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  1. I must gives my kudos to @faatal and all the coders stuff for the optimization work. In my humble A-10 with a rx580 i get for first time over 60 sometimes and over 50 most of the time. Sometimes it fall to 30-40 during a second but....this was the normal i was having before (only above 40 in base or mines). Also when you open containers doesn't get stuck for a second like in the past. I don't have a blood moon yet but the first impression of this alpha is very good Very good work. Congratulations.
  2. In this new version is not necessary smelts the materials. The forges now works like campfires, You must have the ingredients in your inventory, select the product and it goes to the output slots when is finished
  3. I already had the new blocks.xml but I download the file you linked to be sure. I spawn some bunker lockers and only give me iron I looked into the file and found a typo. In some instances DFscrapTitanium is DFDFscrapTitanium. When changed this the sci-fi lockers and crates gives titanium when hardvested.
  4. Hi KhaineGB. In the last version the lockers and containers in the bunker doesn't give titanium when was harvested. The lockers only gives iron and the containers gives nothing at all. Also the explosives explodes in the character hand but this is a vanilla bug I think
  5. The Laser Battery Mod can't be installed in Crossbows.
  6. I can't put the Burning Shaft Mod in any titanium tool or melee weapon. on purpose?
  7. A few little bugs: When you wear a hazard jacket when you already had another jacket makes the jacket disappear, at least with college jacket. When you place the animal trap over a flagstone block the trap disappear. not sure about other kind of blocks. The iron and steel sledge hammer recipes doesn't unlock the perk and you need to spend two point to make a titanium sledge.
  8. Hi KhaineGB Last horde I set myself on fire with a molotov and when I tried to drink water to extinguish it didn't work. Is a bug or there is a new way to do it?
  9. In my saves was a bit tricky to find the position to place the new block in the "invisible" place but flying around from beneath the map gives good results. I don't know how to explain it but you have to stay in a position outside your hole floating in the map. Somethibg like this Give it another try, you can always start a new game later
  10. Press f1 to bring up the console. Type dm and press enter. Close console and press esc. In the right menu select fly and no colission. Back to game you can fly with space to get up and c to get down. Fly beneath the block and put the dirt block. when you're done uncheck the fly and no collision open the console and type dm again and you will be in normal mode again.
  11. Using the debug mode and flying beneath the "invisible" block you can put a dirt block. When you destroy the dirt everything comes back to normal.
  12. I am not using windows. I am running Ubuntu and the space is not a problem, with the game running there are 53 GB free in the SO disc. Dynamic resolution could be an option if the game will goes above 30 fps but it never does. Run it at 15 is not good :-P. BTW I found a way to improve the fps. With -force-vulkan option at runtime I have 30-40 fps. It is not the same of a18 but is better than nothing. Waiting for new builds to enable the reflection and sun rays again. I understand that is not a stable version and all the new graphics need a lot of work.
  13. The texture streaming is on. I tried even in the lowest settings and 720 resolution and the fps is always bellow 30. The only setting that make a big impact is the ultra setting that make the game around 0-5. The rest only make a difference of around +-5 fps Maybe the next builds will run better. Is there any date planed for a new unstable build or stable? Thanks for your time
  14. I noticed a big decrease in performance in this new alpha. I used to get 40-50 fps and now barely get 30 with lower graphics options. Any suggestion to improve performance?
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