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  1. No it's not a "crazy" amount, it was when I built it 8 years ago. Such amounts are more common now, but it is still more than most need. It is however over-the-top for a game to tap it all out, something I have never managed to do otherwise, and I put my machine to the test quite often for work stuff. Not sure what your point is. * no need to reply, unless brief and/or relevant here, don't want to get distracted.
  2. Same, these little tweaks are so important, other voxel engines seem to drop the ball on this more than they should, i.e. Minecraft and Space Engineers. SE runs well actually, on default and even high(with good machine), as long as one does not crank all the things to ultra, especially since you can also set in-game block limits super high, even unlimited on some, on top of that. Bwahahaha, careful! They do have warnings, but gamers like to crank settings to find those limits, and oh boy are they gonna if they do. Maxing out 32 GB of mobo RAM is lol what. You'd need a high end workstation/serv
  3. Yeah it certainly was not the most practical thing. I'm surprised they actually built it, albeit looks like little more than a rough proof-of-concept slapped together by modifying a Sikorsky. To really do something like this right it would be better to design it for this purpose from scratch. Ideally use the general idea for inspiration to make something appropriate and useful in 7dtd. It's a game, the rule of fun is enough to justify it imho. A Unimog would be nice, yeah, but the Jeep now is not all that different. If we got another large vehicle I'd prefer it be more different than that,
  4. I have seen a zed fighting a wolf, the zombo won, that time, I was too busy fighting multiple bears and yet another dire wolf.
  5. "But that's not real"... oh... https://www.thedrive.com/news/34753/the-winnebago-heli-home-was-a-real-flying-rv-that-needs-to-make-a-comeback-in-2020?fbclid=IwAR3126dd84cQuKBaCznR7JKSugHCQWTRUtI2SqLhkEIGTlIPqWYHmZP6Nx4
  6. Yes, the wildlife really is coming out of the woods, irl, all over the place. I've seen tons of pics and videos over the past few months of quarantine. Bears would flourish, wolves too, all of nature really. Anyway, back to not the real world... on my bike ride home, again just a few blocks, I was first stopped by a bear I didn't see, swiped on me bike. Ouch, as I fought it I noticed a Z fighting a dire wolf up the street, which gave me time to take care of the other bear and the other direwolf(the Z won the fight with the first). It's ridiculous but I am having fun with it. Again I k
  7. Can confirm, lol. Started out with a dire wolf just outside my base, then another one and two bears, all within a few blocks. I mean, I don't mind thanks to my Desert Vulture and the pile of meat it got me... buuuut, I'd be all kinds of nope otherwise since it's only day 7(is a lvl 1 DV I spent all my dukes on, worth it!), even with that badass gun they don't go down easy. Odds are I'd be all kinds of dead otherwise, so consider my approval temporary and biased. I'm sure you'll adjust it, again, is fun in the meantime. Experiencing this balancing act is why I enjoy experimental.
  8. Well if you want it to act like a helicopter then you should look into real world gyrocopters, they function far more like small airplanes. The prop both creates lift AND acts like a wing. But it does not create the kind of lift a heli does. Think more along the lines of flying a plane and you will have tons more success with the gyrocopter.
  9. I set mine to kick in at 30 FPS, don't mind the effect, far prefer having higher texture quality, and I chose to use this instead of texture streaming since that knocked way too many textures way too low... but... that was yesterday. I just got back from Micro Center, actually needed to upgrade to support the work I am doing, robots be complicated, especially since my job requires bringing ALL the components together in a single file, having a nice gaming rig is but a super sweet side effect. Electrical guys sent me a file straight out of Altium, great level of detail, but too much, way too mu
  10. ... Well there is, was anyway, the "big" one there. Not sure if either of you are referring to this one or not. If so I mean another one entirely... however, I do remember one of the POIs shown not far from there in one of the dev streams... I really hope that is not it, because that is super crazy far away but also really near the already large Crack-A-Book headquarters, one of the smaller skycrapers. Did they remove that? Cause having both so close together, and nowhere else, would suck. I hope there is at least one other in some other part of the map. I've found none yet, but also not explo
  11. I actually heard your frontal lobe grow a bit from that response, keep it up, and let Darwin take the wheel (Jesus not born yet, oh, @%$*#!, Darwin neither, uh... maybe skip the wheel part.) @%$*#!, may have lost a few neurons on all this, getting old sucks. Yes, agree and I try to keep mentioning that I *personally* like and prefer Navezgane myself, for very similar reasons. I am more trying to figure out why so many others don't, especially after playing RWG by comparison, it can be VERY difficult talking those people into a Nav game ever again after that. I have tried on many occasion
  12. Aw, you'll make it outta the stone age, I believes in you.
  13. I think you missed the "don't" in "please don't tell me"... Plus, I know about that one, am talking about the smaller sattelite one that used to be in one spot since forever and is not now... I even know what it looks like from a dif video, but have yet to find it... but again... "don't", as in " D-O" and "N-O-T", together, as one idea, one course of action, which is to not do the thing.
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