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  1. No mate, doesn't work well. I have one and if you stick to normal FOV, then there are no benefits to the widescreen (you would see an enemy at the same time others would on smaller monitors). If you turn FOV up, then it massively distorts images and messes with the distances. Things front and centre look far away but you turn the mouse and they are suddenly right next to you. REALLY hurts the eyes and messes with the head. On that note, I was very disappointed that many newer games have this same issue. So far, I've only seen two games handle it really well. Satisfactory (great game, btw) and the new Metro game. Back to 7dtd, the HUD items aren't in the best location, being to the far left or far right, causing a lot of head turning. I'd suggest going for a non-ultrawide 4k monitor unless you do productivity things. Then it's really good if you set the screen up correctly with some third party apps.
  2. They've already pushed another experimental update, have they? I miss that one.
  3. I had a spitting vulture on day 3. Killed me dead! I thought that was a bit unfair for the first week. Oh, and I haven't been reading much about faults, but I had just logged in and everything that could have an 'health' was down to 0 and needed repairs. Definitely not how I left it. Not sure about re-creating it. It was about day 3 as well and I had a fire going boiling water at the time, it was night and I was stuck on a bridge with 2 vultures circling and 1 zombie camping out, waiting for me to come down. Otherwise, I'm enjoying it! Until I get to making my farm, anyway. Great job for everything else, guys!
  4. Jawoodle should be the game's mascot. Lol. His reactions to the game are so entertaining.
  5. Like MF? Lol. Talking MM's language? Or did you always read MF's as Memory Floats? So when MM was saying 15 MF's you were associating it to memory leaks or something? Didn't want to use decimal instead of floating p? Might get an extra 0.0000000001 FPS boost if using the correct memory declaration.
  6. From the release notes: "We have removed the perk books and ingredient based schematics from the game." Hang on, weren't they just added? Or am I thinking of different perk books?
  7. Can the head do this when you look at it? At 18-30 seconds Oh, and a few seconds on, find someone with a pretty practical reason for squatting. And the sultan doesn't like him taking all of his treasure (hence the battle).
  8. Lol. I thought it was a chick, too. Glad to know this isn't the only generation that's mixing up our genders. Only difference is now we're doing it on purpose.
  9. Ah, that's a shame. You can get some impressive farts out with ass to grass squats. And you'd better not hold the fart in or hello hernia! - - - Updated - - - I suggested a muscle-machine zombie throwing zombie dogs at you.
  10. I am saddened to say I actually had to resort to Google for this. All those years as a child, watching these cartoons, wasted! I obviously didn't learn a damned thing!
  11. Lol. Think your tough with your imperial pounds? Just because 375 sounds better than 170 (kilos). And full squat or half squat? How low does your ass get to the ground or do your thighs just go to 90 degrees? I'd say hold my beer, but the extra weight might buckle your poor flabby muscles. Lol
  12. I don't suppose the cleanup could go on another CPU thread, could it? Because I have to agree that it's actually very annoying. I've learned to live with it, but painfully so. Or rather dedicate another core for the inventory processing.
  13. Would be interesting to have a vote. See in real world figures who would be offended, who wouldn't, who would stop playing the game, and even who might start playing the game because they like extreme content.
  14. The Professional (or Leon, as it's known to most of the world) is one of my favourite movies. Young Natalie Portman impressed me so much with her acting as a 13 year old child - who smoked and was around drug dealers and shot guns and killed people - and who drank milk *choke*. Hanna was another strange and disturbing, but good, movie with 2 kids (although I think one was really approaching adulthood) talking about being lesbian together and even a suggestive kiss on the lips. The game Life is Strange (highly recommended) has two teenager kids doing drugs - but that is animated using motion capture and the real life actors probably weren't teenagers. The Blue Lagoon had child nudity in it, although it's a pretty old movie now. American McGee's Alice had babies scalp cut open and all sorts of weird things - but again, not real actors. Braindead/Dead Alive had a zombie toddler in it, who got beaten and witnessed people getting killed and ended up in a blender. And I remember seeing Bart's weener at least once. All watched or played in Australia. So, explain that, Mr. Classification! :-P
  15. LOL. :laugh: I really did laugh out loud for that quick dialogue.
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