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  1. I think A20 is damn near flawless. Now give me bandits and I am all set.
  2. I say release it with bugs as long as they don't cause the game to crash. I have been playing this game through every version bugs and all. Would be happy if A20 releases Friday afternoon, this way I can get my in-game all weekend grind going. When there is a new 7DTD release I basically don't do anything for few weeks, all life productivity goes down the drain.
  3. Will A21 be released this time next year? Also after A21 will A22 be the beta version? In a perfect world this game would stay in alpha for the next ten years always updating to give us new experiences. To me 7 days to die is like a Linux distribution. Never complete always upgrading, always changing.
  4. Just like to give a shout out to the Fun Pimps. Love the game, seems like 8 years, way to many hours than I like to admit. I hope the game never leaves Alpha, I usually play all the way up to the next release. The game feels like something new with every update, I have come to expect a new game with every release. I hope the Pimps find a way to monetize some aspects of the game to keep bringing in new dollars for investment back into the game. Bandits are the one feature I want more than anything. I see myself playing this game well into the 2030s. With the level of user customization coming in the future I can see 7DTD becoming like a linux distribution which being forked by different heavily modified user additions. Super Hyped for A20, My Christmas is anytime there is a new update to 7DTD. I am going to be an old man playing this game. I sometimes think what if TFP were to make a sequel to 7DTD in the 2030s running on unreal engine 5, 6 or whatever version is out in the next decade. Long live the Pimps...Rant over and out.
  5. I'm not expecting anything this early on but would like to get any info about bandits. When they make it into the game it will be like Christmas come early. I love the game and this is the thing daydream about most.
  6. I feel like the game is perfect as is and every few updates gives me a whole new experience. If it was up to me they would stay an alpha game for the next ten years. Saying that I am looking forward to 1. Bandits (Future updates): Bandits will take the game to a whole new level. All us long time players will probably have to change up are gameplay. 2. Engine updates: I find myself just staring at the screen sometimes. Since playing from the beginning I absolutely appreciate how beautiful the game looks now. I have mad respect for Unity but I sometimes daydream about what 7 days to die would look like running on Unreal Engine...That is as long as I could dig a deep whole and live in it. I have an affinity for living underground in 7DTD. 3. Random gun fights between NPC factions all the while having to evade and fight zombies. I want the game to stay intense, stressful and scary. I think something like this could raise the blood pressure. 4. Roaming hordes: If the game performance allows it bring back the roaming hordes. I used to have to crouch in a corner waiting for them to leave. I miss the level of in game stress this used to cause. Keep up the good work. I look forward to everything the Fun Pimps release.
  7. Feature List 2125 hrs playing your stellar game. addicted to the game...... well it's either this or quit using a computer, 2125 hrs isn't probably that high for hour count for 7DTD. I know what your thinking "oh no PIMP's here is that guy that only shows up right before a major alpha release to put in his two cents" Run for the hills team. I spent the last two years playing your game you will spend 2 seconds reading this killer list of features. Beware this feature list is so awesome that Nintendo is probably going to read this post and develop an entire game just going off the features listed below. Also they will probably also go out of business. So Drum Roll please Ltbrunt's 2014 no 2015 no 2016 features for 7 days to die............. 1. Hey mad mole any chance of getting the double jump back into the game maybe as a skill. 2. Also would love to have the ability to duck under one block again. 3. Being able to crawl would be a killer feature. - Make it so that if you do crawl damage from zombies would be ten times higher. Since your body would be completely undefended. 4. The ability to build on trees would be nice. 5. Mad Scientist skill tree, - At the higher Mad Scientist skill tree you could craft a vaccine that would turn you into a half zombie allowing you to tame/control a couple other zombies. You would have to keep crafting and taking the vaccine. If the vaccine wears off your zombie pets will tear you a new one. - Mad scientist would have unique weapons for the Mad Scientist craft tree. - Mad scientist would not be bothered by the zombies but would be constantly attacked by the roaming bandit hordes. 6. Give me bandits like the - Gatling gun totting bandit name Tom Wilson slow but deadly. - Sniper bandit who runs from close combat, named Thadeous Dean, beware he runs to get a good sniping advantage on your location. - Shotgun Eddie, ex cop wears a sweet suits and likes kicking doors in. Usually the first guy in your face usually the first guy that dies. - Retired cop turned bandit Johnson Smitty, Just wants to live the quiet life but on the day he retired the world ended. Terrible shot with a hand gun but moves very fast. - Wet Water Willy the Water bandit, likes to hide in water for a nice afternoon ambush with a Bowie Knife Mate. - and last but not least Shelly Slash you up. She wields not only a Katana for close combat but pulls a Uzi to light you up from a distance. She is the boss. - And if you kill the bandits without getting head shots then they will turn into regular zombies that are stronger since they are new zombies. -
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