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  1. Hi all, I run a server where I, my wife, my sister, and my brother-in-law all play. We recently updated from one of the experimental versions (I forget which, but it was still A19) to A19 release. All of us are fine, except for my brother-in-law, who has all of his gear but skills and perk books have been reset. I tried using the backup for his profile, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Is this just a thing that randomly happens? Is there a way to fix it without cheating in the experience and books?
  2. Hi all, I'm running a dedicated server on Linux, and I've encountered an interesting issue. My group and I decided to explore Dishong Tower, but the server goes into a sort of...not responding state. Nothing is intractable, zombies don't move, Telnet commands don't work and no one is able to log in. But it does respond in that I can log in to Telnet, no one is kicked (until I force the server to close) and it still shows up in the server browser. I've been reading through the logs, and nothing stands out to me as being a problem. Sleeper volumes restoring, then nothing. If I restart the server (after forcing it to shut down) players can log in and move a short distance before the server stops responding (sort of) If anyone has any suggestions or any idea what might be going on, please let me know
  3. 1: Eh, maybe. 2: I don't know what turrets you've found, but the ones we've been using already fire slow. We can shoot about as fast using the primitive bow 3: I think this may already be the case? We had a couple junk turrets go missing after having zombies break in
  4. Con confirm that vending machines, almost pointless in previous versions, are much more significant in A18
  5. That can be said of almost anything in the game, to the point it can go without being said
  6. I don't know, I find that the junk turrets are incredibly weak. We have 3 placed down and they easily go through half their ammo before one of us decides to go take down the zombie
  7. Is there cheese in a cheeseburger? And to be on topic: Woo! Love this UI mod. It makes surviving so much more manageable
  8. Bl That is a terrible joke, sir. Now excuse me while I make others groan because of it. (Because internet doesn't really get intent across, I enjoyed the joke and chuckled at it)
  9. I think that the RNG fits 7DTD perfectly. Every day is supposed to be uncertain. You may not find food. You may not find parts. You may find a landmine under your foot. Yes, it sucks when RNG rolls against you. Yes, it can be exceptionally aggravating. But that's how it do. And yes, the person who's out gathering resources -is- safer than the one out exploring and looting. You can plant trees and gardens on the roof of your base or inside a perimeter wall full of turrets and traps. You can find an ore vein and dig tunnels to it, reinforced with steel and yet more turrets. You can gather what you need without really putting yourself in danger. Adventuring to POI's gets increasingly dangerous the further away from your base you go, and as time passes that becomes necessary as everything closer has been picked clean. I wouldn't say that the system in A18 is a step back. If anything, it's a step forward. Want to know how many times I had an incomplete tool or weapon in previous versions because I was missing that ONE component to complete it? Far too often. Now? There's only one item you have to loot/buy, everything else can be gathered and crafted. Sure, as you've experience that one item can still be frustratingly rare, but I still think it's an improvement.
  10. Hi all, I run a strictly PvE server only for myself and my family, so we don't need the land claim block to prevent raids or trolling. Is there a way to disable it and allow players to pick up machines (workbenches, saw tables, etc) that they place? Thanks!
  11. Except that's a bold-faced lie. For one, looting top-quality items is exceptionally rare, vs crafting. Plus, You're just as likely to get garbage rolls on looted weapons as you are to find superb. Crafting is always constant. Sure, it may not *always* be better, but you can't win them all. Also consider that looting has always been pushed by the devs. They do NOT want you to sit inside your fortress and ignore zombies. They do NOT want you to ever be safe. I'm sorry that you are having terrible luck. Some times it happens. Sometimes it's better to just roll a new map and a new save.
  12. I can understand why canned food might have a chance of food poisoning. As for cooking, we're not exactly cooking in properly sanitized environments, with sterilized tools, clean hands, and properly prepared ingredients. It would be neat if there were an improved cooking machine (oven or something? Faster, maybe, and uses electricity?) that would reduce food poisoning chance, but that's just one part of the whole process.
  13. I would occasionally level a POI. Just break the bottom most blocks, starting from the inside out, and watch things fall. This was usually done to run down houses that didn't really have many lootables anyway. But yeah, Empyrion does spoil players by giving back most if not all resources used to craft the block
  14. Because if you could reach end-game items just by grinding out the crafting (as it used to be) is OP and no one would bother searching for weapons or weapon parts. They'd grind out the gear, and any they found was scrapped/recycled/sold because it was inferior. 7 Days To Die is the apocalypse. There's a lot that simply cannot be made by human hands anymore because the parts are too small, or the metal is too tough, or the design too complex. There's no machining table, no CNC routers, no CAD. You have to work with what you find.
  15. I wonder if there's some confusion going on. Is T1 being used to refer to things like stone axe/shovel/spear, primitive bow? Or is it being used to refer to the quality of the item crafted? If it's being used to refer to stone items, then there's no way they could ever be broken down and used to make the higher "tier" stuff (Iron/steel tools/weapons) because not everything has a stone/primitive equivalent. Pistols? Hunting rifles? AKs? I wouldn't even count the blunderbuss as "primitive' because there are multiple steps required for its use (gunpowder), unlike the bow and arrow. If T1 is being used to refer to basic, grey quality, then yes, they should require parts and break down into parts, in order to make higher quality items. The logic works universally. Grey primitive bow? Scrap it for wood to make a green primitive bow. Grey wooden bow? Scrap it for parts for a green wooden bow.
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