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  1. Burnt zombie model replacement was very much needed. Much better now, good job!
  2. http://ul.subquake.com/wiki/Known_Bugs
  3. Came for the UI, stayed for the gameplay. So after playing the mod for 35 (two hour) days, I'm ready to give you my limited feedback. Mind though that I was playing v2.2.04 (stable) and some issues might be outdated. The main selling point is obviously the user interface, which is really stunning. I was expecting to see just another mod with a cool UI, but boy I was wrong. The gameplay changes kept pleasing me. Initially I was skeptical about the inventory 'weight' concept ("yeah, whatever"), but quickly felt it was the only true way to play. It is just better than vani
  4. Sorry, I don't know anything about Darkness Fall. And yes, you have to scrap radiators and door knobs to use the materials. (I'm also new to the mod and don't know much, just trying to be helpful).
  5. You don't smelt ores like in vanilla. You just 'craft' ingots with ores. Anvil and crucible are not tools here, but just another ingredient.
  6. To unlock schematics you need Research Data, best way to get them is by scrapping schematics (that you already know). Titanium can only be bought from the traders I think.
  7. So, I've bought a 7.92 (AP) round, made a schematics with it, read it, but the schematics is still unlearned, can't craft the rounds. Tried it several times, same result, seems like a bug. Just try and take the schematics from the creative menu and try to read it. V.2.2.04 (stable)
  8. Hello, you added a 'small engine' when dismantling a concrete mixer, I think it should be a 'compact engine' instead, because it is required to craft the concrete mixer. Also 'sniper series' books unlock 7.62 ammo, but should be 7.92 IMHO. Hmm, maybe add 7.62 (AP, HP, bulk crafting) to the 'machinegunner book series' then? And what about 5.56?
  9. Looks like the color code is different here, yellow items have 4 slots
  10. Quick question: what determines the crafting quality (tier) of a tool/weapon? Can't seem to find it
  11. Read the A20 roadmap and I'm very impressed. As always, he game is getting more awesome with each alpha. But the clothes changes are not very clear to me. Are we still gonna have armor besides clothes? Or only chest piece? Also all the listed outfits were combined of helmet+outfit+gloves+boots, except for the nerd outfit, that didn't have a helmet but had goggles. Can we equip the nerd goggles with let's say the complete lumberjack outfit? Or the goggles go to the helmet slot? Or is it an early stage prototype and it is too early to ask these kind of questions?
  12. I think fire in A19 is a downgrade. When I used molotov for the first time (A17?) my jaw dropped, it was that awesome, maybe best fire effect in videogames. Why did you need to change it?
  13. You mean that distant terrain (in your case the POI) doesn't update after being altered? Yes, game limitation, hopefully will be fixed post gold.
  14. I didn't play much, but I like the food changes, I enjoy stone age, I like the music, even the infamous battle theme, I like the new graphics, but sometimes my fps drops to 10-20 and I can't figure out what causes it.
  15. Does this mod still work for A19? Also in my base my dart traps do all the killing when bloodmoon. Do those kills count for 100 zombies quest?
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