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  1. This may sound abit crazy but some bigger weather threats like a Tronado would be really cool. They dont have to be that big that would destroy entire landscapes but a rather smaller Tornado that causes some chaos that would force the player to leave the area for a short period of time would be very cool and a interesting game mechanic.
  2. Its better to cook stuff in the early game rather then trying to find it in lootable buildings. I recommend killing all animals you see around you and make out of them either cooked meat or bacon and eggs (But I would keep the eggs tbh for the blueberry pies later). Also loot normal houses with a kitchen, they have a better chance of giving you random canned food rather then the shamy buildings.
  3. Ye thats what I mean, the strafing. I actually didnt know that they changed that "recent" but good to know that it was intentional. I get it that they want to make the game feel more slow paste on purpose but in the other hand it is kinda well annoying if you compare that to other games how I do that. However you are right, its just a matter of taste, and ye you can normally look around while running with the mouse but it is abit awkward imo. Anyway I am glad some ppl can discuss about that topic normally and its nice and refreshing to see other ppls thoughts about that! Thanks for the nice reply!
  4. I was never talking about the walking speed itsself *Edit: I didnt talk about the movementspeed itsself of the character, this is totally fine and you can anyway freely adjust your speed with armor types and skills.
  5. Now my feelings are hurt :C Ye exactly you got what I meant, its about the acceleration and deceleration of the character after changing a direction or from the stance. I am glad you understand what I mean exactly! I mean it is not like its completly broken or unplayable, but this is something you come across for 90% of the gameplay sicne you walk around alot, from exploring to looting. Thats why I believe some slight adjustments to that would help alot with the overall feeling. It doesnt has to be climbing though, what someone else proposed was about the vaulting over 1,5 or 2,5 blocks, which I think is a great idea. *Edit: I hope the swimming will be implemented though!
  6. I get what you mean and you are right but I am not talking about traveling faster than you already do with the car. I am talking about the movement on foot. The vaulting could be interesting tbh. Ofc I didnt meant that 7 days should copy the movment of apex, there is no reason for sliding or other fast paste movement. Bruh ppl like you makes it always themselves so easy by saying/writing the most obvious stuff to feel smart or justify their ignorance. I dont mean it as an insult, I just say that you are not reading (atleast my post in that case) not carefully enough or just dont get what I mean and simply write something different for idk what reason? Idk how long you play 7 days but I can help you there out, you will eventuelly have all the skills in the game by time, even agility. After a long time at your world you will have enough levels and skill points to fill the entire or almost the entire skills so ye I have agility with parkour. I am aware that this skill exists and what it does. I also never wrote that 7 days should have the same movement features as Apex, I wrote the base movement feels awfull. My camera sensitivity is fine also thanks for advising me to that, if you didnt know you can also change your mouse DPI without thouching the ingame controls
  7. Ye you seem right about that, would be still cool though but you got a point.
  8. You are right that the mechanics and system of 7 days tries to slow you down but this doesnt mean you should get slowed down, you are still in a hurry trying to build your next defence for the upcoming blood moons. You are right that Apex and Pubg have a different focus than 7 days but look for example at Ark or the Forest then, both are also survivor games and have a way smoother movement feeling than 7 days. What I am saying is the movement is outdated and need also adjustments.
  9. agree, but still doesnt stop this game from having a smooth movement I have 120 FPS in 7 days and I play on 6k DPI (I am used to that cuz of dead by daylight). I can ensure you it has nothing to do with hardware problems or game bugs, I am talking about the core mechanic of how you move in the game. The best example would be PUBG (players unknown battlegrounds), its the same there that you move very clunky and it doesnt feel good, if you compare that to for example Apex the movement feels very good. I know that Apex for example is developed by a huge company with years of programming experience. What I am trying ot say is that the devs should maybe look into the movement and maybe adjust or finetune some stuff there.
  10. I am aware of that but adding that to the base movement and buffing parkour would be the better decision. Having a smoother gameplay in the later game after unlocking it through a skill tree is not good and weird, many other games tried that and it got heavily critizised for that such as Just cause 3 back then.
  11. Just like in Players unknowns battleground the movement of the game feels very stiff and bad responding. The character feels immobile, not just on foot, same goes to swimming ofc. I am aware that we will get a Water overhaul in Alpha 21 and I hope that the devs may add swimming to the game at some degree but I wanna talk mainly about the on foot movements here. The character barely moves when you run and press A or D, if you want to look around while you run you have to slowly look to the left or right with the mouse, you could say now "hey this just encourages to walk slower and look like that around" but the thing is 7 days to die is all about time. Time is your most precious recourse and with a gameplay that forces you to slow down is kinda counterproductive imo. I believe that the general running animation, movements and general control responding should be reworked so it can feel more smooth to run and walk around. I am not a programmer so I dont know how hard or how much work that would be but I think it is a very important aspect of every game to have a very good feeling movement. Also I know this might sound abit much but I think adding a small climb mechanic to the game where you can lift yourself up on 3 blocks would be very interesting and could fit to the game, that would also open many new ways how you travers POI and loot them. I have to mention that the vehicle control responding and overall drive feeling is very very good, that kind of feeling should be converted to the base movement. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about the movement!
  12. Hi, this sounds very interesting, cant wait to play the new patch. I have some suggestions I collected over the past few months that I came up by myself and also some friends I showed this game that has barely knowledge of the game but could give some first impression that they realized. 1. The current movement feels slow and sluggish. I think it would be a great improvement to the game to do something about the general player movement and running animation and also speed. Running feels not like running, more like walking faster. Also maybe add a smaller climb mechanic where you can heave yourself on a 3 block wall. That could open up some new cool ways to traverse povs. 2. Visual damage on Zombies. Now it looks very unsatisfiying hitting a zombie with a gun or club, the movement of getting hit is fine but there is no visual sign of actually damaging the zombie. There should be more gore for example holes in the body or limbs they lose more frequently. Maybe also beeing able to shoot the jaw off. Shooting off the helmet or some other armor parts. The holes in the body doesn't has to be precise, a example of black ops zombie mode, you can shoot a part of the stomache area away. This will help to let the fight feel more responsive and dynamic, also making it abit easier of saperating which zombie you already shot and which not. 3. Inventory response. Clicking and navigating in the inventory or inside any other windows like inside the forge for example is very uncomfortable and seems overly complicated. For example you always have to click a second time to interact with items, if you want to craft something you have to make unnecessary extra clicks and that could be way easier. I know the wording is weird so I make a example: Imagine you are in a fight with some zombies, you need to heal yourself with bandages so you have to go onto the bandages inside your inventory, click on them and then press again with your button to actually heal. This small extra time for the click is just unnecassary. 4. Trailers: Maybe do a small gameplay trailers for the big patches to showcase the changes. This would help to build up hype and also give new ppl intel of what is coming to the game. Increasing the interest of players outside of the game and also keeping the interest fresh for older players. The third point was a concern of my new starting friends. When you get used to it like me after 700 hours then it doesnt seem a problem but I get where they get that from. I hope these points can give you some ideas or help you somehow for further improvements, I still really enjoy the game and I am looking forward to see the game growing even further!
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