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  1. I'm not expecting anything this early on but would like to get any info about bandits. When they make it into the game it will be like Christmas come early. I love the game and this is the thing daydream about most.
  2. I feel like the game is perfect as is and every few updates gives me a whole new experience. If it was up to me they would stay an alpha game for the next ten years. Saying that I am looking forward to 1. Bandits (Future updates): Bandits will take the game to a whole new level. All us long time players will probably have to change up are gameplay. 2. Engine updates: I find myself just staring at the screen sometimes. Since playing from the beginning I absolutely appreciate how beautiful the game looks now. I have mad respect for Unity but I sometimes daydream about wh
  3. Can someone give me a quick update about the bandits? I haven't been in the forums in about a year and last I heard they were still going to get added sometime in the future. I have been playing the game since the beginning and feel as if the game is complete minus the good old reliable bandits. Never mind...I found somewhat of an answer in the threads...Good old reliable advance search.
  4. Feature List 2125 hrs playing your stellar game. addicted to the game...... well it's either this or quit using a computer, 2125 hrs isn't probably that high for hour count for 7DTD. I know what your thinking "oh no PIMP's here is that guy that only shows up right before a major alpha release to put in his two cents" Run for the hills team. I spent the last two years playing your game you will spend 2 seconds reading this killer list of features. Beware this feature list is so awesome that Nintendo is probably going to read this post and develop an entire game just going off the fea
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