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  1. Wow TFP finally added the backpack buttons to the base game, now if they would just add the ability to lock stuff so I don't have to remember what the hell I was carrying when I dump into the storage boxes. Looks like I'll be using your modlet until they get to work on that.
  2. 7 Days 2 will take place in the Madmole backyard and you have to avoid Rick and his knuckle rubs.
  3. lol, thanks and hopefully you made through the storm alright. All we got from it was some much needed rain.
  4. Never trust a Hanna, I would know as I have one for a mother.
  5. Does the vehicle pack work with A19 experiential, or should I just wait until A19 stable? I love cars, trucks and motorcycles and would love to see more variety while running around.
  6. I want to first say that I am enjoying the Mod, day one I am walking to the trader and was murdered by a bandit. After that I decided to give myself a full set of armor and a few weapons to fight back. I ended up deleting that save and starting a new one since I added another Mod for my backpack, second time playing this has gone so much better and I am loving the challenge. One question is, Can you recruit the survivors to go with you as I would like a partner during these battles since I am playing SP?
  7. Cap, I appreciate the amount of work you put in to each series you do. You can tell that you enjoy the game and want to expose it to others, even if it doesn't result in money for you.
  8. I know we have crawlers at 1 block high, and all the other zombies are 2 blocks high. What I was thinking would be cool is to add one that is 3 blocks high and it hits 2-3 times as hard and takes 3-4 times as much damage. It wouldn't be located indoors unless the POI has a garage door that is large enough for it to walk through or it's in a lab type setting like it was created by a mad scientist. It busts through the wood walls like paper, not a fast moving zombie but a real hard hitter, if it hits you your armor gets knocked off and you have to pick it up while avoiding the other zombies. Onl
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