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  1. Hi Kandrathe. Love some of those ideas. Especially the radio. Ever since playing We were here (2 player cooperative where you both needed radios to communicate), I've loved that idea and it could be tied so well into the game, although I see the strengths mostly through mods. Other ideas I'd love to see would be to retrieve a password (and have a dialogue box upon return of trader or bandit or someone else) Remove some radioactive material (at obvious danger to you but a worthwhile prize) so a NPC can live in their house again. If you could add a camera into the
  2. No mate, doesn't work well. I have one and if you stick to normal FOV, then there are no benefits to the widescreen (you would see an enemy at the same time others would on smaller monitors). If you turn FOV up, then it massively distorts images and messes with the distances. Things front and centre look far away but you turn the mouse and they are suddenly right next to you. REALLY hurts the eyes and messes with the head. On that note, I was very disappointed that many newer games have this same issue. So far, I've only seen two games handle it really well. Satisfactory (great game, btw)
  3. I didn't like the loss of reading books/magazines to learn. In fact, I'd love more of those search and discover items. ESPECIALLY with the idea of INT and understanding of those books. If INT is < ~5 (I really haven't played the game enough yet to know how smart 5 equates to) then you can understand Hunting Animals using Traps or if you are ~10 you can understand The Science of making batteries or ~20 Dummies book on Operating on your own Brain. I think the tree branches are great and would compliment books and magazines, maps and encrypted messages. Really, exploring then allows y
  4. Absolutely love the fact that you make all this code available for anyone to use and change. Not that I have done it much, however to have this robustness with the game is fantastic.
  5. Just please make the cupboards 'accessible'. Empty cupboards is great, however currently not being able to use them storing things in them is a bit annoying.
  6. Hi Fun Pimps. Well done at what definitely feels like a major release. Everything feels like a challenge now, and I've already jumped out of my seat a few times in shock surprise, and I haven't even made it to day 7 yet. Nights are a bit boring, though. Every night when I've tried to do something, the Z's hear me and kill me, so now I'm doing very little until I build up a better base. In the meantime, not sure what I would suggest to fill in the time, however I feel something more needs doing at nights. Maybe when food spoilage goes in it will require more sorting out. Oh, but it's act
  7. Sounds inefficient if it's not done during the A* calculations? In theory, pathfinding would be better if using a parallel processor, right? Only reason it's not done that way is because in most games the GPU is throttled to max and little CPU usage. In 7 days, though, that's not the case. So can I ask, have you managed to convert the A* code to use the GPU?
  8. Hi Faatal. Thanks for being so active in here and, well, basically keeping us from killing ourselves in despair during these post-Alpha release times.
  9. Really? I mean, yes, I agree that there should be those threats, however the sheer idea of how and where you hide should have it's own environmental hazards - especially if they aren't balanced with the threats from sharp teeth and claws.
  10. "Nobody will ever need more then 640k of ram" said Bill Gates...so I think you should be 'right.
  11. Yeah, way beyond my understanding of how to programme. :-)
  12. Are you picking on this great country, Roland?
  13. I fully agree. However, speaking of the out-of-place traders, I'd love for this pipe-dream (for 7days version 1, anyway) to happen: You have 'The Duke' who has established himself the boss, simply because he's the richest, but not necessarily the most moral. In fact, his morals are probably very lacking. For example, he is the one who allows the bandits, and even employs them, to do his bidding. Then you have traders, again, they need to give a percentage to the Duke or the bandits end up intervening. The zombies are merely a by-product of something gone wrong or maybe the Duke has f
  14. A well-worth hire if only for fixing that eye-sore. Lol. And now for birds nests and trash, right?
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