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  1. Can someone give me a quick update about the bandits? I haven't been in the forums in about a year and last I heard they were still going to get added sometime in the future. I have been playing the game since the beginning and feel as if the game is complete minus the good old reliable bandits. Never mind...I found somewhat of an answer in the threads...Good old reliable advance search.
  2. As a long time 7DTD player and at 4000 hrs I feel with this latest build the game is almost perfect. Outside of the bandits is 7 days to die close to being finished? I know there are tons of things you guys are working on but right now the game feels like a near finished product.
  3. How many people plan on playing 7DTD 40 or more hours the first full week of release? I myself will try to squeeze in 24hrs total the first weekend. I will easily get 36 or more hours the first full week.
  4. I would pay $15.99 just to be part of the daily builds for 7 days to die.
  5. A17 Questions I think we will all appreciate a bug free release. I am counting on A17 to be my go to game for the next entire year. I will probably schedule a short work vacation to grind the hell out of A17. My question for the fun pimps is will there be any new big features added to the A17 year long release cycle? My next question is after 7DTD get officially released will the modding community be able to create new zombies or re-skin current zombie models?
  6. This may be out of scope but can you talk about how you use the Unity engine. I am extremely fascinated with video game engines. Could 7DTD have been made with any other game engines? Does 7DTD use the stock Unity engine? Is 7DTD running on a heavily modified version of Unity which could itself be a whole new game engine?
  7. A17 looks good enough to be a full released game. I thought A16 was rock solid and only cut back on playing due to the impending A17 release. Will there be any significant updates during the A17 release cycle other than bug fixes? After A17 is released and all major bugs fixed are you looking at a long Alpha release cycle for A18?
  8. Any chance for boats in A18 or any future update. Maybe have blocks that can be crafted which have a floating property
  9. The servers I have playing on since 2014 have been modded. The servers I have playing on since 2014 have been modded. I haven't played vanilla 7DTD since the first few months of 2014. It seems like a lot of things being added to A17 was done on many of the modded servers first......On modded servers nothing beats having teleportation especially for people like me that are increasingly having less time to play games. Gun mods, old news...Maybe not to the degree the Fun Pimps are implementing. I only play on servers that have 30 plus players, teleportation, in game currency, Bandits enabled in the wasteland, World size 15+, in game commands like base protect and community spawn towns. I will continue to play A16. Mostly just running for days exploring the map. I want to start grinding asap on A17.
  10. I don't check into the forums that often but like everyone else I need to know if there has been any new communication about A17's release. I don't have time to read through the entire forum. Just feeling like a 8 year old on Christmas eve. I primarily only play 7DTD. A17 will keep me occupied for the next 11 months. Which also keeps me from buying games I don't play. Not to say other games I have tried since A16 release are bad but I only started playing a few other games as something to do until A17 drops.
  11. Long live A17. I feel like the game will see it's full release in 2019. I can't imagine what the Fun Pimps plan on making after 7DTD. Hey Fun Pimps will there be any paid DLC for 7DTD after it officially releases? I am looking forward to whatever your team cooks up.
  12. Since the game will release when the game is released. My question is how many people are going to grind the hell out of A17 when it releases. I will probably be playing at least 24 to 30 hrs the first weekend of release. I will also be scheduling some days off work to get my grind on.
  13. It is almost the end of July, has the Hype train left the station yet. Sorry but if this was answered in the forum sorry there are way to many pages to read through. The anticipation is killing me. I want the game with bugs in all.
  14. I miss the days of playing buggy alpha builds. I would normally without fail play non stop with any and all bugs. I would rather play the buggy builds Madmole is playing than wait for this long drought. I will be playing no matter how it is released. Has the hype train left the depot yet? Also I haven't had time to read through this entire thread which is insanely long. Does anyone know if water physics have been changed?
  15. Feature List 2125 hrs playing your stellar game. addicted to the game...... well it's either this or quit using a computer, 2125 hrs isn't probably that high for hour count for 7DTD. I know what your thinking "oh no PIMP's here is that guy that only shows up right before a major alpha release to put in his two cents" Run for the hills team. I spent the last two years playing your game you will spend 2 seconds reading this killer list of features. Beware this feature list is so awesome that Nintendo is probably going to read this post and develop an entire game just going off the features listed below. Also they will probably also go out of business. So Drum Roll please Ltbrunt's 2014 no 2015 no 2016 features for 7 days to die............. 1. Hey mad mole any chance of getting the double jump back into the game maybe as a skill. 2. Also would love to have the ability to duck under one block again. 3. Being able to crawl would be a killer feature. - Make it so that if you do crawl damage from zombies would be ten times higher. Since your body would be completely undefended. 4. The ability to build on trees would be nice. 5. Mad Scientist skill tree, - At the higher Mad Scientist skill tree you could craft a vaccine that would turn you into a half zombie allowing you to tame/control a couple other zombies. You would have to keep crafting and taking the vaccine. If the vaccine wears off your zombie pets will tear you a new one. - Mad scientist would have unique weapons for the Mad Scientist craft tree. - Mad scientist would not be bothered by the zombies but would be constantly attacked by the roaming bandit hordes. 6. Give me bandits like the - Gatling gun totting bandit name Tom Wilson slow but deadly. - Sniper bandit who runs from close combat, named Thadeous Dean, beware he runs to get a good sniping advantage on your location. - Shotgun Eddie, ex cop wears a sweet suits and likes kicking doors in. Usually the first guy in your face usually the first guy that dies. - Retired cop turned bandit Johnson Smitty, Just wants to live the quiet life but on the day he retired the world ended. Terrible shot with a hand gun but moves very fast. - Wet Water Willy the Water bandit, likes to hide in water for a nice afternoon ambush with a Bowie Knife Mate. - and last but not least Shelly Slash you up. She wields not only a Katana for close combat but pulls a Uzi to light you up from a distance. She is the boss. - And if you kill the bandits without getting head shots then they will turn into regular zombies that are stronger since they are new zombies. -
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