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  1. Is pipe bomb still exploding in our hands in the new stable?
  2. Yeah, no new build past week, maybe they are going stable this week.
  3. Thanks for sharing it. I built a sniper horde defense in A18, but it only worked well mid game, but it looks like endgame will be fun this time. I have something in mind, however I'm gonna wait for stable because it will take a long time to build it and I don't want to take any risks.
  4. I hope you have something in mind to help SP because a lot of players like to play solo and if even harder it would make new players abandon ship. Not overreaction, just an observation from what you are saying.
  5. No need for sorry, we should all be thankful because we get a new game every single year. About spawning. For me it will be chicken or bust. I know it sounds ridiculous but I never kill rabbits because when I was a little kid I got a rabbit as pet. So, yeah, it's a freaking game, but I just can't kill any rabbit.
  6. You mean back to normal. I'm not gonna lie, I wanted a little bit more animals because I'm a heavy miner, but not the entire zoo.
  7. You can craft without looting, but you will need traders on rotation so you can sell basic "mining" materials like stone, lead etc to get what you need.
  8. Not a bad idea, but with "degradation" in, "random stat" must be out and T6 is back on crafting system or it would be an unfair system. I'm telling that because in my last save 18.4 I have found a lot of T6 M60, but really high damage, not many.
  9. "Survival" means you need to find stuff to help keep you alive. Crafting is on a very good position and that's an opinion from a builder crafter player. You want the best stuff, you need to loot, but all T5 tools and weapons you can craft are very good as well. So, I'd say no to OP.
  10. I think the "food problem" is a good idea, but as mentioned before I'm afraid new players will suffer a lot. Your idea of new cans could be a solution if you don't make it in abundance: maybe just on trader vending machine and one, two cans day, tops. This way food would still be a problem and survivors would buy it as last resort for an specific day.
  11. Interesting. I hope they changed screamer's behavior as well: in A18, underground mining she could sense and hear me so she would call reinforcements; harvesting my tree farm (6 blocks high), she could sense and hear me, but no reinforcement being called.
  12. Nah, oil shale is abundant. Now, a reliable source for glue will give you a chance to place more shotgun turrets for horde defense. In A16 I needed something like 500 ~ 600 glue each horde night (crafting paper) which is impossible today.
  13. Madmole, you said crafting will be relevant in A19, so I have 2 questions: 1) Top tier crafting still T5, T6 only looting; and 2) Random stats like in A18 (if so, would be possible to show possible values for each stat?). Thanks in advance.
  14. Madmole, T5 is really annoying, but it's the best chance to get T6 tools. I started a thread talking about "how to get an Auger T6" and after 258 days still on the hunt, but at least I got some good T6 tools. Weapons are way easier looting all kind of quests, but tools, specially auger/chainsaw (even though I was still able to get only T5) your best chance is from T5 quest reward.
  15. There are 3 T5 quests: Shotgun Messiah Factory, Shamway Factory and Hospital (for some reason my save is bugged and I can't start quests at hospital). But yeah, more options would be awesome because Navezgane still my favorite map.
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