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  1. No it's not a "crazy" amount, it was when I built it 8 years ago. Such amounts are more common now, but it is still more than most need. It is however over-the-top for a game to tap it all out, something I have never managed to do otherwise, and I put my machine to the test quite often for work stuff. Not sure what your point is. * no need to reply, unless brief and/or relevant here, don't want to get distracted.
  2. Same, these little tweaks are so important, other voxel engines seem to drop the ball on this more than they should, i.e. Minecraft and Space Engineers. SE runs well actually, on default and even high(with good machine), as long as one does not crank all the things to ultra, especially since you can also set in-game block limits super high, even unlimited on some, on top of that. Bwahahaha, careful! They do have warnings, but gamers like to crank settings to find those limits, and oh boy are they gonna if they do. Maxing out 32 GB of mobo RAM is lol what. You'd need a high end workstation/server to handle it, and I bet one could still break even that. It broke my rig more than high detail level engineering model assemblies(think full robot where each screw has spiral threading), and that's saying a lot. You guys are def ahead of the game in this department with your engine, it really is a big deal. Again, kudos.
  3. Yeah it certainly was not the most practical thing. I'm surprised they actually built it, albeit looks like little more than a rough proof-of-concept slapped together by modifying a Sikorsky. To really do something like this right it would be better to design it for this purpose from scratch. Ideally use the general idea for inspiration to make something appropriate and useful in 7dtd. It's a game, the rule of fun is enough to justify it imho. A Unimog would be nice, yeah, but the Jeep now is not all that different. If we got another large vehicle I'd prefer it be more different than that, maybe something like an RV. And no I don't think an RV would be overkill or OP... think about it. Slow, a gas hog, haha-nope for effective offroading, and a serious death trap if caught in a mob of zeds, so using it on horde night should be more than a tad risky. But it would be a rly nice mobile mini-base, have decent storage and a built in campfire/stove, forge, and chem station, and so on, which could maybe be mods. Could probably access them from the side or something, having an actual interior may be difficult to pull of for a vehicle, dunno, fun to think about though.
  4. I have seen a zed fighting a wolf, the zombo won, that time, I was too busy fighting multiple bears and yet another dire wolf.
  5. "But that's not real"... oh... https://www.thedrive.com/news/34753/the-winnebago-heli-home-was-a-real-flying-rv-that-needs-to-make-a-comeback-in-2020?fbclid=IwAR3126dd84cQuKBaCznR7JKSugHCQWTRUtI2SqLhkEIGTlIPqWYHmZP6Nx4
  6. Yes, the wildlife really is coming out of the woods, irl, all over the place. I've seen tons of pics and videos over the past few months of quarantine. Bears would flourish, wolves too, all of nature really. Anyway, back to not the real world... on my bike ride home, again just a few blocks, I was first stopped by a bear I didn't see, swiped on me bike. Ouch, as I fought it I noticed a Z fighting a dire wolf up the street, which gave me time to take care of the other bear and the other direwolf(the Z won the fight with the first). It's ridiculous but I am having fun with it. Again I know you'll tweak it... I am just extra eager to see Glock 9's next A19 video, his reaction should be amusing, as always. So, thank you for the temporary beast boost, the resulting videos should be hella funny.
  7. Can confirm, lol. Started out with a dire wolf just outside my base, then another one and two bears, all within a few blocks. I mean, I don't mind thanks to my Desert Vulture and the pile of meat it got me... buuuut, I'd be all kinds of nope otherwise since it's only day 7(is a lvl 1 DV I spent all my dukes on, worth it!), even with that badass gun they don't go down easy. Odds are I'd be all kinds of dead otherwise, so consider my approval temporary and biased. I'm sure you'll adjust it, again, is fun in the meantime. Experiencing this balancing act is why I enjoy experimental.
  8. Well if you want it to act like a helicopter then you should look into real world gyrocopters, they function far more like small airplanes. The prop both creates lift AND acts like a wing. But it does not create the kind of lift a heli does. Think more along the lines of flying a plane and you will have tons more success with the gyrocopter.
  9. I set mine to kick in at 30 FPS, don't mind the effect, far prefer having higher texture quality, and I chose to use this instead of texture streaming since that knocked way too many textures way too low... but... that was yesterday. I just got back from Micro Center, actually needed to upgrade to support the work I am doing, robots be complicated, especially since my job requires bringing ALL the components together in a single file, having a nice gaming rig is but a super sweet side effect. Electrical guys sent me a file straight out of Altium, great level of detail, but too much, way too much... like the processor on the board had a sphere for every single connection on it's bottom, and that's one board for one joint, there are many throughout the bot, so a full assembly with that level of detail was making my computer cry and give up, we're talking 2 maybe 3 FPS, ha, I can't work like that. So I had to remove a ton of unnecessary detail AND upgrade to get more vRAM. Oddly enough my old card was a Titan, albeit first gen with only 6GB of vRAM. And yes it felt weird removing a Titan card for not being good enough, but 7ish years was a good run. Now I have a 1080 Ti with 11GB, and omg. Yeah it was pricey, but I got a great deal. Usually they float around $1,200, this one is refurbished and was only $600. I'd swear it was brand new, but for half the price, it is more than worth it, and again I need it for work anyhow. I highly recommend doing this if your budget is limited. I could run R6 Seige at 3440 before, and had most settings high, so there is barely a dif now, but I could never get it to run smooth at that resolution in 7DTD, mainly because they are very different engines. But now I can run 7dtd at full Ultra for all the things, at 3440 and it is smooth as can be, so awesome. I did leave dynamic res on, but it has yet to be necessary and kick in. For comparison I also tried a dif voxel game, Space Engineers... um, for the love of RAM do not ever set things all the way up in THAT voxel game, just don't... in 7 years I have never, not once, seen my machine max out it's 32 GB of mobo RAM, until I cranked SE settings. Peaked my RAM, not my video card RAM, my system RAM, and froze my machine good. So whatever the difference is between that voxel engine and this one, it's huge... though I was admittedly rendering an entire planet as I flew towards it at 400 meters per second. Point is, this voxel game is very well optimized by comparison, so kudos to TFP on that.
  10. ... Well there is, was anyway, the "big" one there. Not sure if either of you are referring to this one or not. If so I mean another one entirely... however, I do remember one of the POIs shown not far from there in one of the dev streams... I really hope that is not it, because that is super crazy far away but also really near the already large Crack-A-Book headquarters, one of the smaller skycrapers. Did they remove that? Cause having both so close together, and nowhere else, would suck. I hope there is at least one other in some other part of the map. I've found none yet, but also not explored much yet either. Hopefully I find one before having to go all the way to that one area.
  11. I actually heard your frontal lobe grow a bit from that response, keep it up, and let Darwin take the wheel (Jesus not born yet, oh, @%$*#!, Darwin neither, uh... maybe skip the wheel part.) @%$*#!, may have lost a few neurons on all this, getting old sucks. Yes, agree and I try to keep mentioning that I *personally* like and prefer Navezgane myself, for very similar reasons. I am more trying to figure out why so many others don't, especially after playing RWG by comparison, it can be VERY difficult talking those people into a Nav game ever again after that. I have tried on many occasions, works maybe half the time, and always takes a lot of convincing when it does.
  12. Aw, you'll make it outta the stone age, I believes in you.
  13. I think you missed the "don't" in "please don't tell me"... Plus, I know about that one, am talking about the smaller sattelite one that used to be in one spot since forever and is not now... I even know what it looks like from a dif video, but have yet to find it... but again... "don't", as in " D-O" and "N-O-T", together, as one idea, one course of action, which is to not do the thing.
  14. You had me at "door overhaul". Can't wait, one question though... WHY did you guys not do this early in the POI overhaul schedule. I honestly expected it to be in this Alpha because of all the new commercial POIs, frankly shocked it isn't, if ever there were a ripe opportunity you done missed it and are going to have to replace even more doors and overhaul all these awesome new POIs yet again. So, oops on long-term planning, the longer you wait the more it is going to bite you later. Sure I want new doors, have for forever, but omg get on this for your own good. The longer you put this one off the harder it's going to get, and will result in more time/money, not less, in the long run. And when you fix the "can't shoot through holes in door" problem pleas fix the "can't shoot through empty clothing rack" problem that should not have made it into the game since these are brand new assets. Like, how did that even get through approval let alone testing? I'm knucklerubbin these points cause I think you can and should avoid them in the first place, not postpone and snowball them into bigger headaches later on.
  15. Yeah, I hear this a lot, and have felt it too, I just like Nav so much overall that I tough it out until I get better vehicles, and even then the long @%$*#! drives can get annoying/tedious sometimes. Driving by more landmarks on journeys like that fleshes the drive out more and makes the experience far less mundane. Cities flow like rivers flow, and trees grow. Same natural phenomena at work really. Paved roads are the trunks, dirt roads smaller branches, and then all the POIs are the leaves, and fruit of course. In this case the leaves are too sparse, and I'd say in RWG way too clustered. So a more natural distribution would help on many levels. The RWG changes every alpha, I have faith it will get even better by gold, and I personally enjoy watching Nav evolve through it's changes. ... ... but damnit where the F did you teleport the dang Crack-A-Book... you know the one. Don't tell me, finding it is on my adventure list.
  16. um... lol, sry I tried to edit and ended up in a new post... so, hi for no reason... * slowly turns and goes back to gaming*
  17. It's not terrible, I prefer to play on it, however I have been trying to understand why others don't, or what could be different about it to help instigate more people playing it over RWG. I think he nailed part of it, but thinking Nav is too small is weird, I have played long games there and still never explored it all in a single play-through, let alone exhausted all the POIs/loot. Honestly if I did anything to Nav it would be to shrink it, not so much to remove area as much as address the more important point he made that I agree with most: POI density. Sure there are clusters of buildings in Nav, but they are too few and too far apart at that. The RWG cities are so much more expansive, and I strongly believe that is why people prefer RWG over Nav. I always play my first new alpha drop game in Nav, this is the first time I gave up early and switched to playing RWG, albeit with one of the pregen maps. Why? Because I spawned on the East side, a combo of how sparse all those buildings are combined with my already basing up there and knowing first hand how slow early game is from that area. I could've moved, sure, but unless you shack up in or near Diersvill early game in Nav can take forever until you get a vehicle. Now I like these challenges, but am not always in the mood for them. So I just went pregen and am diggin it, but that's my SP game... I am also now in an MP game and we are in Nav, preppin for night 14 now, me and a total noob(their first game ever)and it's going really well... but that's mainly because we live in Diersvill. And the new location for *spoiler* is actually super helpful(you probs know who I mean and where, just don't wanna ruin it for others). But I know Nav well, I just don't think it's good for new players on their own, exploring it can be a ridiculous mistake and waste of time/energy more often than not. I just think, in it's current state, it is best suited for experienced players because it is more difficult overall by comparison. Again I personally prefer Nav, I just get why so many others do not. In summary, and from all my experience in Nav, what might help? I think mostly a rebalance and redistribution of POIs, maybe even not all that much, and you guys could just work on that each coming alpha until gold, and hopefully make it better by then. But rebalance how? There are just way too many long roads of nothingness between areas, simplest fix might be putting, either moving or making new, POIs along the roadways... more akin to irl really. Especially the long interconnecting roads between clusters. I do think it has gotten better, much better, but still needs work, and there can still be patches of nothing, just not so damn many, and the empty areas should be more in-between and away from the roads, not on them. Roads should, for the most part, have the highest density of POIs, but stretched out along them more evenly, not clusters separated by nothingness. Anyway, again I have noticed improvements already, just keep doing that I guess. I rly think it is just minor balance issues in layout. I'll be happy either way, but if we want more new players in Nav then it could help. Plus I predict the Navezgane map will take on a whole new level of "must play" once the bandits and fuller story, with distinct factions and corresponding POIs, are in place.
  18. Btw, I've only had time to play a few games, and not really far in any of them yet, however I did finally find one of the melee turrets, and... I dig it. Knew I'd have to play with it myself, after a few experiments I found some useful ways to place it. It has been mildly helpful early game, and I mean that in a good way, not OP but not useless either. It can really help slow a stream of Z in a doorway after you accidentally wake up to many, for example. I found it useful enough to keep on me, and will continue to do so. Curious how I'll use it later in a playthrough.
  19. Glad you mentioned that, I just gifted a copy to one of my sons friends, he didn't seem really impressed ahead of time as he looked at the Steam page, but then we got into game and he was like "whoa, what, this looks WAY better than I was expecting." We're having fun, and as a new player he is picking things up really well, things seem to be more intuitive for new players from what I've seen so far. Anyway, yeah, update yo Steam page you joyous pimparinos. Ah, does make sense, but at least a newer image or two would be helpful in the meantime, something to at least show some of the newer assets and new lighting, etc.
  20. I went 3 or 4 days with nothing but a baseball bat and a blunderbuss and it was fun as hell. I have a newfound love for the blunderbuss, it's a great early weapon. I dig that it feels relevant now, I sure use it way more than I ever have before. One thing I found that really helps, and is fun to do anyway, is line up as many as you can in each shot. It's a great feeling being able to one-shot multiple zeds at a time early game.
  21. Well the chip architecture is usually what signifies those label changes, from Turing to Pascal, etc... but they rarely if ever use those terms when talking about consumer level graphics boards. That stuff is for their more hardcore server farm super computer level machines, a huge part of that industry(same tech mostly, they just use different language between the two markets). Know where the Titan card got it's name? The TITAN super computer that was the first built with that new chip architecture, and it became the immediate world record holder when it went online. They also debuted the Titan graphics card as the first consumer level product that uses that level of tech... it is STILL mind-blowing to me that this card is capable of over 4 Teraflops... that's a super computer measurement, was anyway until that card existed. Anyway, the upcoming cards are the second generation of "Real Time Raytracing" tech, a big deal in itself, but first gens are always a learning experience, so this upcoming gen should have all kinds of improvements. But no it will not be the same tech rebranded, in fact most of the existing cards will retain value, hard to predict tbh, we'll see in the coming months.
  22. Well I hit my first major performance hit when A18 dropped and it tried running at 3440x1440, lost me frames. I get them back instantly when I drop it a notch to 2560x1080. I'm pretty sure the "norm" when I got my 6GB Titan was only 2 GB, so it was beefy at the time with triple the norm. But now that norm is 8, and once again the current Titan, which I do not own(currently) is again triple that at 24 GB. I need it for my CAD work anyway, but a 2080 Ti would suffice with around 12 GB. And again a whole new gen is about to drop, the 3k series (not sure what *TX label it will use, imagine that will change too though.)
  23. GPU RAM... I have 32 GB system RAM, so I gots no problem there. GPU is where it needs to be.
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