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  1. As it happens, compared with Asian women, I prefer women in North America. Of course, I don't have any other means.
  2. So that's it. Is my translation software is not good enough. By the way, in China, almost daily 7 d2d players to leave a message to my account to ask A20 development progress and an open test of time. Ask every day. Our passion is too high.
  3. What if A20 has confirmed the finished, then begin to anchor the testing authority and certified? Machine translation, forgive me
  4. EN:I think I seem to answer your questions. The game because of own (all terrain can damage), I think I seem to answer your questions. The game because of own (all terrain can damage), there will be a similar to the problem of "my world". Is each zombie, each square with CPU independent calculation. So, when you and your friends to get together, there was a blood moon, the number of zombies will be multiplied by the number of players! I remember I and my friends are a total of five players, at the time of visit A16 version, 196 days, the blood in my sniper rifle to reload all need to wait abou
  5. Hey team, I appear again! At present, I brought you a few questions, most players. , of course, this is after I summarize, actually is main or to delete is not necessary to ask questions (for example, player to brush the 50 zombies, said computer is very card). The third episode of the 1 - A20 video when hair? Or release probably determine the time? 2 - can in A20, restore a zombie will climb a wall of spider come back? 3 - beamon behemoth has a plan to return? Too many players said: in the late game, almost every week is repeated. Wants to see a team of 5 levels of task to add
  6. Really thank you very much! I want to say is that I am not a stretch hand to the party. In China, such behavior by Chinese netizens degeneration of I address is: stretch hand to the party. Means: straight question, ask for the answer isn't thinking about myself. However, in the face of China's "green dam" project, Chinese netizens, including me, really helpless. Even if I hung the VPN want to turn on youtube's home page, need at least 5 minutes... It's pity to 56k moden dial-up s.
  7. Hi, Mr Moderator. Sorry to bother to your work again. I just want to ask, A20 the latest issue of the live video uploaded to the Internet? If you have finished uploading, you can give me a website? In this way, I can find it directly. Do you know? In China, using VPN is illegal. And we these 7 d2d Chinese fans are calling A20. Some fans asked me to give you mean something like this: even if for a period of internal testing of the video, after all, this chip cookies.
  8. To be honest, I'm really very excited! Thank you very much you can see and reply to me!!!!!!! I think, my words can't describe the excited mood!
  9. Asian spice? First of all, you need a can speak not only English, the most important is, she has to be need to be able to understand English... In China, most Chinese people don't understand English, because English class listening speed is slow. So, you may be disappointed.
  10. Hi, developers to hello! I don't know how to contact you, so I am here to reply. If I break the rules, please tell me, or tell me how to contact you. Thank you very much! I am a player from China. Also is the one of the few in China at the same time, continue to insist to do 7 d2d - PVE games video UP (the host), because in China, the game is banned, although cannot live to players, but it is currently in BILIBILI or contribute to video. I started with A14.6 found 7 d2d, see the game, I'm shocked! This is my ideal of the zombie survival game! So, I buy and start my game life. Up
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