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  1. I tried your suggestion but this doesn't seem to work either. The quest immediately moves to the second phase "Talk to Trader" with no quest map marker and no compass indicator. If you or anyone else has any suggestions on this, please let me know. I've tried asking on the #modcreators-help channel on the official 7DaysToDie Discord server as well: https://discord.gg/3gYanE
  2. Through testing today I've discovered that the game has changed the way the "Goto Trader" quest objective works, to cycle through all available traders. It never sends the player back to the closest trader and there doesn't appear to be an option to do so. If I leave this object off the quest and instead just use "InteractWithNPC" (Talk to Trader), then there is no compass marker to tell the player where to find their Trader, but then talking to any trader would work to complete the objective. The entire modset is coded right now with "Goto Trader" steps on each of the quests so that a friendly map marker is given to the player to tell them how to get back to the Trader. But due to these changes, I cannot leave the modset like this.. it would be sending players literally all over the map to visit every trader. To boot, once the player has visited every trader, the game does not repeat the cycle and instead says "Locate Trader: NO TRADER" leaving the player unable to complete the quest. The best I can come up with, with the way the game is coded right now is to have the Declaration of Citizenship quest have a "Goto Trader" option which would send the player to each trader each time the player pursues becoming a citizen. The beginner quest ALSO does this, which would result in the player having to visit TWO different traders at the beginning of the game. Then after that, just trust that the player has one of the traders marked on their map to be able to return to. It's a bit infuriating on this change. It wouldn't be so bad if they offered a flag in the code to bypass this cycling behavior, or properly marked on the compass where to find the trader to talk to.. but at the moment neither is an option.
  3. @Lyssabet I will have a patch out tomorrow for the loot list issues. It looks like the base game added additional lootcontainers between A19 and A19.1 that interfere with the ids that this modset uses. I do have this patched already in my development version and am just wrapping up a couple last things before issuing a new release. As far as the trader selection, this is controlled by the base game and outside the bounds of the mods themselves. My wife and I have run into this when we started a game and were apart with each of us being closer to a different trader. Then even after one of us ran to the other it was still trying to point one of us back to the initial closest trader to when we started the game. The best fix for this that we've seen is to drop the quest (Abandon the declaration quest), talk to the new closest trader, THEN craft the new declaration of citizenship. It should then send you to the proper closest trader. Sorry for the problem on this one, but there isn't anything I can do about this at the code level. The mod just says to send the player the "trader" and the game selects which trader. Do check back for a patch release/fix to the lootcontainers tomorrow. Please be aware that multiple mods are affected by this problem (it's not just the one apparent one that throws an error).
  4. Thanks @mr.devolver for passing word in. I've also noticed that the modset is broke with A19.1 and there is a bug with the elite citizens card quest where it loops over the number of zombies you've killed. I've got patches for these and a new quest or two in the works that I expect to be releasing this weekend. In addition, I've confirmed that Localization file DOES push properly from the server. This opens the door up for me to work through adding Descriptions for all the items and for non-English languages to be supported (once I convert everything to Localization). Stay tuned!
  5. @vergilsparda I installed just Riles HUD Plus and my 60 slot bag mods and have been unable to reproduce the problem you mentioned. I am able to both hit "R" or click the "Take All" button on a loot container window and it moves all items to my inventory. The inventory shows up as 60-slots, and I also tested shift-clicking items in and out of my inventory. Have you tried removing your other mods so its just these two in order to see if you are still experiencing the issue?
  6. @vergilsparda I use Origin UI, personally. But I'll give a try to download HUD Plus from Nexus this weekend to see if I can sort out what the problem is. This is the Origin UI that I use:
  7. Thanks. I'm always looking for any way I could improve the mods I put out there.
  8. @CrazyAluminum I'd love to hear why you'd dislike the set so much to give it a thumbs down.
  9. This has been updated for A19
  10. White River - Tools of Citizenship: Magazine/Schematics Skillpoints, E to Pickup Plants, 1 Day Trader Refresh: Salvaged Electronics - Solar, Battery, Generator, Lights, Signs, Misc: Zombie Lootbag Increase: 60-Slot Bag, Faster Bellows, 25% Headshot:
  11. I've swapped Ivanka for Black Bart, with some poetic storyline. I've also added an Elite Citizenship card but did not apply it to all quests as it didn't make sense. I also added a new quest for Pavlichenko's rifle. I've got some other ideas planned for other quests to add. I also hear they added the ability for the Localizations.txt to be automatically downloaded from the server. I have yet to test this, but if it works, would open the door for translation support. I'll test this soon and if it works, will begin the long work to update this modlet collection to this methodology. It would be rather complex to make this switch, but in the long run would allow more people to enjoy the modlet collection. I'm still in the process of testing this A19_1.0 version on my server, but wanted to get this published for those other people who are interested in helping test. If you are interested in playing on a server with this already installed, please search for the server: Server Name (Partial): SANITYS EDGE Connection IP: As usual, please let me know if you find any bugs problems, or have any ideas to share!
  12. I had updated the code to fix this but had not generated a new release. Please try this one: https://github.com/XelaNull/7dtd-Origin-UI/archive/A19_1.1.zip
  13. I've taken it upon myself to fix this modlet for A19..Enjoy! https://github.com/XelaNull/7dtd-Origin-UI/archive/A19_1.0.zip https://github.com/XelaNull/7dtd-Origin-UI
  14. I like your suggestion of BlackBart! I'll work to see if I can shift this modlet around (and provide backwards-compatibility on the rename) for the next release. Thanks for this and for sharing your additions. Your elite level addition has inspired me to add some new items to this modlet pack too. Work in progress. Thanks again
  15. I'm interested in the Elite quest line and the crossbow, and would be open to expanding on the other quest lines to provide more Elite quests. If you could please raise a merge request on the GIT repo, that would be most ideal and I'll pick and choose. I'm obviously not going to change the Bambi questline to name it after you, though. And Freya the goddess had nothing to do with digging, so not interested in changing that one either. But I would be open to changing it to something else if a better suggestion is sent my way. If you dont know how to raise a merge request on GIT, please PM me a zip file with your version of the mod pack. I'm also on the 7DTD official Discord server if you want to send it that way.
  16. Magoli -- I have a couple prefabs I'd like to donate to the COMPOPACK. What's the best way to provide it to you for inclusion?
  17. I raised a merge (pull) request against your GIT repo with fixes for A18. A couple recipes for Deco Pillars had to be commented out (I couldn't find it in Vanilla code for A18), one perk was changed, some models were updated, and empty can was removed from usage for filling with water. With the changes I've proposed in the pull request, the modlet loads with no errors. Enjoy! https://github.com/OrbitalBliss/HOME_DEPOT_7D2D_MOD/pull/1
  18. !! BUGFIX RELEASE !! I'm sorry to say, I found another bug in the Deschain's questline that was preventing proper completion. In the loot list for the books that drop, one of the books was missing and never would drop for the player. This has been fixed in the 1.7d release. Please see the first post for the latest update.
  19. This is a tough thing you are asking for PandaTea. The game throws Null Reference errors if localization is used and the Modlet isn't installed locally on each player's game. I wanted this Modlet pack to specifically be supported ONLY through installing it on the game server. Once the code stabilizes a bit and I have some confidence we've found any bugs present, I may go back through and duplicate the entire Modlet pack to support localization. But as it stands right now, I can't do this without also requiring everyone to install the pack on each player's machine too. 7DTD Doesn't support providing BOTH the non-key and the key (localization) configuration of quests and items. It's one or the other. This has been a long-standing "feature" of 7DTD. I am hopeful with their most recent localization release of 18.3 that they may be changing this and improving it in the near future. *update* It does appear from their release notes for A18 that they intend to add proper push of localization in the future. The update reads: "Support for localization from mods – not pushed from servers yet"
  20. !! BUGFIX RELEASE !! I've removed all Localization from the Modlets and double checked through all of them to ensure that the Quests all have a description defined and no "key" references to Localization. It appears the game still does not push the Localization file from the server to the players. One of the original goals of this modlet collection was the ability to add it to a server and NOT require the players to download the modlets too. Please have a go on the latest version posted to the first page and let me know if you run into any trouble.
  21. DelStryker -- Thank you for these modlets. I especially like the Combiner. However, I appear to have an issue with this modlet that's taken me quite some time to track down. It appears when I have the Combiner enabled on my server it is causing new players who just entered the game to craft level 3 items before they add any skill points. I suspect that this is related to the entityclasses in the Combiner, but looking over your code, I have to admit I'm not entirely sure WHY. But it definitely is the Combiner mod that is causing this behavior. I'd appreciate it if you could have a look at this to see if there is anything you can do to correct this behavior.
  22. Okay guys, so I've got some good news and bad news... The Bad News.. I found a severe typo that I managed to overlook previously that will prevent anyone from actually receiving the revolver when they collect the reward from the Trader. On top of that, to fix the NPE error, I had to change all the item names.. so it's going to take me another day to work through ensuring that the next version is also backward's compatible and won't break anyone's games that already have the current version of the mod installed. The Good News.. I found the cause of the NPE. It stems back to not properly utilizing the Localization file for all created quests, items, blocks, etc. I do have a fix in place for Deschain's Revolver questline and I've worked through testing it start to finish and all items work properly, have descriptions, and the quests don't generate NPE when viewing the quest log. Give me another day I'll create an emergency release before I move on to fixing the Localizations on the other quest lines. While I do have the NPE fixed at this point (along with the quest reward severe bug), it would do no one any good to install this version without me also applying some backwards compatibility support. Really sorry about this! I hope no player is able to work through the quest line before we get the patched version released!
  23. I think this is caused by reference to a Localization entry that is not present. This should only happen when viewing your quest list and shouldn't have affect on the playability of the quests themselves. I'll take another close look through it again tonight to make sure I fill in any Localization entries I've mentioned for all items and quests. I'm pretty sure I know what is causing this one and it is fixable. Thanks for posting the issue CrypticGirl. I will try to get a patch out as quickly as I can.
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