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  1. A groundless statement. First, to visit forum one should be approved on forum (manually , apparently). I spent 5 years waiting for my account application to be approved (and about two dozen attempts). Second, not all of them English speaking or kind that bother with saying anything. TO be honest, personally (emphasis, personallY) I don't know anyone who doesn't despise new loot system when playing online, and that probably about a hundred of people in two communities. It's not designed for it. Loot is also source of money, because everything else is meager at sell cost.Stone tools
  2. IT actually very predetermined by your character choices, perhaps there is also some odd seed\chaos source used for RNG. Currently on one server (vanilla aside from admin modlets) I'm level 80. I didn't bought anything , only looted. It's a 12th A19 playthrough. I started purely in combat and played system so that I became nearly unbeatable at level 60, using assault rifle and shotgun. I can't even craft much beyond basic materials, vehicle from recipes. I can craft weapons only at level 3, but high base stat and high kill count mandates me to swim in level 6 gear. Lucky looter doesn't do a
  3. I'm with Roland about loot system. In that the loot system is unfinished. But game was in development for YEARs and development is supported by feedback of users... Right now it hangs by thread that game is moddable (unless player is one of those religious freaks who say that one never should use mods, devs always know what you want exactly, what game meant to be- and I met those). Making a boring early access game is a path to failure. One of main features of loot based games, of RPG-based games, of survival games.. is RANDOMNESS. Being somewhat unpredictable. And Randomness defines re
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