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  1. put kinggen in your users home directory and run it from there if on windows (assuming a default install) copy kinggen.exe to the c:\users\<yourusernamegoeshere>\ MAKE SURE YOU REPLACE <yourusernamegoeshere> with the user name you log into the pc with and without the <> brackets!!! Then run it from that directory as that user and it will work fine
  2. increase your servers setting for the players available bandwidth (helps a lot for decreasing map download times)... I set mine to a conservative 1Mbits a second which is 2 or 4x default settings... You could try setting it to 2048 (2 Mbits) and see how it goes
  3. The moses effect in nitrogen literally cost me days and days of testing custom height maps and regenerating and putting onto the test server etc... King Gen overall does not produce the anomolies that nitrogen did that saw long runs of thin land strips going to the edge of the world in the middle of the ocean
  4. @KingSlayerGM I used 45 I think for the water level Here is the contents of the settings file an interesting thing happened when I started using custom water maps in KG 10... will test KG 11 with the same artwork tomorrow and report back There was artifacting along the waters edges in some places (no water was being placed), but you will be pleased to know that when I did a custom height map for just the water and eroded the terrain map to suit, the water for the custom river worked really well (although it did change height levels as the water area tested was done using the original terrain map downsampled to 8bit GS as required by KG for water maps if I am not mistaken, and the terrain was eroded so the water had depth Overall a good first go at custom water, there was no anomolies on the ocean apart from what actually appears to be a result of the selection tool edging used in gimp
  5. Hi, yes zooming the window is something I am working on , I am also working on it indicating to the user what the current brush and selected colour are along with the brush parameters Umm the program uses static linked libraries so I am unsure why it is asking for the vcruntime but it is entirely possible something VS is doing behind the scenes requires it. Glad you sorted it out
  6. burnt and wasteland biomes you could also try adding downtown zoning that might put more sky scrapers in that area?
  7. Today I released a community map for King Gen, its based on the Australian Digital Elevation Map data set. I have put a completed world up on my scallisgaming wbsite for download. Here is the direct download link to the world archive https://scallisgaming.com/ScallisAussieMap.7z It's a 7zip archive and to use it, unpack it and copy the directory that unpacks to your 7 days to die GeneratedWorlds folder and start a new game It uses vanilla poi's (inb4uask) Feel free to use the map however you like, It's for you - The 7 Days To Die Community to play with And here is a preview of the map
  8. Uploaded the height map to my website and submitted it via the form

    I also have generated a pretty cool custom map using the POI placement map and zoning map which I will place the world on my website as well


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    2. KingSlayerGM


      are city locations accurate? that woulb be pretty cool


      I've been to sydney once :) where are you from?

    3. KingSlayerGM


      Btw, I am very happy if people share their creations on the KG page. So, if you want, please post you preview and download links there too!

      This keeps the community engaged and also it shows the potential of KG to newbies :)

    4. scallipus


      will do for sure :)

      The city locations are reasonably accurate - well as accurate as possible for a city size on an 8k map

      I also played with the zone map but have not actually played or even looked at the map in game yet :D

  9. Had a Lysdexic moment, had a couple of colours slighly wrong... all fixed now
  10. thanks I like C and C++ have been a novice hobby programmer for a few years but it's also been many years since I last coded anything wxWidgets was a huge help for the GUI as I did want it to be cross platform - it should compile under linux as well as there are no special windows specific calls being made from my code... Just use wxWidgets 3.15 for compiling it Also just to be clear because I did not include a licence file of any sort - the source code for my little editor project is free to use for anyone for any reason consider it public domain.
  11. There is a heightmap its the dta.raw file in the navezgane world folder If I am not mistaken king gen can import that raw file???
  12. No probs will do @KingSlayerGM Also so you know, I just finished the first public release of my biome editing tool earlier today and have included palettes for the current selection of biomes, kinggens city / town / villiage and no poi regions as well as a palette for the zones. I will work on allowing having the heightmap as a background image layer to help with making the poi placement and zoning maps and will look at wether or not its possible to add a water map editor to it as well. I've posted the links to the biome editor and the c++ source code for it in separate tools thread
  13. I was looking for a different solution to gimp and photoshop for editing biome.png files for 7 days to die... I decided to write an editor for it and it can also be used to create some of the additional mapping files that KINGGEN can use with the included colour palettes... Feel free to check it out and don't forget to report any bugs you find here. Cheers. Both the stand alone editor and the source code are available at the following url's https://scallisgaming.com/Biome_Editor.7z https://scallisgaming.com/Biome_Editor_Source_Code.7z
  14. A couple of custom maps are incoming @KingSlayerGM I will PM you with some D/L Details once they are on my webserver and you can grab em and place em with the community maps
  15. wow well done I have been busy writing a BIOME editor  and you release a vastly improved update to KG including custom town placement and going above and beyond with the zoning and water maps FREAKING EXCELLENT :)


  16. I am currently using 16 bit height maps in my test worlds I am using kinggen for generating, I was working with 8 bit heightmaps in nitrogen because that was what it was seeming to work the best with (reduced image anomolies) Ultimately I think I would use 16 bit height maps as a preference to 8 bit I have done a number of tests with KingGen and it appears to NOT introduce the water anomolies that were bugging me with nitrogen which is a really good thing. For the last week and a half I have been tooling around behind the scenes working on a custom world editor of sorts that hopefully will complement your great tool by allowing me to further tweak the worlds generated by kinggen.
  17. I sure would be fine with making a custom height map or two for this project which you can then distribute as you like Is there a particular size map you were looking for?
  18. So far its working great under Win 10 will test it under linux desktop on the weeken@KingSlayerGM
  19. That is already done the preview is saved in each world directory generated so you can compare them using your favorite image viewer
  20. @gpcstargateI would say check out KingGen, that is making some rapid ground in the map making area.... It is working reasonably nicely so far and @adrian KingGen also supports biome specific buildings. It is also very fast, probably faster than Nitrogen by about a factor
  21. I don't mean to come across as an ass regarding your map generator, on the contrary, I want it to be a fantastic tool to generate maps with :)  The work you are doing on it and the fact you are taking on board peoples suggestions is bloody awesome honestly.

    The hard edge thing on the cities to me was pretty jarring when you see it in map, the work flow changes I made basically are something that probably can be done programatically,  It's basically converting the raw to a png, performing some dulled random noise at the edge of the city map extending out a bit further than your actual current ramp goes and then running a gaussing blur across the entire map (all done in merge mode with gimp)  then converting back to raw...

    I just figured if it was something that KingGen could do all by itself would remove that whole part of the process and would in my humble opinion take KingGens city making part to a whole new level as far as terrain modelling goes.

    One thing that has not gone unnoticed by myself and those involved with scallisgaming who are checking the maps as well is that your poi placement is really well done as far as not extending out into the ocean etc so well done on that front

  22. is it possible to allow us to define POI 'limits' for the decreased, medium and increased settings or is it possible to allow us to have a setting that lets us define the total number of poi's we want in the world? The reason I ask, 10K maps get a bit sparse even on increased settings or perhaps another couple increased settings levels that allow us to have even more poi's in the world if we want them - you might even name lots more and max
  23. no problem I have worked out a workflow that will allow me to fix the issue I was facing with the hard ramps Keep up the great work... This is the result of the workflow change I have made for using KingGen as a map generator. going from this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2485007089 and taking it to this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2485006988
  24. in this picture I added some noise to a small strip along one part of the edge of the citys raised land area and then did a gaussian blur using a 10 x 10 pixel size block along the edge of the city block where the noise was place. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484913209 In this picture I turned 180 degrees and it shows your current setup for the land ramping up to the city level. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484912444 Here is an areal picture looking down... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484913070 now this was with some very minimal noise added and it was level dampened considrably so it's not a pronounced impact but needless to say there is some roughness and variation to the ramp up, and the strip initially chosen was quite narrow as I was not sure how wide in gimp to modify the city block area as I did not want to risk making it so there would be issues for the poi itself. but needless i'll investigate this some ore and see if I can come up with either a gimp filter or even a stand alone program to identify the city areas and feather out the ramps with some noise and blur to help make it more natural feeling terrain It might be more apparent in the map view this is a section of the map in the desert, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484941952 And a section I did the same as I mentioned above only I spread it out over a little bit more of an area https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484942140
  25. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484887919 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484887882 there are a couple of areas highlighting the issue, I am working on my own solution at the moment to the issue which would be a separate tool to run the DTM through after generation... It seems for the most part all your cities share the same height on the map regardless of the surrounding area - at least on the aussie map I am working on your city foot prints in the dtm.raw file all return the same colour level it seems so the work around I am thinking about doing is a tool to add noise variations between the city level layer and the surrounding terrain it is connecting to.
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