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  1. My action when arramus hinted me about this mod probably tells something about these guys and the mods they create.... Sooooooooo.... Just downloaded the thing, barely tested it... did a backup of my server and threw it in there 😛 NOW I'm gonna test it... haha. Great work as usual, already love it, though I've barely scratched the surface Also, at the same time I thank you for all people that are involved in the Snufkin stuff + more. Love ya!
  2. Oakraven was kind enough to help me out with fixed version of the base mod. Tried it out and seemed to work just fine! I wanted to make the Newcomen craftable, and therefore did some changes. Per my solo game testing, looks to be working, couldn't produce bugs. Would like to use this on my public server, if that is ok. snufkinsweaponsbaseupdate.zip
  3. Am I missing something or is there a more recent update on this mod? I downloaded it, run it on a solo game, and got a bunch of errors related to items not found. So I tinkered with items.xml and changed things like for example property "CustomIcon" for railgun to "gunRifleT2MarksmanRifle" instead of "gunMR10". I kinda got most to work... still facing issue with the railgun... But yeah, I'm interested to add the basemod (only) to a server. And I would be VERY tempted to add my own recipes for those guns that yet don't have them. But I would assume this is a big no-no for a public server Anyways, but back to the original question. Is there an actual "updated" version of this for A19.2 stable? Or am I just being stupid and not seeing it. Thanks in advance!
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