savegame completely. All player lvl's, buildings and inventories are gone... any advice? Should we run your 18.2 mod on 18.3? Or the latest 18.3 EXP on 18.3?
  9. I have read several recipe books now, but I can't craft any of the stuff like cement mixers and such. All it says is "Disabled by status effect". Which effect? I have none...
  10. The UAZ is not funtional at all when using it with Darkness Falls. It has -3248489404 HP and cannot be repaired...
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