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  1. This educational XPath modlet will place into your game, 15 volumes/books of an Encyclopedia named Zombiepedia. The Zombiepedia was assembled from tips, tricks, and helpful pointers of other survivors. When you find one of the books and read it, a popup is shown on the screen with the tips that are related to the topic or category of the specific volume you found. For each book you read, you are provided 2 skill points for increasing your knowledge of the world and game, and that specific Encyclopedia volume is added to your Journal in case you want to read back through it later. The Encyclopedia contains over 80 entries and are compiled by actual players via a crowd-source Google shared document. The author of each entry is attributed in the content displayed to the player in-game. This XML-only XPath Modlet is compatible with both Singleplayer and Dedicated Server play and only needs to be installed onto the server. Volumes: Blood Moon Horde Night Building Materials Clothing and Armor Education and XP Gain Electronics Existing Structure Bases (Above-Ground) Farming and Foods Harvesting Resources Inventory Management Maximizing Loot Traps Underground Bases Vehicles Weapons Zombies This modlet was tested on: 19.3 (b3) Current Release Download Link: Zombiepedia Skillpoints Modlet - A19.3_1.0a This modlet can be added to a new or existing game. Installation Instructions: Extract the zip file Copy the folder "Zombiepedia_Skillpoints" into your Mods folder If you don't have a Mods folder & are playing on Steam under Windows: Right-click the game in Steam and select Properties Click the "Local Files" tab Click the "Browse Local Files" button In the popup that appears, create a folder called "Mods" By default this path would end up being: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods
  2. I’m working on an Encyclopedia modlet that will place into the world a series of Zombiepedia books to be randomly found. The premise is that the books were written by other survivors, but is a categorized collection of actual tips & tricks for playing the game. Each book will represent a single category, and when read, will start a player quest and will pop up the quest offer dialog box in-game, which is where the tips & tricks will be presented. Each book/quest will be non-repeatable and will grant the player 2 skill points for increasing their knowledge of the world and game. True to the nature and intent of the source of the content, I'd like to crowd-source the tips/tricks that go into the books. If you have any helpful tips/tricks, please edit the document below and add your suggestion. I'll do the best I can to squeeze all entries into the modlet. Please be sure you provide your name after your suggestion and I'll include that in the entry. If you don't use Google Docs or don't want to do it that way, please feel free to reply here and I'll add your entry for you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bivojw_QQUkme4Mu2F5p71wJdNcNARSLuLghUOn6_E0/edit?usp=sharing
  3. @XRedx-xDragonX This error would pop up if the REQUIRED mod isn't installed or is otherwise not working. Look in your console output for the list of mods that it is loading. The very first WhiteRiverToC one in your list should look similar to: 2020-11-09T13:18:25 1.251 INF [MODS] Trying to load from folder: WhiteRiverToC__REQUIRED 2020-11-09T13:18:25 1.257 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: White River Tools of Citizenship (A19.2_1.0a) If this one doesn't or isn't loading into your game first, then that item "questitem_toc_citizencard_name" won't exist. This specific item is the citizen card. I did try to use Vortex with the game but ran into odd issues and decided in the end it wasn't worth it. Installing mods is fairly easy and just drag and drop so Vortex doesn't really give any great advantage. ----- Sorry for the delay on this release. Not to trouble ya'll with real-world problems, but my house's AC went out and my test rig is a small nuclear reactor.. so my work is on-hold until the AC is fixed later this week.
  4. @magejosh Geesh These lootcontainers are a plague I'll adjust this quest's lootcontainer ids again. Thanks for reporting this. I'll make sure this is fixed in the next release. @XRedx-xDragonX That image is very hard to see and a bit blurry. Please make sure to scroll up and look for any other errors that might be in front of this. Also, if you could provide a zoomed in image of the error that might help me see exactly what is causing this for you. It looks like a problem with loot.xml, which could be the same problem @magejosh mentioned above. I can also be found on the Official 7DTD Discord server if it helps to chat in a more live fashion.
  5. In case anyone is interested, I've got this working under A19.2 without any errors: https://github.com/XelaNull/Snufkins_CustomWeapons/archive/Snufkins_CustomWeapons_A19.2_1.0.zip
  6. @DCPoker The 19.2 release of this mod pack is NOT compatible with the previous release. Installing the 19.2 version of this mod pack onto a game that had 19.1 would result in a lot of NullReference errors for your players due to items that no longer would exist. Every item name in the mod pack was renamed and switched to Localization support. Sorry, its such a large mod pack trying to back-port all the changes back to 19.1 is just too much work.
  7. Nice one! Looking forwarding to adding this to my mod pile and trying it out. A nice compliment to the greek fire arrows in my quest mod pack.
  8. No need to delete and reinstall the mod. Typically speaking, nearly all releases can just be deployed right on top of a previous release. The Bear Grylls quest had its requirements changed. So there are multiple lines within its Localization file that had to be adjusted to match. My apologies for this extra work translating. I rushed this one to release sooner than I should have and should have properly tested it first.
  9. Just published a bugfix/patch release 19.2_1.0b: * Fixed burning shaft mod animation on Jasons's Machete & Bunyan's FireAxe * Adjusted the quest text for Bear Grylls Claws * Adjusted Bear Grylls quest to give schematic that lets the player craft the claws themselves. * Added missed backwards compatibility code to Deschain's Revolver for the renamed ammo & hat
  10. @SteamM0nkey I value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to provide such detailed information for me. Please feel free to keep the feedback coming in! I did just publish a release that I believe should address some of these concerns. Please know that I just realized as I'm typing this I missed testing the burning shaft mod on FireAxe and machete. It should work, but its possible the animation might be wrong and need adjusting. I'll take a look at that tomorrow to test this detail specifically. I did want to point out with regards to Kuva's armor that due to the difficulty obtaining the ingredients for it, you really wouldn't want to craft this armor set until you have maxed out the light armor perk so you craft the highest quality. It is on purpose that the ingredients are not easy to come by. Deschain's revolver is supposed to shoot extremely fast. Think hair trigger. Roland Deschain was a near-godly fast gunslinger. In this A19.2_1.0a release is the following: Added new quest: Bear Grylls's (Flaming) Claws Adjusted (slightly lowered) drop chance for books related to Deschain's quest. Also fixed some localization typos. (Massively) Adjusted all weapon statistics in Bambi's, Daryl's, and Leon's quests. Added code to apply the perk modifications. Big thanks to SteamM0nkey for helping me work through these. Added burning shaft mod capability to Bunyan's and Jason's quest items. (UNTESTED) Adjusted Remington Steel ammo damage quantities to be greater than vanilla AP ammo. Thanks to SteamM0nkey for helping point out this was needed. Adjusted Rick Danger Auger stats to be more modest and in-line with a small bump/improvement over vanilla. Fixed Elite Random Quest wording. Thanks to SteamM0nkey for pointing out this flaw in design. Adjusted the Juggernaut in Spirit of Vengeance as I received report that he was taken down in under a minute. Added resistance, and added a small horde of zombies to spawn with him. Also increased overall HP and regen values. This should be a tough battle now.
  11. @Slawa I think I managed to get some bad values in there from a dev fork of this I was testing on. That very clearly is a bad/incorrect value and wasn't meant to make it to the final release. I'll go back through and double check both augers to make sure they are not over-powered and are only marginal steps up from vanilla. I ran through this improved auger on my test server tonight and was able to make it down to bedrock in something like a minute. Lol Wayyyy OP. @Gouki Sounds good, thank you!
  12. I've got the new release published and updated on the first post. Sadly, Amelia's Gyrocopter didn't make it into this release. I decided there was too much work left on this one and it is more important to publish the release to get this into everyone's hands. As a reminder, this release A19.2_1.0 must be installed onto a NEW FRESH game or a game that has never had this mod pack installed on it before. All of the items, blocks, quests, etc, have been renamed to work with Localization support. I did do the best I could do run through the entire pack of quests to test each one. As usual, please let me know if you run into any issues. Also, I've added to the first post the mods that are upcoming next.. @Gouki Please feel free to go ahead with the translation and then just private message me with the updated Localization.txt files. Thanks for your offer!
  13. 19.2 just went stable. I'll release the new version of this modpack later tonight. I would encourage those of you starting a new game under 19.2 to please either remove the existing pack or to wait until after the new release is published tonight. The 19.2 release of this mod pack is NOT compatible with the previous release. So any game that is started with 19.1 of this modpack will not support later installing the 19.2 release being published later tonight. To say it another way, when you install the release of this modpack being published later tonight, you will need to install this onto a game that has NOT had the current/existing release run with it.
  14. Just a quick update.. I've completed all the conversion of each quest to full use of localization. This will allow the entire mod pack to be translated to other languages. Anyone interested in helping with this language translation effort, please send me a private message. I'm also working on a few new quests for the pack: Spirit of Vengeance - Take on a demon Juggernaut and obtain a super-fast vehicle. A player using this vehicle is a sure-sign of their elite status. Big thanks to Snufkin's Server-Side Zombies & Snufkins's Server-Side Vehicles for a big part of the base code for the vehicle and zombie. Tested for compatibility with Snufkin's mods, so you can run both at the same time if you want! Callinicus Greek Fire - Find the book randomly in the world and learn to craft greek fire arrows. Shoot one zombie with a greek fire arrow, and the fire spreads to other entities that it touches. Amelia's Gyrocopter - I'm still formulating the questline behind this one.. but the general gist will be to quest and ultimately take on a custom zombie in order to learn how to create a super-charged gyrocopter with custom components. Travels faster than the vanilla gyrocopter, with improved flying characteristics that allow it to fly more like a helicopter than a plane. Supports VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)! Elite Random - I've created a sealed crate that you can obtain from four veteran cards that gives you a single random elite quest starter. Obtain a veteran card back at the start of your elite quest. If you complete the Elite quest, you obtain an Elite citizen's card! Gupta's Bandages - I've modified this existing quest to provide custom bandages and first aid kits that are more powerful than the vanilla. Multiple quests have had the quest text improved. All in-game items now have a description shown. Nearly all quest starter items/recipes specifically list what you will have to do or procure in order to complete the quest. This allows you to pick and choose which quest to pursue based on what you think you could readily complete. There are also countless bug fixes in this release. Too many to list all. All custom weapons have had the attachment mods corrected both in terms of usability, and placement in terms of where the mod attaches to the weapon. I've also renumbered all of the lootcontainers to hopefully shift all of them away from a range that is likely used by other mods. This should help ensure compatibility with other mods that have lootcontainers. Big thanks to @mr.devolver for helping me puzzle through some of these changes, the idea to pursue a gyrocopter quest and the elite random quest to create an easier path to the elite set of quests, and for continuing to provide top-notch advice. In addition, I've changed all elite quests so that they give you a veteran card when you accept the quest and an elite card back upon successful completion. Once you gain elite fame within the community, you retain your fame as long as you continue to see success at your pursuit of community quests. I'm hoping to release this big update later this week. HOWEVER, due to the nature of the switch to Localization, this next release WILL NOT be backwards compatible and will require a new/fresh game. I'm very sorry for this. There simply is no good way for me to create backwards compatibility code with such a large change in code. I have done a full play-through of all the quests, so this next release is a PRE-TESTED release. This release brings the number of quests up to 20, not including the different tiers including in most quests.
  15. Thanks for your analysis on this! This really helps confirm for me that its the lootcontainer ids that caused the conflict. I'll make sure this is patched/fixed on the next release to move FAR away from the vanilla loot id's in use now. This should greatly decrease the chance of this kind of conflict for anyone else in the future. I really appreciate your time sorting through this!
  16. This is an interesting problem. So that you know, what should happen is you place the sealed crate on the ground, hit it until it turns into cardboard box, then the cardboard box should be lootable. The sealed crate is just "extra" loot and shouldn't affect your ability to pursue the other quests. But I suspect if there is a conflict here, there may be other conflicts in addition. The sealed box extends cntShippingCrateHero The cardboard box extends from cntGarageStorage I'm thinking that it could either be a conflict with the cntGarageStorage item or possibly with the lootcontainer id. I did catch another mod that used substantially higher lootcontainer ids (900s) and worked fine. Historically I've used ids that were just a couple dozen after the last vanilla. On the next patch release I make I'll move all the lootcontainer ids up another hundred or so and try to pick a random oddball number to start from, to reduce chance of conflict on that. I also can probably work to remove the extension on these which I think would remove the other possible way that this would conflict. If you happen to figure out which mod is conflicting, this might help me figure out more specifically what needs changed to remove the conflict. Also, if you take your console output and paste it into a pastebin link and shoot it to me on Discord (link is above) I could help try to discern what is going on.
  17. <property name="Explosion.ParticleIndex" value="2"/> ^^^^ Switches projectile explosion back to rocket. I found exploding cars a bit too much. They were pushing through walls into buildings upon explosion. Although I see above it was suggested to use 5 for normal rocket boom??
  18. The installation process should be the same as your other mods. When you extract the .zip file there should be a bunch of folders all starting with "WhiteRiverToC" these folders should be copied into your Mods folder to sit beside your other mods. If you have a game already started, try to craft "+Declaration of Citizenship" otherwise on a new game when you complete the new player tutorial quests it should automatically kick you into the quest that asks you to craft the Declaration of Citizenship quest. If the above doesn't work, try hitting F1 and checking your game console for any errors right after you start up the game. Please feel free to find me on the official 7DTD Discord server and I'm happy to try and walk through it with you in more detail. https://discord.gg/Gqj3dz ------------ I've managed to work my way through about 1/3 of the quests for the Localization conversion. I worked on it for over 6hrs today. It's a very slow process. Unfortunately at this point I need to push through this Localization conversion until its all complete before I publish the next patch release. I've got some good ideas lined up for additional changes coming up. I'm really excited to get these out to ya'll to play with.
  19. @xxx73 The authors may give you a different answer. But the way I look at it, all three contributed to what is now the current release of this modlet. So instead of crediting just specific authors for individual work, I plan to credit all three. I believe this was the intent of @Snufkin's post above so that over time if other authors work on it, they are also included in any credits towards this work.
  20. Nice work fellas! This mod and the server-side vehicles are both primo, and a fantastic set of code. Prior to seeing these two modlets I didn't think it was possible to put together custom Zombies that didn't also require the player to download the same mod. I intend to use some of this work in my own questing modpack and will be sure to credit all three authors. Really fantastic work. Thank you very much for your contribution to the community!
  21. Making good progress on the next release. I've got a couple bug fixes in place already: * Deschain's Revolver missing icon * Burning shaft not installable to Black Bart's Shovel In addition, I've worked out how to include a custom zombie and a custom vehicle! I've added a new elite quest related to this that is not for the feint of heart. Strongly advised to pursue Deschain's revolver before taking on this new elite quest. Really excited to be able to offer this soon. The new quest has full localization support and I've been working through each quest to convert to Localization methodology. This will open the door for the entire modset to be translated to non-English languages. @Slawa Thanks for the report on this! I found all three bullets had basically the same problem. I've got a fix in place now. I'll do a full run through of it tomorrow to make sure this quest works as intended.
  22. For what its worth, the item "Bambis Terminator Crossbow" does still exist in the Bambi's Bow mod, but its only there for backwards compatibility. If you load Everdeen's Arrows/Bolts without Bambi's Bow mod, it will generate a warning message that doesn't hurt anything.
  23. @Vastarakki My apologies! It looks like I missed updating the Everdeen's mod for the new Bambi bow and Daryl's bow. I've patched this and tested it on my server. The new download release is on the first page.
  24. Thanks for your patience for this release! I appreciate all the feedback. If anyone has any further ideas how to continue to expand the collection of quests, please do feel free to share. Please note that due to me having to change all of the quest code to accommodate changes TFP made to A19.1, anyone with an active quest will likely have it dropped. I'm very sorry for this, but this change was unavoidable and required otherwise it would result in completely broken gameplay. I'm real excited to offer you the biggest release yet of this modlet pack of quests. I hope you and your players see as much enjoyment out of it as my wife and I do. The download link is on the first post. As usual.. if you run into any problems or bugs.. please post! The biggest single update yet for the modset! * Fixed lootcontainer id issue introduced in A19.1. Reassigned all lootcontainer ids with a 10 number gap from the last vanilla. * Fixed issue with the use of "GoTo" Trader objective on all quests. This unfortunately will have the side-effect of terminating any active quests. * Added improved trader reward acceptance integration (Thanks mr.dvolver!) * Split Elite Citizens card quest into four sections, as apparently the game can't handle you killing 1,000 Zombies in a single objective. * Split the Terminator Crossbow out of the Bambi's questline, and instead made an Elite Compound bow named "Forest Prince" under the Bambi quest. * Created a new Veteran/Elite quest "Daryl's Zombiekiller Crossbow" after the Walking Dead character. * Added a quest Brass for Lead that gives community members the option to dig up some lead and turn it in for brass. This should make brass less scarce and help players who enjoy building more than exploring. * Added a quest to obtain Qwik-Crete, Fast-Drying Concrete blocks, and the recipe to make them. Guaranteed to dry in under 5 minutes! Weaker when wet, but just as stury once dry. * Converted Khaine's Steel Ammo to a quest. Stronger ammo, but degrades your guns faster. * Added a Rick Danger Auger and Rick Danger Improved Auger (Veteran and Elite). The Elite version of this cuts through mountains like butter. Both have a larger gas tank than vanilla but also eats through gasoline much faster, and degrades faster. * Started the process of converting some mod to use Localization entries. The next release I'm planning to be a bugfix and Localizations release. Now that I've tested that Localizations DOES automatically pull down from the server, I'll be looking to switch the entire modlet collection over this methodology, to open the door for non-English translations. Big thanks @mr.devolver for the help coming up with a fix to the crazy A19.1 quest "GoTo" trader breakage, better quest rewards integration with the trader, and spending hours exploring the possibility of adding the quests to the trader dialog!
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