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  1. add permissions for people to use the pois command in your admins.xml <permission cmd="pois" permission_level="1000" />
  2. Sure - just repaint the biomes.png file with white. - hint open the test_alpine_biome.png and make sure you get your colour from the white in that image then do a flood fill (often a paint can image on the tool bar of most image editors) to replace the green for forest biome in the biomes.png file
  3. I am using custom heighmaps, you have to rename the heighmap for the import to work (off the top of my head the rename is IMPORT_HM.PNG and you then tell nitrogen to use the import_hm.png file, you can also combine it with a mask file to kind of limit where poi's can be built as well... I would love it if there was an option to also use a custom biomes.png file as I have generated my own biomes file for a specific custom heightmap file and the preview always generates without the biomes file... When I overwrite the generated biomes file with my custom one after nitrogen has generated the world, the game engine happily uses my cutsom biomes file. Does anyone know if there is a setting in the config file for nitrogen to vertically (north/south) invert the generated world when using a custom height map and mask? I am having this issue where when using my custom height map to generate a world, the generated world is inverted in the north south axis. I know I can manually invert my heightmap in gimp and it should work fine as far as the world generation goes but it would be nice if there was an option inside of nitrogen that I am just missing / not seeing.
  4. I don't use compopack, in fact the 12K map only has the standard nitrogen POI's. when he was seeing it, we both were in the same POI, he was seeing it, I wasn't that definitely has to be a client side issue. He did take some screen shots... basically as we were on a mission he had to rely on my showing him where the doors were
  5. Playing on a dedicated server with a customised nitrogen 12K map, one of my friends sees this issue yet I don't see it at all. The server - IBM SystemX 3650 M3, Dual 3.46 Ghz hex core xeons, 80GB ram, running off a 12Gb/s raid 6 array... his system - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 , 16GB ram, AMD RX580 8GB video card my system I7 9700k, 32GB ram, ASUS RTX 2070 Super 8GB video card. Now on the other maps on the server we play on he does not have these issues at all, those maps are smaller. I have seen the issue once in the past on a different map in A19 experimental (before A19 stable was launched) but only the once.
  6. yeah the maps sometimes flip - at least from what I have seen with playing with nitrogen (at least in the map previews), not sure if it happens in the game from its own generated worlds tho.
  7. after having a few days playing with nitrogen I have a few questions / feedback When creating a custom map (using a user defined heightmap file, mask file and biome file) the preview map appears to render vertically flipped. Initially when I saw this I thought I had to flip my HM and MASK files thinking that the in game map would be upside down otherwise... As it turned out no, the preview map only was being flipped. Is this something others are encountering? Will nitrogen allow me to use my custom biome image and incorporate that into the preview map in the future? Right now it generates its own random biomes.png file which I then overwrite with my custom one once the map is generated but I was unable to get the tools/previewmapgenerator to work with generating a new map preview with my 12K A19 map - I was getting a lot of prefab list errors and ended up copying over the prefab list from the root level resources directory and renaming it to match the prefablist filename in the tools/previewgenerator/resources/ directory. None of this worked for me with regards to getting a new preview map to generate, it literally sat there for over half an hour running the preview map generator before I ended the console session. Is this something that will be fixed going forward? Overall thankyou very much for this tool Damocles, it's a great tool, I just wish it would allow me to include my own custom biomes.png file without it needing to generate a new biomes.png if it already exists and if it included an overlay of sorts of the biomes file with the preview map.
  8. Can someone explain how the weapon upgrading works? I know that I have to put a fully repaired weapon (the one I want to upgrade?) into the workbench followed by a second weapon of the same type but... I have upgraded my weapon crafting skill (in my current situation it is for bow) to level 51 crafting, I have upgraded most of my key skills to level 5 (player level 101) I can craft a level 51 bow that is no problem but when I go to upgrade my level 45 bow using a level 44 bow to perform the upgrade it informs me I can only craft to level 41? What am I doing wrong or what am I missing???
  9. Steam name: Scallipus Hours played: >1000 Started on Alpha: 18 Discord name: scallipus#7999 Native language: English Operating system : Win 10 - for playing the game, Ubuntu 18.04 - migrated to 20.04 LTS for my dedicated server As for community and some background about me... Not much for community at the moment but behind closed doors I have been working towards setting up a 24/7 public server hardware and software which will host some of the multiplayer games I enjoy including 7 days to die. Registered a gaming website which is in the process of being designed and put online with the plan for it to become a gaming blog with live streaming events and mini tutorial videos available for games I play. As for background - beta backer and beta tester for a couple of years on Elite Dangerous, beta testing / bug reporting for Memories of Mars, bug reporting for other games as and when they are 'discovered'. Bug reports typically indicate if it's a random event, or the steps needed to replicate it etc along with an impact assessment on gameplay (obviously subjective)
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