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  1. Hi all, I run a server where I, my wife, my sister, and my brother-in-law all play. We recently updated from one of the experimental versions (I forget which, but it was still A19) to A19 release. All of us are fine, except for my brother-in-law, who has all of his gear but skills and perk books have been reset. I tried using the backup for his profile, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Is this just a thing that randomly happens? Is there a way to fix it without cheating in the experience and books?
  2. Is there cheese in a cheeseburger? And to be on topic: Woo! Love this UI mod. It makes surviving so much more manageable
  3. Oof, 8 hours for Detail Data?
  4. I think a Halloween release would be cool, though it's not on a Monday so it probably won't happen (Roland said before that TFP would prefer to release on a Monday or Tuesday)
  5. I hope there's an option to turn that off. My wife gets headaches from that sort of thing in game (ARK Survival had flickering torches and refused to play during in-game night)
  6. I see what you did there. One up Double down Triple up - - - Updated - - - Timbits and Canadian Maples
  7. I'm sorry, it had to be put down. It was in such misery from being cooped up in such a small space for so long. You have my gondolas.
  9. Anyone else notice that one of the smiley's mutated and looks like it needs a machete to the face?
  10. Looks like, according to that last image, light is still cast through walls :/
  11. I want this to become a meme now. Everyone, let's make it happen!
  12. Would make sense. I think that when I heard the version they were on was before .2 was released.
  13. I believe it's been asked before, and (I could be wrong, but) the version is Unity3d 2018.1
  14. *cough cough* The moon will be very red tonight *cough* Sorry, there's a forest fire, so all the smoke is blowing in.
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