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  1. So, the absence of Japanese translations in the MOD could imply that the developers were either too swamped to consider Japanese names for weapons and flavor text, or they were primarily focused on the addition of guns and had no intentions of delving deeper into that aspect, I see. I have high expectations for the animation changes in the A22. The sneak peeks from the development team suggest a significant leap in quality from the current state, which is truly exciting. I would be thrilled if new weapon animations are added.I would be thrilled if new weapon animations are added. Ideally, I'm quietly hoping that modders would be able to add custom animations for weapons and items, akin to the Fallout 4 MOD, despite the difference in the game engine. It's a lofty expectation, but I would be delighted if, similar to the MOD in Fallout 4, the game specifications allowed modders to add custom animations for weapons and items that can be executed by the players themselves.
  2. What a surprise! You've implemented the custom reload animation that I've been struggling to integrate into the player itself for nearly two years, and you did it in an unexpected way and at a very high quality. I was so moved and surprised that I couldn't help but shout out early in the morning. If it's okay with you, I'd like to use this method and script to create a new firearms MOD, or an expansion pack for your MOD, as long as our ideas don't overlap. How does that sound? I really want to blast away in a post-apocalyptic world with the super cool reloading Colt SAA and my favorite L85 (SA80). And while this is just an ideal, if I can keep my motivation up until completion, I'd love to create a Japanese Firearms MOD pack featuring guns from the Imperial Japanese Army to the Self-Defense Forces...
  3. Ah, I just saw it a moment ago and was surprised. I never thought of making the hands invisible in the first-person view and attaching the hands and reload animation to the gun. This was a blind spot. This approach will likely conflict with the VroidMOD. However, it seems to make it relatively easier to add custom reload animations. I'm going to ask them if I can use the scripts and techniques they're using in their MOD for my own. Wait, they can speak Japanese?! I have experience translating their initial version of the Shotgun Pack MOD, but there was no Japanese translation included. Despite their Japanese-like username, I had assumed they weren't native Japanese speakers.
  4. If it is limited to weapon animation, no one has yet practiced it. But as for adding player animations, the VRoid Mod has already added Gestures and Dances animations. If the focus is only on adding animations, it is possible to do so in the current situation, but that approach would conflict with the VRoid Mod. The solution would be to either painstakingly create all the patches for the currently available VRoid Mod myself, or to ask the MOD author to separately create an additional version with animation, which would be a tremendous amount of work. Therefore, I was trying to find a way that wouldn't bother anyone. Well, even if we successfully resolve the conflict with the VRoid Mod, there's a possibility that the parameter values for the transition conditions of each weapon's animation could conflict if the development assigns new ones. As for this, it's fine to reassign them as needed when a conflict arises. I'm a Japanese speaker and not good at English, so I'm using a translator. Sorry if my sentences come out strange.
  5. With the mainstreaming of "VRoid mods," I'm starting to think that these mods may be a hindrance nowadays. In the first place, the idea of adding a large scale animation to a game by an amateur like me, who has not released many mods, may have been a fool's errand that should have been avoided... I curse my lack of knowledge, skill, action and communication skills.
  6. Apparently there is already an identical concept mod, pretend you didn't see this Topic. I will step down.
  7. I would like to make a mod to add animations for reloading firearms, etc., but I can't seem to get it to work. Currently, we know that the "WeaponHoldType" parameter of the animation controller determines which weapon's animation is played. Therefore, for the animation of the weapon you want to add, assign a "WeaponHoldType" number that is not assigned in the vanilla to create an animation state and the transitions that lead to it. Then, in the "items.xml" file, I assign the newly added "WeaponHoldType" number to the "HoldType" of the weapon to which I want to assign the animation, and the newly added animation will be played when the weapon is held in the hand. I have found that the newly added animation will play when the weapon is held in the hand. ...But the problem is that I don't know how to load the animation controller with its animation and parameters added to replace the existing animation controller. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this or know of a better way to add animation? If this is realized, it should be possible to implement cool weapons such as "bullpup rifles" and "two pistols" with mods, which we have given up implementing because we could not use the vanilla animations.
  8. (翻訳文 translated text) Currently, 7days to die has a lot of modders who have come up with great mods to add various guns to the world. Sometimes they use "ammunition that is not the original caliber of that gun" to match vanilla ammunition, and other times they use "ammunition that is the original caliber of that gun" by adding a new recipe and ammunition. While these efforts are very respectable, mixing and matching mods created by different authors can cause various problems. The former sometimes causes problems, such as "the same gun added with new ammo by other mods, but the ammo used is different from the gun added with new ammo.And the latter causes problems such as "confusing because the same ammunition exists separately in different recipes and cannot be shared" and "different ammunition recipes conflict with each other". However, it is a shame that these problems prevent us from introducing and playing with these wonderful mods at the same time! So I came up with the idea of an ammo crafting mod that would be a common standard for the various firearms addition mods. First, as far as current ideas... The vanilla specification "use the same Bullet Casing for all ammunition" is convenient but inconvenient for adding many ammunition, as it is easy to cause recipe conflicts. Therefore, we decided to prepare a new Bullet Casing for each size of ammunition to be manufactured. For example, assuming that the vanilla 7.62mm Ammo is a real 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308 Winchester), and based on that, each ammunition used and brass consumed are... "Small pistol cartridge" Brass: 1 (.22LR) "Medium-sized handgun cartridge" Brass: 2 (9 x 19 mm, 9 x 18 mm etc..) "Large handgun cartridge" Brass: 3 (.44, .357 etc...) "Small rifle cartridge" Brass: 4 (5.56×45mm, 5.45×39mm etc...) "Medium rifle cartridge" Brass: 5 (7.62×39mm, .300blackout etc...) "Large rifle cartridge" Brass: 6 (7.62×51mm, 7.62×45r etc...) Something like that. If necessary, it may also be a good idea to add larger cartridges for .30-06 or .338 lapua. And if warheads are prepared in a similar manner and by size, I think we can add a lot of ammunition while avoiding recipe conflicts. This may increase the difficulty level and make it more difficult to organize supplies, since it is necessary to manage shell casings and warheads for each type of ammunition. However, we intend to balance this by reducing the cost of existing ammunition such as 9mm and .44 ammunition, as well as ammunition for assault rifles, which consume a lot of ammunition. I'm still working on the details of the specifications, but I'd like to hear everyone's honest opinions on the current ideas. I'm not very good at English, so I'm sorry if maybe I have strange grammar or content. (原文 original text) 現在、7days to dieではたくさんのModder達が様々な銃を追加するすばらしいMODを世に送り出している。 ある時はバニラの弾薬に合わせて「その銃本来の口径とは違う弾薬」を使っていたり、またある時は新規にレシピと弾薬を追加することで「その銃本来の口径の弾薬」を使ったりしている。 これらの努力はとても尊敬に値するのだが、別々の作者が制作したMODを混合して導入した場合様々な問題が起こってしまうことがある。 前者は時として「他のMODによって新規弾薬と一緒に追加された銃と同じ銃なのに使う弾薬が違う」などの問題が起こることがある。そして後者は「同じ弾薬が違うレシピで別々に存在して、共用することが出来ないため紛らわしい」や、「違う弾薬のレシピがそれぞれ競合する」などの問題が起こる。 しかし、これらの問題が原因で素晴らしいMOD達を同時に導入して遊べないのは非常にもったいない! そこで私は様々な銃器追加MODのための共通規格となる弾薬クラフトMODの構想を思いついた。 まず現状のアイデアとしては... バニラの仕様である「すべての弾薬に同じ薬莢を使用する」というのは便利である反面多くの弾薬を追加するにはレシピ競合を起こしやすく不便である。 そのため製造する弾薬の大きさごとに新規に薬莢を用意しようと考えた。 例えばバニラの7.62mm Ammoを現実の7.62×51mmNATO(.308ウィンチェスター)だと仮定してそれをベースに、使用する弾薬と消費する真鍮ごとにそれぞれ... 「小型拳銃薬莢」 真鍮:1 (.22LR) 「中型拳銃薬莢」 真鍮:2 (9×19㎜、9×18㎜ etc..) 「大型拳銃薬莢」 真鍮:3 (.44、.357 etc...) 「小型ライフル薬莢」 真鍮:4 (5.56×45mm、5.45×39mm etc...) 「中型ライフル薬莢」 真鍮:5 (7.62×39mm、.300blackout etc...) 「大型ライフル薬莢」 真鍮:6 (7.62×51mm、7.62×45r etc...) という感じで。 必要に応じて.30-06や.338 lapuaなど向けのさらに大きな薬莢も追加するのももいいかもしれない。 そして弾頭も似たような感じでサイズごと用意すればレシピの競合も避けつつ多くの弾薬を追加できると思う。 こうしてしまうと弾薬ごとに薬莢や弾頭を管理しないといけなくなり難易度が上がったり物資整理が大変になったりするかもしれない。 ただその分既存の9mmや.44などの弾薬や消費の激しいアサルトライフル用の弾薬のコストを下げることでバランスを取っているつもりだ。 まだ細かい仕様は考えてる途中だが現状のアイデアについてみんなの率直な意見を聞かせてほしい。
  9. I too would like a gun that uses .22LR ammo. I'm sure you'll find plenty of these bullets in the post-apocalyptic world, and while they may be a little underpowered against zombies, with a suppressor they should be much more tranquil than other bullets. I think it would be perfect for a little hunting, too. I'm thinking of implementing this with a mod, but if an official can add it, I'd be more than happy to do so.
  10. FN Five-seveN, HK MP7, TEC-DC9, Glock 17, etc. are guns in the range where the reload movement animations of vanilla guns could be appropriated, so they can be added by mods if you want to make them. However, it would be very difficult to use the currently implemented guns for guns with special reload movements, such as the P90, so I would like to see this implemented. I would also personally like to see bullpup rifles such as the L85, TAR-21, OTs-14 "Groza", and bolt-action rifles with detachable magazines.
  11. たしかに、酒類ならまだしもジュースは腐っていそうだ。 腐敗していない飲料は、 木箱に入った飲み物:よく保存されており、腐敗を免れた。 放置されたバッグの中の飲み物:バッグを落とした生存者によって最近用意された可能性がある。 冷蔵庫の中の飲み物: 部屋の電気がついているため、冷蔵庫にも電気が通っており、保存が可能。 という解釈をしている。 が、「棚の中の飲み物」「コーヒーメーカーの中のコーヒー」「ウォーターサーバーの水」などは腐って汚水になっているに違いない。 (translated text) Yes, if it's alcohol, the juice is still likely to spoil. Drinks that have not decayed are, Drinks in crates: well preserved and spared from spoilage. Drinks in abandoned bags: may have been recently prepared by the survivor who dropped the bag. Drinks in the refrigerator: The lights in the room are on, which means that the refrigerator is also electrified and can be stored. This is my interpretation. but the drinks in "drinks in the cupboard", "coffee in the coffee maker", "water from the water server", etc. must have rotted and become sewage.
  12. Personally, I liked being able to draw muddy water from a water source with a glass jar because it was realistic for survival. But at the same time, the situation of being able to produce any amount of drinking water in large quantities simply by boiling it after fetching muddy water was too easy to secure drinking water for the world of the apocalypse. Nevertheless, with the removal of the glass jars, the presence of water sources such as ponds and rivers from which water can no longer be drawn has become mere scenery or cumbersome terrain that must be swum across. Nowadays, there are few advantages to living near a water source. My idea is to bring back glass bottles to the game and create three types of water in the game: "muddy water" from natural sources. "boiled water" from boiling muddy water, which lowers the risk of dysentery but not to zero. "clean water" collected by rainwater collectors, which is completely safe. And like they can filter "boiled water" with disposable water purification filters or water purification tablets to make it "clean". An additional idea I have suggested in the past, for resourceful players in the late game, is an electric water purifier that electrically pumps water from a water source, filters it, and turns "muddy" or "boiling" water into clean water. It would be nice to have an efficient electric water purification system like this. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/34584-pumped-electric-water-purification-system/ (Original text) 個人的には、ガラス瓶で水源から泥水を汲めるのはサバイバル的にも現実的で好きだった。しかし同時に、泥水を汲んだ後に煮沸するだけでいくらでも飲み水が大量に作れるという状況は、終末の世界の飲料水確保としてはあまりに簡単すぎた。 とはいえ、ガラス瓶が撤去されたことで、水が汲めなくなった池や川といった水源の存在は、単なる風景や、泳いで渡らなければならない面倒な地形になってしまった。 現在では、水源の近くに住むメリットはほとんどない。 私のアイデアは、ゲームにガラス瓶を復活させ、ゲーム内に3種類の水を作ることだ: 天然の水源から汲んだ「泥水」。(赤痢のリスクが高い) 泥水を沸騰させた「沸騰水」。(赤痢のリスクはゼロにはならないが、低くなる。) 雨水収集機であつめた "きれいな水"。(完全に安全に飲める水) そして、使い捨ての浄水フィルターや浄水タブレットで「沸騰水」をろ過して「きれいな水」にすることもできる。 あとはゲーム後半の資源に恵まれたプレーヤーのために、私が過去に提案した追加のアイデアは、水源から水を電気的に汲み上げてろ過し、「濁った」水や「沸騰した」水をきれいな水に変える電気浄水器だ。 このような効率的な電気浄水システムがあってもいいかもしれない。
  13. Thanks for your thoughts! The Winchester Model 94-22M can be used as a lever-action rifle for shooting, but the problem is reloading... It seems to load from the front, not the side. Ruger 10/22 could be made using AK motion. The grip position may be a bit off, but if I can get a model with a pistol grip stock or make one myself, that should solve the problem! The only other candidates I can think of at the moment are Armalite AR7 Colt Woodsman (I like Colt Woodsman because he appeared in the Japanese anime "KINO'S JOURNEY.) Ruger Mk IV FN502 .22LR revolver, though I don't have a specific maker in mind. American-180 (if I can make a good animation of reloading) I guess somewhere around there. I'm having a hard time finding a gun that looks just right because I can't add a new reload animation, so it's harder than I thought it would be... I wish I could make a mod that could somehow increase the reload animation...
  14. Thanks for your thoughts! .22 LR ammunition seems to be commonplace in the American setting for vermin control on farms, target practice, sport shooting, etc. But it seems that Fun Pimps probably don't have enough interest in .22LR to bother adding it to this game. So far no one else has made a MOD to add .22LR ammo and guns that use it, either because the .22LR is too low-powered for zombies, or to add other guns that are better looking. However, Sturm RugerMk.2 has appeared in "Fallout: New Vegas," "Metal Gear Solid 4," and "DAYZ," so I think it has a certain amount of popularity. Cheap, low recoil, and works well with suppressors, I personally think this ammo is worth adding to this game as a mod.
  15. I'm thinking of making a GUN-PACK mod that adds some guns that use .22LR. The concept is something like "lower power than a pipe gun but can be shot at a lower cost", "great for hunting small game", "cheap enough to spread around a lot". However, I only know of a few well-known .22LR guns, because I live in Japan and don't have much exposure to guns. So please let me know which guns you want or would enjoy if you have them. Or, I would like your honest opinion if there is no demand to add .22LR to this game.
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