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  1. I recently decided that traders currently bring more bad than good to the game, so I started playing without them. When we have more fleshed out NPC, White River clan, bandits, better quests, then traders would be justified. Currently they bring weird problems/mechanics: - the concept of invulnerable blocks/POIs - the magic POI restoration/loot respawn and gimmicky double looting of a POI, which became a new standard - the magic teleporting after 22:00 - the 'problem' of too many foods in store, 'solved' by introducing magic 'candies' - exploits of 'secret stash' (putting on/removing nerdy glasses) - the current quests we have are beyond primitive, even by sandbox standards - traders/quests make the game easier, so people often see no point to build a base anywhere but next to a trader - the opportunity to buy the things you need, instead of looting it, results in a scheduled routine of visiting every trader after the restock cooldown. We can argue about the last point, as having more than one way to gain things enriches the game. Maybe yes, but I decided that I prefer the old way of looting/crafting. So when I found that Nitrogen has an option to build maps without traders, I did it. But you also need to use a modlet to remove the 'find a trader' quest with this opiton.
  2. unlike them

    True Survival

    Reinstalled the game and it works now.
  3. unlike them

    True Survival

    hello Spider, I installed the mod with Mod Launcher, but getting this error when starting the game (even before the main menu): edit: ok, it seems my base game version was 18.2, so I'm reinstalling it, I'll let you know if it helped.
  4. Quick question for those who already play A19, do the undamaged wood spikes have the blood stains?
  5. That's actually awesome! I've never dreamed of having an SVD in 7d2d.
  6. Mount and Blade Bannerlord, KSP-2, and Westworld season 3 for me
  7. I remember the plans to remove the red blood paint from new intact wooden spikes. So when can we expect that?
  8. unlike them

    True Survival

    I keep thinking and I still can't see a good way to implement 'spam crafting'. If you make the required crafted item amount small, we will quickly do the necessary job and will enjoy the top quality tools. If you make it long and hard, we will still grind it, but spend long time and feeling miserable. The result is the same: we skip all the 'brown-green' steps and will use top quality tools the moment we can afford it. Maybe if we needed to loot the required parts (like now with steel tools) then it could work. We would craft the tools as soon as we got enough parts, then after some days we looted more and crafted next tool and so on. But it can backfire that if we don't loot enough parts, we have the tool broken and we cannot repair it. IDK. I know a lot of people miss old LBD, but I like the current vanilla system much better.
  9. unlike them

    True Survival

    yeah, if you actually 'need' to craft the tool (because it is broken), then it is less 'meta gaming'. I am just not looking forward to 'collect enough materials and keep crafting this tool until you are top rank' routine.
  10. unlike them

    True Survival

    I'm mostly looking forward for the new buffs you'll come up with. I remember what you did to injuries/diseases/poisoning in A16. The buff system was very limited back then, yet yours were so creative and rich. The new system is much more powerful, but since A17 I don't see any interesting mods about it. Vanilla has awesome book system now, but food/injuries/infections etc are rather primitive. I have high hopes for True Survival in this regard.
  11. Muffled connectors I'm asking because when you install them, the 'noise' stat in the armor doesn't change.
  12. Does Muffled Connectors Mod decrease Noise? It doesn't seem to affect armor stats when I install it.
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