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  1. ANyone got problem that human npc with ranged weapons cannot shoot and they die on their own after they bump into player?
  2. A groundless statement. First, to visit forum one should be approved on forum (manually , apparently). I spent 5 years waiting for my account application to be approved (and about two dozen attempts). Second, not all of them English speaking or kind that bother with saying anything. TO be honest, personally (emphasis, personallY) I don't know anyone who doesn't despise new loot system when playing online, and that probably about a hundred of people in two communities. It's not designed for it. Loot is also source of money, because everything else is meager at sell cost.Stone tools cannot be sold of course. Even buried supplies quest rn. is waste of time until you get GS about 5 (that means, somehow one should kill about hundred of zeds if game wasn't modified).WIth 4k map that got 8 traders and 50-100 active players (not on same time, but coming at different time), it becomes sad grind of trying to get some loot from POI full of green glowing zombies as player of level one. WHich not impossible, and in a way is thrilling. Like running away from store after shoplifting while thick green cops are on your tail. Now one cannot get loot too. I agree that getting tier 3 at lvl. 1 is game breaking but again, have to resort to that by begging other players. Or to get food. Because they all own the map and map progresses with them. Imho, skill level should affect tier available, not GS. I.e. you can't recognize a particular pile of scrap you see as a partially disassembled assault rifle if you don't know what an assault rifle looks like. Because there comes another stupidity.. I prowl for hours with 6 blunderbusses and bow to sneak-attack and opportunity kill zombies one by one, until I reach 200-300 kill-count. It's not Z survival, it's a Hitman game now. A green biker (and occasional normal one) may end me in two hits, no running possible, etc. Now I can get some weapon parts and put points into skill for parts I've found. Maybe. One of my toons have zero skills at all in combat, just engineering (but not into turrets, they are broken)/bartering/looting, and bathes in violet gear only because he got 1 death and 4k kills. Boring, tedious, constantly in red by food because food is drained on low levels faster than fuel from 4x4 tank and loot doesn't contain food until ~GS 10-20.
  3. IT actually very predetermined by your character choices, perhaps there is also some odd seed\chaos source used for RNG. Currently on one server (vanilla aside from admin modlets) I'm level 80. I didn't bought anything , only looted. It's a 12th A19 playthrough. I started purely in combat and played system so that I became nearly unbeatable at level 60, using assault rifle and shotgun. I can't even craft much beyond basic materials, vehicle from recipes. I can craft weapons only at level 3, but high base stat and high kill count mandates me to swim in level 6 gear. Lucky looter doesn't do a thing at all. Loot system had shown reaction to stats and GS, before it just drops lots of ammo. But it's the only way to do that. Trying to build at same time, to branch into mining and crafting forces to spread points and delegate time in way that game stops favoring you. My base is only small patch of farm to make me food. You need kill count, period. SO you need stealth and firepower. 1. only strength and hp matters. You need farming, boomstick (for early on,blunderbuss and shotgun), automatic weapons, some lucky looter early on 2. Light armor and pain tolerance Stealth. You don't need Pack Rat. You can get all those slots by pockets. 3. If you get good crossbow , aim at archery. Most of kills would be stealth ones. Easy Gs early on, at 20-30 lvls you will get all gear up to tier 3. 4. Now may focus at barter and combat support skills. 5. Mining is last priority. Most of mats you need you harvest or buy, especially in MP where resources are literally unlimited. Essentially loot system forces player to fall into this pattern, any step aside is punishable by reduced effectiveness and boredom, jumping in place considered attempt to fly and cheat :P Average kill / death count in PVE: ~4500/1. Usually you'll have 2-3 deaths early because of random biker charge, stray feral from other high level player, starving. Someone else I know had 12000/0 after playing a week, using same pattern. It becomes boring for different reason, nothing that game throws at us can kill us in 1 to 1 combat, even a demolisher. Heck , I killed one in melee.
  4. I'm with Roland about loot system. In that the loot system is unfinished. But game was in development for YEARs and development is supported by feedback of users... Right now it hangs by thread that game is moddable (unless player is one of those religious freaks who say that one never should use mods, devs always know what you want exactly, what game meant to be- and I met those). Making a boring early access game is a path to failure. One of main features of loot based games, of RPG-based games, of survival games.. is RANDOMNESS. Being somewhat unpredictable. And Randomness defines replay value. Even in minecraft it is so, by highly random world plus creative building. A19 so far killed the former while A18 demolisher really curbed the latter in MP (they are ultimate griefer tool). Highly unfinished. But it is not balanced. At all right now. Maybe linearity could work if this was a single player game with adventure elements: e.g. easier quests, some event that gives you (level1) shotgun, etc. But it's boring as SP now because of your race with time. Higher difficulty becomes unplayable. Loot also seems to show bias to chosen attribute, so with GS12 I started to get parts for turrets. Or shotguns if I leveled strength. But turrets are now broken in A19 and should be disabled for MP (if someone experiences odd slowdowns and crashes that happen periodically with vanilla game, it's likely dozens forgotten\lost\self-duped turrets stuck in the sky thousands meters above ground). Oh and in MP server administration usually forbid to build anywhere near city, trader or quest areas because it creates a lot of grief and help request (it's in claim zone!). Suggested low level survival by holeing up somewhere is not possible. you have to build your house from level 1. Surviving 7th, even 14th night with lvl 1 shotgun or pistol in wilderness is possible. Surviving 1st night with blunderbuss and wooden bow (which barely does damage) is not. Trying do it POI in city usually results in catastrophe.. spawning zombies far beyond your GS. You can get an empty treasure chest. Or empty sealed crate. Whole POI of empty sealed crates happens because loot system thinks that level 1-10 player is "not worthy" (and that's roughly 2-4 hours of play with large scale online map). Single water can in quest's chest "Buried supplies" (and 4 zombies you barely can kill, while random enrage of two of them at same time may one-shot you). To reach higher GS without killing anything impossible because food is gated behind levels and need to have lucky looter. This gating makes game un-enjoyable, forcing to throw away time just on grinding , dying, starving and being unable to reach appropriate GS because food is.. ALSO based on GS, tata! ANd for sale it is in such low supply that 1-2 high level players totally drain map traders and vending machines, because they need that food to make better food. In MP players race with real time and against each other. And their progresses is stopped by zombies from higher GS 9+10+50 higher) than they are just because someone online in same region. Non-random loot stays boring. Current loot system may give an empty treasure chest. About those who says this is unfinished product. I'll be frank. It was more finished 3 years ago. Then it became different game with adding quest and new RPG system. A lot of things that were logical or made sense were broken. We had zombies reacting for smell once. We had properly behaving animals. Using omelette metaphor, this omelette is done after re-stuffing eggs into bigger shells along with fragments of older shell.
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