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  1. Most of all I'm looking forward for food overhaul.
  2. Subquake told me 'by brute force'
  3. The main way to gain research data is to scrap schematics (preferably the ones you don't need). I'd gladly go mining for oil shale, but on my two playthroughs of this mod I never found a recipe to make gasoline.
  4. After you take 'animal tracker' perk, there is this message 'YOU DO NOT SEE ANY TRACKS AROUND HERE' every time you crouch. It is distracting and often overrides any other message (like 'your skill has improved' etc.). I think you can safely remove this message without any damage to the perk. I would never even take the perk just to not have this message every time I crouch. PS Loving the game, especially riding in the night with police lights on in my police SUV!
  5. Not a big deal, but I keep getting 'your digging tools skill is increased' even though it is maxed.
  6. Maybe you could implement weapon jamming/misfire, with the chance increasing with low durability weapons, to stimulate the player to keep his weapons always repaired and not to wait until the weapon almost broken. Better tier weapons would have a better reliability, maybe each weapon type would have its own inherited reliability, some better, some worse.
  7. Hello KingSlayerGM. I wonder is it possible to implement generated caves, like in the glory days? Since the devs refuse to bring them back, maybe modders can give us that option?
  8. How do I hold a torch/flashlight in the opposite hand (I've seen pictures)? Or is it not implemented yet?
  9. Well, the real problem is vehicle weight capacity. It is the main reason why I don't use a bicycle/minibike - it cannot carry me with all my loot. I can repair a car, but have collected only 2 fuel canisters yet, so no point until I find gasoline schematics. BTW if I build an oil pump, does it produce fuel or oil shale?
  10. Found a POI with an electric locked door, is there a way to unlock it?
  11. True, this mod is harder than vanilla (takes much more time to progress), but it is not my first playthrough. But with so frequent updates, it does feel new.
  12. I'm trying to ignore traders (self imposed rule), can you tell us, what items are obtainable from traders only?
  13. Yes, I'd prefer the Devs work on the game for 8 more years Maybe they could call each new alpha a DLC and sell it. Just imagine what the game would look like after some more years. But I know that never happens.
  14. how do we fill them now?
  15. Burnt zombie model replacement was very much needed. Much better now, good job!
  16. http://ul.subquake.com/wiki/Known_Bugs
  17. Came for the UI, stayed for the gameplay. So after playing the mod for 35 (two hour) days, I'm ready to give you my limited feedback. Mind though that I was playing v2.2.04 (stable) and some issues might be outdated. The main selling point is obviously the user interface, which is really stunning. I was expecting to see just another mod with a cool UI, but boy I was wrong. The gameplay changes kept pleasing me. Initially I was skeptical about the inventory 'weight' concept ("yeah, whatever"), but quickly felt it was the only true way to play. It is just better than vanilla in every way. Also I'm very glad 'learn by doing' came back without sacrificing the perk system and without adding 'spam crafting'. I was so missing the 'you gained a point in athletics' messages I wonder is it possible to adjust the message to tell us the current skill value. "You gained a point in athletics (now 23)". I'm glad to hear you intend to give some love to cooking and farming too. Food is extremely easy both here and in vanilla. Just don't give food any more buffs, with all the buffs/perks/skills/gear the player is already OP. Maybe make the opposite: if you don't eat meat regularly, your strength drops, if you don't eat fat your weather insulation suffers, if you don't eat sugar (honey) you get -1 intellect, if you don't drink alcohol from time to time you get depression (-10% experience gain), something like that. That would encourage the player to diversify his food. Some use for snowberry maybe. I don't know your plans for farming, but increasing growth cycle would be the obvious first step. I think you need some F.A.Q. either here on the first page, or better ingame (journal entries?). The new players ask all the same questions. Maybe make a quest line about research (the hardest question to figure out). I like the research system (reverse engineering). The problem is, it is much easier to loot or buy the needed item than to research and craft it. It is not exactly your mod's problem, the vanilla game has taken the direction from crafting to looting for quite some time now. Maybe it isn't necessarily bad, just I feel all those new researching and crafting mechanics you have added are kinda underutilized. All these new vehicles are nice, just not my cup of tea, I'm still driving my motorcycle. But I still haven't found the gas schematics. Day 35, constantly checking all five traders, looting-looting-looting, completed 16 of 19 book series and no gas schematics. You said the gas recipe is rare, but come on! Maybe just bad luck. I'm also saddened that this mod is not supposed to be played without traders (or so it seems). You said that some vehicles are 'buy only', and I suspect some other gear too. Is it true? I dislike the trader gameplay and usually generate no trader map with nitrogen. This time I played in Navezgane with traders, but I'd love an opportunity to play this mod without traders. Further are some minor questions/bugs/suggestions: - I found out that gun turrets accept any ammo, does it affect its damage (like .38 HP vs 7.92mm AP)? - Can we have a different icon for dart trap ammo? - Also can we have the encumbrance bar of a more different color than stamina bar? I have trouble telling them apart. - Maybe a center line on the compass? - I'm looting much more "light armor parts" than "steel armor parts". Currently in my storage 174 light parts vs 10 steel parts. - Bulk crafting ammo, is it removed? The books still mention it. - Can't report 'nail some chicks' quest to a trader. - I have the impression TFP made it so when comparing weapons/gear, mods don't affect numbers, but in your game I have to remove all the mods to compare two items. - Also is it possible to show the vehicle info when I'm about to buy or to craft one? Currently I just spawn it with creative menu to check the speed/cargo. - Carpenter axe (S tier) has only 3 slots and no dye slot. Also maybe repair it with a repair kit? I keep forgetting to take the two iron plating with me when going chopping trees. - Make snakes venomous, add anti-venom? - Make wetness matter again? - I found a 'small backpack', that is a really cool concept, but it was the only backpack I found, I can see there are many more in creative menu, are they so super rare? Much too rare it seems. - I found 'organic waste' with no use, is it a place holder for future farming improvement? I hope my feedback was helpful, all above is IMHO obviously, you make the mod how you see it, definitely you know what you are doing.
  18. Sorry, I don't know anything about Darkness Fall. And yes, you have to scrap radiators and door knobs to use the materials. (I'm also new to the mod and don't know much, just trying to be helpful).
  19. You don't smelt ores like in vanilla. You just 'craft' ingots with ores. Anvil and crucible are not tools here, but just another ingredient.
  20. To unlock schematics you need Research Data, best way to get them is by scrapping schematics (that you already know). Titanium can only be bought from the traders I think.
  21. So, I've bought a 7.92 (AP) round, made a schematics with it, read it, but the schematics is still unlearned, can't craft the rounds. Tried it several times, same result, seems like a bug. Just try and take the schematics from the creative menu and try to read it. V.2.2.04 (stable)
  22. Hello, you added a 'small engine' when dismantling a concrete mixer, I think it should be a 'compact engine' instead, because it is required to craft the concrete mixer. Also 'sniper series' books unlock 7.62 ammo, but should be 7.92 IMHO. Hmm, maybe add 7.62 (AP, HP, bulk crafting) to the 'machinegunner book series' then? And what about 5.56?
  23. Looks like the color code is different here, yellow items have 4 slots
  24. Quick question: what determines the crafting quality (tier) of a tool/weapon? Can't seem to find it
  25. Read the A20 roadmap and I'm very impressed. As always, he game is getting more awesome with each alpha. But the clothes changes are not very clear to me. Are we still gonna have armor besides clothes? Or only chest piece? Also all the listed outfits were combined of helmet+outfit+gloves+boots, except for the nerd outfit, that didn't have a helmet but had goggles. Can we equip the nerd goggles with let's say the complete lumberjack outfit? Or the goggles go to the helmet slot? Or is it an early stage prototype and it is too early to ask these kind of questions?
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